Decreasing Row and Medicine Ball Core Strength Workout

Hi friends,

I have another new workout to share with you guys today. Since I lifted on Sunday and am planning to take my friend Emily’s spin class tomorrow morning, I wanted to do a more cardio based workout yesterday and leave a second lift day for today. When I got to the gym yesterday, I knew I wanted something fast but not the treadmill for a long time. While I did run a mile on the treadmill for my warmup, I threw together a workout that revolved around the row machine instead.

Decreasing Row & Medicine Ball Core Strength Workout

This one is pretty self-explanatory! You alternate between the row machine and the medicine ball core circuit, decreasing the distance rowed with each round. The three moves for the circuit are 10 situps with a medicine ball overhead press, 10 Russian twists holding the ball, and 10 total slow mountain climbers with your hands on the ball. I used a 20 pound ball, but definitely adapt this to your own fitness levels. No medicine ball? You could do the first two exercises with a dumbbell and the third with bodyweight or by holding onto two dumbbells. No dumbbells? Just adapt to bodyweight. No row machine? You can really alternate anything here — a decreasing walking distance, a decreasing running distance, decreasing jump rope time, decreasing number of burpees… battle ropes… med ball slams… see where I’m going with this?

Make it your own, have fun, and get sweaty!

–Let’s chat–
What’s your cardio choice when you are just not in the mood for the treadmill? Does anyone have any good row workouts to share?

Even though some of us may be psyched to have the day off from work today, take a second to remember the fallen and pay a tribute to those who still fight for our freedom. ❤

Treadmill in Twenty: New Interval Workout

Hi guys!

I’m traveling for work this week, so I’m just popping in quickly with a new workout for you. If you’ve been following my fitness journey over the past year, you know I’ve made a major switch from primarily cardio based workouts to more strength based ones. However, I’m participating in Neghar Fonooni’s Fall Freedom challenge (it’s amazing, by the way!), and when last Tuesday’s suggested workout was a twenty minute cardio interval one, I decided to go for it.

Here’s what I threw together to do after teaching my 6am class:

20 Minute Treadmill Interval Workout

If you are someone who dreads the treadmill (DREADmill!), these intervals make the time fly by. I’m not going to lie and say that this workout was FUN, but it did the trick and left me feeling spent by the end. AKA, no need to be on that damn machine for any longer!

What I like about this workout is that you can play with the incline and speed to fit your own fitness levels. Craving a walking workout? No problem. Want something with more sprints? No problem. You could even adapt these intervals to other cardio machines (elliptical, rower, bike, stairmill, etc.) and cater the intervals to the different settings. On the treadmill, I was going between 6.5-8.5mph during my main two minute intervals. I dropped back down to 6.5 for that final two minute leg, but I cranked the incline up. Make it your own. That’s the beauty of it.

–Let’s chat–
Are your workouts more strength or cardio based? When is the last time you worked out on a treadmill? Do you have any “fun” treadmill workouts to share?

For more F&F inspired treadmill workouts, check out:

Weekly Workouts: A High Energy Week

I just realized that I forgot to announce the winner of my FitHouse giveaway last week. Shannon P, you’re the lucky draw! Please email me at to claim your prize.

Now onto weekly workouts.

For the past two weeks, I only managed to get four workouts a week in. I’m happy to report that this week I was back to normal. It just goes to show you can’t dwell on the “off” weeks or when life just gets in the way. As long as you are fairly consistent, that’s what matters.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts


On Monday I was very determined to wake up and make it to the gym for a morning workout. I figured that the Monday after Daylight Savings Time would be a good day to start, as we gained not only an hour of sleep, but some more light in the morning as well. I am proud of myself for going, and I started the day with a great sweat. I warmed up with a steady 15 minutes on the elliptical and then did this bosu and row superset workout.

Row & Bosu Superset Workout

Per usual, I took Liz’s Kickboxing and then taught my class. I taught with a drop set format, which I haven’t done in a long time. Drop sets are when instead of stopping a set at the point of fatigue, you actually lower the amount of weight used in an exercise by about 10% and continue to do as many reps as possible at the lower weight. I didn’t do the full workout with the class as I was walking around to correct form, but Liz texted me on Wednesday to say she was sore and happy!

I had the pleasure of attending a class at Barry’s Bootcamp, courtesy of New Balance‘s LaceUp365 program. The class was really good, and I was completely in my element. Plus I got to meet some fellow Boston bloggers that I’ve followed for a while now. I will be recapping my experience this week, so stay tuned.

Barry's Bootcamp

I taught my 6am class, which I thought I’d be too sore to teach from Barry’s, but since my soreness didn’t kick in until the afternoon I powered through it. I taught a format where we did ten upper body exercises for 60 seconds each (totally took a bunch that we did at Barry’s for this), five minutes of cardio, then ten lower body exercises for 60 seconds each, then five more minutes of cardio.

Total Body Blast

There were 28 people in class on Thursday morning, and each one of them rocked this workout. I think this was one of the best classes I’ve taught in a while, but I’m attributing it to the energy in the room being so high!

Teaching Class

I only did cardio to give my muscles a break. I completed 45 minutes of steady cardio on the elliptical. It felt really good, as I barely ever do steady cardio for that long anymore.



This Week’s Workouts

Here’s my plan for this week:

  • Sunday: Ashley’s 20/20/20 class
  • Monday: Cardio and core combo of some sort 
  • Tuesday: Kickboxing, then teaching my class
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: Teaching my 6am class
  • Friday: Boston Mania
  • Saturday: Boston Mania

What’s a workout you’ve done lately that was really high energy?