#tastereal: New Chobani Flavah Flaves

The other week was SUCH an exciting week of deliveries to my front door.

Not only did I receive all the treats from Brookside Foods that I blogged about the other day (and that you can still win by entering my giveaway), but I also received a pretty awesome package from Chobani as well.

Chobani Delivery

Cue:  Happy high knees (again).  I mean, the package SAID “cue the happy dance.”  I had to.  I guess I could have done the running man or something more exciting, but high knees it was.

Chobani Delivery

Chobani came out with several new products and flavors for the New Year, and I felt lucky to be one of several bloggers that got to share in the excitement before the flavors hit shelves!

Chobani New Flavors 2013

In the box?  Two new 6 ounce size flavors, pear (0%) and banana (2%).  I promise Chobani is not paying me to say this, but I really did like both these flavors.  I thought pear was really tasty, but if you are someone who doesn’t like chunks in your yogurt it may not be the flavor for you.  Banana was good too, and LOTS of my friends were so excited to hear about this flavor, but I usually try to stick to the 0% non-fat flavors, so I’m not sure I would buy banana again on my own.  Maybe as a treat when I splurge on passion fruit or mango!

Chobani New Flavors

Also in the box was my own personal Chobani spoon!  So cute.  Clearly psyched about swag…

Chobani Spoon

And the bites!  LOVE!  These are new 100 calorie flavors – raspberry with dark chocolate chips and caramel with pineapple chunks. It’s like eating a little dessert.  I am obsessed with both raspberry and dark chocolate, so I knew I’d be a big fan of that one before even trying it.  The caramel with pineapple I wasn’t so sure about though, and I was so very pleasantly surprised.  Dare I say I may have even liked it better than the raspberry!?  I was so excited about the caramel that I tweeted at Chobani about it.


Let me just say there is now a caramel bite waiting for me in my freezer when I get home tonight, and it will proooooobably be the highlight of my day.  Either that or the crazy upper body workout I taught in class this morning from Best Body Bootcamp.  The workout format combined 10 reps of an upper body strength exercise followed by 20 seconds of a cardio burst.  Horizontal cardio bursts, I must add, so it was extra arm intensive after already working upper body with the strength moves.  We did the 10 strength reps/20 cardio seconds for each pair of moves four times before moving to the next.  Talk about shakes…thanks, Tina!

Facebook Upper Body Post

What’s your favorite Chobani flavor?  Have you tried any of the new products yet?  They’re in stores now!

Thanks so much, Chobani!  You sure know how to make a girl’s day week month!  #tastereal

Weekly Workouts (Pictureless Post)

I am so tired today.  We had people over last night for the Super Bowl, and between eating a little too much food and just feeling tired in general, I think it’s caught up to me for sure.  I’m looking forward to an earlier bedtime tonight!

Continuing on with my picture-less post… here’s the weekend recap…

Friday Night
Date night ended up being kind of a failure.  We tried Savino’s and were disappointed with the food.  It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely overpriced and there was nothing special about it.  I felt like any restaurant could have done that, or actually – we could have made the same meals at home for half the cost.  We won’t be back.  Then we tried to go to Sweet in Harvard Square to make up for it with a delicious cupcake, but the girl behind the counter told us they were out of cupcakes because it was almost time to close when they still were open for at least another 40 minutes.  Disappointing all around.

I headed into the Y to bust out a few hours of work.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning for our Super Bowl party, working out, and planning out our grocery shopping lists – 1 for the week’s food and 1 for our party.  At night Slesh and I had a little girls night out.  We first tried to get food at Brick & Mortar, but the wait was too long and then we weren’t feeling the “assigned standing” feeling the hostess gave us.  I’d go back for drinks there, but we just weren’t feeling it.  We ended up getting a delicious dinner at Zuzu, followed by feeling way too old for the Burren.  Two separate groups of guys there told us we were old women.  Old women!  Can you even handle that?  One of them was 26!  Attention: You are only ONE year younger than me, loser, so you better start prepping for your upper twenties now.  We got a good kick out of that.

Finally, Sunday was full with grocery shopping, food prepping, and Super Bowl watching with our friends.  Will post about our Super Bowl menu soon.  Did anyone do the Super Bowl workout besides Shannon and her four-year old son!?

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  40 minutes of cardio intervals on the elliptical + this extra core/cardio work
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday:  Took Kickboxing, then taught another round of timed circuits in Interval Training.  I changed up the moves slightly from the original BBB plan, and did two rounds of “How many rounds of these moves can you complete in 15 minutes?”  For round 1, I did 12 split squats on each side, 12 plie squats with a lateral raise, and 15 alternating chest presses.  For round 2, I did 12 curtsy lunges each side, 12 standing leg extensions with shoulder press palms in, and 15 close grip chest presses.  In between rounds I did one Tabata cardio set, and BBB core work.  Those stability ball teasers were tough!
  • Wednesday:  Tried Piloxing with Shannon!
  • Thursday:  Taught another timed circuit themed class
  • Friday:  Off
  • Saturday:  100 rep strength endurance workout.  I definitely felt improvements from the week before!

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  40 minutes of cardio + core work
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day, taking Kickboxing and then teaching the high intensity circuits from BBB
  • Wednesday:  TBD
  • Thursday:  Teaching pyramid sets in class, focusing on legs and shoulders
  • Friday:  Off or cardio of choice
  • Saturday:  Pyramid sets on my own focusing on chest, back, and arms + maybe an hour of spin at the Spin A Thon

How were your weekends?  How was your workout regime last week?  Anyone else tired?  What’s on the exercise agenda this week?

I promise my next post will have pictures again!

Weekly Workouts

I’m back with my weekly workouts post, as promised.  Gonna get right to it!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts
Last week’s workouts can be summed up with one phrase – sore galore!  The theme of Best Body Bootcamp Phase 2 (weeks 3 & 4) is endurance.  My strength workouts this week really challenged and fatigued my muscles.  Hence – sore galore.

100 reps workout while the rest of the world was watching the Patriots lose

Sunday Night Workout

20 minutes of treadmill sprints, then taught Dynamax Bootcamp


Two A Day!  Took Liz’s Kickboxing class, then taught one of the timed circuits from BBB.  This one was a bit challenging to teach since everyone has a different pace when it comes to a “how many rounds of these moves can you do in 12 minutes?” workout, but I decided to write the moves out on the white board and bring it into class.  Genius!

bbb timed circuits

Off day

Taught the other timed circuit workout in my class.

Rest day

Two rounds of the deck of cards workout while visiting Jen!

Deck of Cards Workout

And of course, I threw in most of the 31 Day Abs Challenge moves as little extras throughout the week.

This Week’s Workouts
Here’s the plan for this week!

  • Sunday:  Rest day
  • Monday:  Cardio + abs
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day!  Taking kickboxing, then teaching BBB timed circuits.  I may end up changing some of the moves a bit this week to add some variety to class, but it will be the same premise.
  • Wednesday:  Trying a piloxing class with Shannon!  I’m psyched!
  • Thursday:  Teaching BBB timed circuits again.
  • Friday:  Rest day OR cardio of choice OR repeat the 100 endurance reps
  • Saturday:  Rest day OR cardio of choice OR repeat the 100 endurance reps

Plus the last week of the Abs Challenge!  Here’s today’s if you haven’t busted it out yet!

Monday Morning Ab Burner Week 5

How are your January workouts going?  What’s on the agenda for this week?

Have a great night, everyone!