The Awk Spot: The Time I Thought I Lost My Phone But Didn’t

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

Last week I was invited to attend a fitness class downtown that was hosted by CrossFit Backbay and City Sports. While I am not a “traditional” Cross Fitter, I do like trying new classes around the city and was excited for the opportunity. I also knew we’d likely be doing a bodyweight workout since the class was held outdoors, and I’m always looking for new bodyweight ideas to teach in my fitness classes, do as part of no equipment workouts at home, and share on the blog with all of you.

I went into the night feeling a little flustered after being stuck in traffic on the way home from work. I had to sprint to catch the bus I take into Boston, but luckily my new Nano 4.0 sneakers that Reebok sent me to wear to the workout helped me make it in time. Phew!

Reebok Nano 4.0s

After arriving to the Greenway and checking in, I really had to pee. Since I had five minutes to spare, I decided to quickly run across the street to use the bathroom in one of the restaurants in the North End. Of course my awkward self picked a creepy restaurant with a bathroom in their dark downstairs area. As I was waiting to use the bathroom, I started overheating because it was so hot. I took off my zip-up jacket (note: phone was in the pocket) and put it in my bag, quickly used the bathroom, and made my way back across the street. At this point, everyone had arrived and settled in, and it was time to start the workout.

Cross Fit on the Greenway

We began with a double Tabata style warmup where we did different dynamic exercises such as squats, lunges, high knees, jumping jacks, pushups, and situps to get our blood flowing. During the warmup, I reached into my pocket for my phone to snap a few pictures (dun, dun, dun), only to realize that my pocket was empty. No phone. Of course I started panicking and stepped out of the warmup for a minute to scan the area around me and frantically dig through my bag. No dice. I lose things at the bottom of my bag all the time, so I quadruple checked, but I still couldn’t find it. Gah! How the heck I was supposed to document my experience at the event for this blog post!? More importantly, I started freaking out about all the pictures that were still on my missing phone from Slesh’s wedding and Erica’s bachelorette party.

After our warmup, the instructor said he was going to take about five minutes to explain and demonstrate the next exercises for the partner section of the workout.

CrossFit on the Greenway

I figured that since the exercises and form for each move were familiar to me, I could sneak away to try to backtrack my steps to the restaurant. I ran away, ignoring some of the weird looks I was getting from other class goers, and sprinted across the street. Back to the creepy bathroom area it was. The manager of the restaurant even came down at one point only to find me crawling around on the gross dark floor like a crazy person. I guess I don’t blame him for being concerned. It’s probably not every day that someone decked out in Reebok gear comes barreling in to his restaurant not once, but twice in one night, and not even to eat anything.

At this point I chalked it up to a loss and figured I should just finish the workout and would worry about my phone later. Back across the street I went, and I made it back just in time to start the partner part of class. Miraculously, a really nice guy was still looking for a partner and found me. The gist of the workout was that each pair needed to finish all 100 squats before moving on to the sit-ups, then all 100 sit-ups before moving on to the jumping lunges. Everyone could decide how they wanted to split up the reps, so my partner and I decided to just alternate doing 10 reps each until we reached the 100 total. The kicker was that every minute on the minute, the instructor would yell for everyone to pause wherever they were and do 3 burpees. Those minutes seemed to get shorter and shorter as the workout went on! I taught this workout in my class this morning, and I think it’s safe to say that my class members would agree.

Can you spot me doing butterfly sit-ups?

Reebok crossfit on the greenway[photo via Run to Munch]

Once everyone completed the partner workout, the instructor said that “the only reward for exercise is more exercise!” (definitely stealing that), so we finished class with some isometric work: straight-arm planks, side planks, and a new to me version of V-ups that I most certainly will be introducing in my classes soon. Even though the class was advertised from 6-7, we finished around 6:45. The City Sports and CrossFit Back Bay folks stuck around to host a raffle, hand out water, and answer any questions people had.

CrossFit on the Greenway

City Sports also gave me a little swag bag before the workout started, so after I finished stretching, I sat down to peek at what was inside. What was the first thing I saw in there? My phone. When I took my jacket off and put it in my over the shoulder bag, my phone must have fallen into the swag bag inside somehow! I still don’t really understand how that happened since I hadn’t opened the swag bag yet, but it did, and I basically ran around like a madwoman for an hour for no reason. I just had to shake my head because this was definitely a typical awkward Athena thing to do.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to introduce myself to some of the other bloggers that were there, but I just felt too frazzled to have a normal conversation with anyone. I do consider my overall experience a success though. Even though I “lost my phone,” I was still able to get a good workout in and sweat a lot during the WOD. I also really liked wearing my new orange and purple kicks for the workout. They were super comfortable, and the wider toe box was a bonus! (ha).

CrossFit on the Greenway

If you are interested in participating in this class, you are in luck because it’s being offered every Thursday night from 6-7pm until August 21st on the Greenway (right between the North End and Haymarket station, near the intersection of Cross and Hanover). To take part, you just need to register online and show up. I definitely recommend it! There was a good group – about 25 people total of mixed genders, ages, and fitness levels – so if you are intimidated by Cross Fit, don’t be. The instructor broke everything down so all the beginners were comfortable, and I think free fitness events like these are a great place to meet new people.

