Weekly Workouts {Atlanta Style}

Morning!  I have a lot of work to dive into today, so here we go with a quick recap of my workouts last week while I was in Atlanta.  Despite being on the road, I was still able to fit in some solid exercise time.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Courtyard Gym

The hotel gym wasn’t too shabby equipment wise, but it was sweltering beyond belief in there.  AND they didn’t have any wipes or spray for the equipment.  Gross.

Rest day

20 minutes elliptical intervals + lower body circuits

Lower Body Circuits

15 minutes steady state on the elliptical + upper body strength from a past Best Body Bootcamp workout

10 minutes steady state on the elliptical + total body supersets + ab work.  For supersets I chose:
– Side lunges with bicep curls / spiderman planks
– Plie squats with overhead triceps extensions / standing oblique twists with one leg raised
– Single arm & single leg row / reverse plank with alternating leg lifts

Monique’s favorite 20 minute no equipment on the road workout

20 minute workout

Rest day

My favorite 15 minute no equipment workout, the “total time” version I outlined in this post.

6 moves, 4 workouts

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Rest
  • Monday:  Gym time after work (the morning just didn’t happen for me today), workout TBD
  • Tuesday:  Themed Two A Day!  This week is the first week that Liz and I are teaching back to back in a long time, so of course we’re doing a theme.  Wear your red, white, and blue if you are coming to class!
  • Wednesday:  I’m working from home in the afternoon, so planning a workout TBD at lunch time
  • Thursday:  Shooting for a 30 minute walk or quick 15 minute workout before the 4th festivities
  • Friday:  Workout TBD
  • Saturday:  Rest day… heading to New York for Jen’s wedding!  By rest day, I really mean dancing up a storm… right?!

My workouts are pretty vague this week… any suggestions for me?  Would love some new ideas to try.

Tell me something fun to start this week!

On the Road Confessions

Morning friends!  My week in Atlanta is seriously flying by.  Sheila and I are having a good time eating the exact same delicious meals as each other, hitting the gym, and enjoying Buckhead… while working hard of course.  It’s been fun to meet some of my Atlanta colleagues for the first time!  I am excited to come home tomorrow though.  I’m definitely ready to be back to [my version of] normalcy.

Two things to do if you haven’t already this week:

  1. Sign up for my April Arms Challenge.  It starts Monday!
  2. Enter my free giveaway to win a fun kit from Tuttorosso Tomatoes.  Contest ends Friday night.  Not a ton of people have entered this one, so you have a pretty good chance at winning!

Anyways, as I was thinking about what to write about for today’s post, I thought it might be kind of fun to make a list of “travel confessions.”  In the past I’ve written a couple of “confessions” posts, which you can read here and here.  I like to think I am funny, so seriously read them (but don’t tell me otherwise).  For today though, my confessions are all travel related.  Enjoy!


Travel Confessions

My first confession is that the title of this post and that picture of me “taking a shot” makes it seem like I have wayyyy juicier travel secrets than I actually do.  Shoot.  I actually lead a very boring on the road life.  Sorry.

If you still want to keep reading you should know that:

— I have an “airport outfit.”  Black Old Navy yoga pants from college, spaghetti strap tank, grey cotton t-shirt, and my purple Reebok zip up.  I wear it every time I fly.  With flips in the summer and sneakers when it’s cooler outside.  So help me when these items of clothing fall apart.

— I’m not afraid of flying, nor do I have claustrophobia, but when sitting in the window seat, I will sometimes have a panic attack about not being able to move from the window seat while the plane is going down.  Usually this results in me breathing really loud and freaking the people out next to me.

— It’s a rare occasion that I’ll drink soda.  My exception is ginger ale on the plane.  (Told you these are pretty lame).

— I despise dealing with the rental car.  I hate driving my own little 2001 Camry in my own familiar town, nevermind in a place where I’m unfamiliar with the roads.  I would rather charge every meal to my credit card and take care of every single other detail of the trip than have anything to do with the rental car.  Sheila has quickly figured this out (thanks, Sheila!).  Patrice, I hope you’re reading in preparation for June.  🙂

— I get easily distracted by things out the window.  Whether it be a fun looking restaurant, someone walking along the side of the road, even boring farmland on a long drive.  Maybe that’s why I hate being the one to drive?

— If a hotel won’t provide a refrigerator in my room, I start rattling off a laundry list of “dietary restrictions.”  I haven’t yet had to use breast milk as ammo, but that’s not saying I won’t go there if I have to.  How else am I supposed to keep my healthy snacks cold?!  Confession within a confession:  I have not a single dietary restriction.  Boom.

— I think about what (and where) I am going to eat all day long.  Seriously the second I’m done with my breakfast, I’m thinking about lunch.  I guess this happens at home too, so maybe it doesn’t count as a true travel confession.

— I pretty much wear repeated outfits all week long.  Two suits, tops.  Same jeans, all week.  I even will re-wear workout outfits.  Gross, right?  But so worth it to not have to check my bag.  I don’t care who judges me… maybe I should?

— Not my confession, but my mom tells me that my grandfather used to sit on the plane with a string hanging out of his mouth just so people would think he was a weirdo and not sit next to him, leaving him with tons of room to sprawl.  Weird?  Maybe.  Genius?  Yes.

And finally:

first class

Confess something travel related to me!  Can you relate to any of the above?

P.S.  If you were not an F&F reader yet when I posted my MOST horrifying airplane story of all time, you MUST click over to this Awk Spot post and check it out.  It’s a gem for sure!