Unless you are a loser like me.

–Let’s chat–
Have you ever tried CrossFit before? Was it indoors at a CrossFit box or outside for a free event? Are you taking advantage of any other free fitness classes in your communities this summer?

Want more awkward slices of my life?

Restaurant Review: Jerry Remy’s Athlete’s Menu

A couple of months ago, I was invited to try the new Athlete’s Menu at Jerry Remy’s on Boylston in the Fenway area. Even though the new menu launched in mid-March, I didn’t get the chance to check it out until Memorial Day weekend because of my crazy busy spring. Better late than never, right?

Let me just say, I love the concept of the Athlete’s Menu. Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan menu options at a sports bar?! As someone who is very health conscious and mindful of what I eat, I often dread going to sports bars with friends because I know the healthy food choices will be limited. If I’m not in a splurging mood, I usually end up ordering a Cobb salad or a burger without the bun, which gets pretty boring after a while. Also, sometimes these aren’t even options to choose from. This weekend I was at the Baseball Tavern, and the only healthy thing they had on the entire menu was a veggie plate. With an overflowing cup of ranch dressing. Even the salads wouldn’t be worth ordering with their gross iceberg lettuce and croutons. Gah. Case in point.

When I opened the Athlete’s Menu at Jerry Remy’s (I didn’t look at it ahead of time), I was pleasantly surprised.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu

First of all, how awesome is the menu’s opener?

“Hey, good-looking! Yeah, we’re talking to you with the great body. You play hard and you want to eat healthy, which isn’t that hard. We’ve created choices to suit your lifestyle and keep lookin’ good. So look no more! See what we’ve got cookin’ with our new Athlete’s Menu. P.S. You don’t have to be an athlete to try the new menu. It’s for anyone that loves fresh, tasty food and cares about how you fuel your body.” 

Yup, sold.

Tim and I could try anything we wanted on the menu, so we spent some time talking to the manager, Corey, for recommendations. He recommended the honey roasted pork belly “tacos” and the roasted beet salad, so that’s what we started with.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu: Pork Belly Tacos

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu: Beet Salad

Corey was spot on with his recommendations, and Tim and I could not stop talking about how flavorful and delicious these dishes were. We were also psyched when Chef Padlo came over to our table to talk about the food with us. We learned that the pork tacos are the top-selling paleo option on the menu. They were seared crisp over pico de gallo, fresh avocado, grilled pineapple, and cilantro, and served in a lettuce wrap with lime wedges.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu: Pork Tacos

I realize pork belly is definitely a fattier cut of meat, but the grilled pineapple really cut through the fat, and the pico de gallo provided a nice fresh crunch for some texture. This was definitely our favorite of the night.

The beet salad was awesome too, mainly because most sports bars are not willing to tackle many types of salads beyond your typical house, caesar, or cobb. This wasn’t the case with the roasted beet salad, as it consisted of hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted artichoke hearts, pine nuts, pomegranates, fennel, rosemary, cashew cheese, and roasted vegetable vinaigrette.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu Beet Salad

The restaurant was out of pomegranates that night, but it didn’t even make a difference. I am just obsessed with the unique combination of flavors in this salad! It still includes your everyday cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, but then it really branches out with the other ingredients to enhance the flavors. I mean, cashew cheese!? I loved trying that. Also, the vegetable vinaigrette was made out of zucchini. Now we’re feeling inspired to try something similar at home.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu

Our servers, Alyssa and Sam, encouraged us to try a few more items on the menu before we left, so we took them up on their offer. We figured even if we could only eat a few more bites, we’d have leftovers for lunch the next day. We opted to try the flat-iron grass-fed steak and the quinoa tabbouleh wrap next.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu Steak

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu

The steak was made from local pasture raised beef, and it was dry-aged 28 days, all natural, hormone free, and antiobiotic free. It was churrasco marinated and grilled and served over a bed of grilled vegetables. I love that this just comes with the veggies because it eliminates the need to be THAT restaurant goer who asks to swap out the fries or potato for something else.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu: Steak

The meat was perfectly cooked, and Tim said he really liked that it was hanger steak and not steak tips, another testament to the folks at Jerry Remy’s really trying to differentiate themselves. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about in this dish was the chimichurri sauce drizzled on top. It was alright, but we thought it was missing something or maybe it was too parsley heavy? I couldn’t pinpoint it!

Last up was the quinoa wrap. Again, this wasn’t your usual suspect, as most veggie wraps in sports bars either 1) have raw veggies and are too crunchy with zero flavor, or 2) are cooked and dripping with so much oil that it defeats the purpose of ordering the veggie wrap in the first place. This wrap had hearty components such black beans to fill me up, along with a variety of veggies (fresh greens, carrots, cucumber), and whole grains to add extra protein and an added crunch. Hummus and a light tahini dressing added an extra flavor without too much oil too.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu: Quinoa Wrap

I was pumped to eat most of this quinoa wrap for lunch the following day after a strength workout. Perfect.

The only thing that I was disappointed about was not being able to sit on the restaurant’s newly renovated roof deck! Since it’s been so chilly in Boston this spring, the roof deck seating was closed on the night we went. I was bummed about that, but it was still nice to just hang out in the bar area and unwind with good food and a beer.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu

Oh and one more thing, the Athlete’s Menu also includes lighter adult beverage options as well. Paleotail, anyone?

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu

I really wanted a beer that night, so I didn’t try any of these drinks, but that paleo bellini looks right up my alley.

Tim and I found ourselves back at Jerry Remy’s on Sunday night after my Bridget’s award ceremony at Fenway Park, and we couldn’t wait to have the pork belly tacos again! We recommended everything to our friends, and they enjoyed the food too. Bridget and I also split the kale and crisp apple salad (massaged kale, carrots, jicama, toasted almonds, cucumbers, avocado, celery, green onions, red peppers, and lemon vinaigrette), and it was definitely nice and light.

Jerry Remy's Athlete's Menu

Tim and I really enjoyed our experience! Our service was excellent, and I highly recommend checking out the Athlete’s Menu for yourself if you are heading to a Sox game this summer.

–Let’s chat–
Have you tried the Jerry Remy’s Athlete’s Menu? What dish described in this post sounds the best to you? Do you find it hard to eat healthy at sports bars?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, but Tim and I were both provided with free meals in exchange for writing this review. We happily paid for gratuity, and I paid for the food that we ate in our second visit. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Columbus Day Weekend 2013

Hello!  It’s back to the grind today, but first before I dive into my day I want to recap the weekend for you guys.  There’s lots of fun stuff that I want to share!

Friday Night

Tim and I met Bridget and Dave for dinner and drinks at Society on High near South Station.  My verdict on this bar is that they have phenomenal drinks but really overrated food.  I ordered a fall veggie salad to start, and it was super oily.  And we were excited to get a flatbread, but we thought it was too cheesy and definitely too salty.


It’s always disappointing to spend money on something you could have made better yourself, but I quickly forgot about our food woes after a couple of cocktails.  The four of us then headed over to Stoddards, where we ordered fun fall beers.  That place is quickly becoming one of my favorite Boston bars.  Their bevvie selection is just awesome.  Around 11:30 we got Erica’s text that she and Chris had arrived at South Station, so we met them and got one last drink at The Corner Pub, a complete dive bar which was perfect for the last drink of the night.

Me Bridget

Erica Me Bridge


After sleeping in, Erica and I met up with Slesh and her sister for bridesmaid dress shopping!  This is my first time being in a wedding since my super cool 11 year self was a junior bridesmaid in Auntie Paula’s wedding, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the experience was super easy.  We were in and out in about two hours, and we found a dress that we all liked and felt comfortable in right away.  After shopping, Erica and I were hungry so we met up with Bridge for a quick bite at Athan’s Bakery in Brighton, and then it was time for the “party for the party” at Slesh and Will’s.

Slesh and Will were throwing this party for everyone involved in their wedding day in some way, but of course the girls and I wanted to come up with a few twists of our own to add.  Erica created a fun game to play that she named “Popped the Question.”  For anyone looking for engagement party or shower games, listen up!  Ahead of time we asked Slesh and Will to each answer ten questions about the other person.  At the party, we asked each of them how they thought the other answered the question, but to find out the original answer, you had to pop a balloon.  We hid the answers in the balloons ahead of time and got everyone involved by having a “Team Slesh” and a “Team Will,” and everyone took turns popping the balloon.  We also went all out with the “Popped the Question” theme and brought ring pops, blow pops, tootsie pops, popcorn, pop chips, and champagne to pop the bottle.

Party for the party Everyone had so much fun, and it was nice to get to know everyone else in the party ahead of time.  Thanks to Slesh and Will for hosting a great night!


We slept in again (Bridget, I totally went back to bed after bringing you to get your car!) and lounged around with Chris and Erica until it was time to drop them back off at South Station.  The rest of the day/night was spent cleaning the apartment, going for a run and doing a strength workout, grocery shopping, and getting Week 3 of Fall Into Fitness together.  Oh yeah, and watching Homeland of course.  I’m happy Homeland is back, but this season isn’t “catching” me so far.  I’m waiting though!


Finally, I was so happy to have yesterday off from work for an “extra” day.  I woke up early to bring my car in for an oil change and work out, and then I had to get some reading done for my wellness coaching class at noon.  After class, Tim and I headed out to Stowe for a late afternoon apple picking stint.  We went to  Shelburne Farm, and there were surprisingly a ton of apples left on the trees for this late in the season.

Apple Picking 2013

We picked our peck of apples, then headed to the apple store where we bought a gallon of apple cider, split an apple, ham, and cheese wrap, and splurged on a cup of apple crisp.

Shelburne Farm Food

Finally, we wrapped up our day with a walk around Walden Pond before heading home.

Walden Pond

It was a perfect fall day and a great way to wrap up the long weekend.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Did you have yesterday off?  Anything fun you want to share?