My Two A Day Tuesday Farewell

I already know that I’m going to be all sorts of confused about what day it is today. I started the day by teaching my first Tuesday morning class, and it will be my first week without Two A Day Tuesday classes to look forward to tonight because last week was my final Tuesday night class!

Last Two A Day Tuesday

I created a special good-bye playlist, and it was a huge hit:

Goodbye Playlist: Last Two A Day

I also told my regulars they could request whatever they wanted for the last class. I received requests for circuits, typical “Athena-esque” cardio blasts, partner moves, my favorite exercises, and as many awkward exercises as I could think of. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to squeeze all of this into only an hour, but somehow I did. After our warmup, I taught two mini circuits that consisted of some of my favorite moves to teach in a group exercise setting:

Circuit 1

  • Chest press with leg lifts (12)
  • Squats with halos (12 total)
  • Straight leg dumbbell crunch to toes (15)

Circuit 2

  • Wide grip bent over rows (3 pulses + 1 row = 1 rep, 12 times)
  • Lying stability ball hamstring curls (15)
  • Weighted standing windmills (10 each side)

We did three sets of these, and I put two minutes of fast feet, jumping jacks, and jump rope in between. If you are looking for a 30 minute workout, this took us right to our halfway point and may be a good one to try.

I then moved on to some partner work:

Last Two A Day Tuesday

One of my favorite ways to incorporate partner work in classes is to have one partner squat while holding an exercise band around their partner’s waist. The partner with the band around them then does moves like jabs, hook punches, upper cuts, high knees, and burpees for a designated amount of time, working against the resistance of the band. I also had the members do high five pushups together. You didn’t think I’d teach my last class without any burpees or pushups, did you?!

After the partner work, we had about 15 minutes left, so we busted through my ten favorite awkward exercises that I’ve dubbed “awk move of the night” in past classes. Everyone was laughing a LOT during this part of class, so we got an extra ab workout! I plan to dedicate a whole separate post to these awk moves, so you’ll have to stay tuned until my next Awk Spot post. Any guesses on what the awkward exercises were?!

I ended class with a plank hold, obviously.

Last Two A Day Tuesday

The best part of the night was after class though. I said my last good-bye, thanked everyone, and put my weights away, only to turn back and find a setup of presents just sitting in my spot. I was very surprised to see a giant pinata in the shape of a two (for Two A Day), a thank you balloon, and two bottles of wine waiting for me. My gym friends sure are quick and sneaky!

Last Two A Day

How amazing is it that the two was accidentally backwards? Makes it even more fantastic. My friends also had as many class members as they could pull aside sign a goodbye/thank you card for me before class started. I couldn’t read this in person without getting sappy, but I felt so happy and appreciated after reading these notes at home.

Last Two A Day

These class members are so AWESOME AND NICE. Things like this are why I teach and do what I do.

Last Two A Day Tuesday

When I got home, I posted the following Facebook status:

Last Two A Day

And I really meant every word of it! Two A Day is where  I met all my gym friends, and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

Last Two A Day

Liz, who has taught Kickboxing before my Interval class for years, brought me a separate goodbye gift that consisted of TWO to do lists (because we are both neurotic and Type A), TWO pieces of fruit, an iTunes gift card for new class music, and the playlist that she created especially for me that night in Kickboxing. So sweet!

Last Two A Day

Last Two A Day

Thank you to everyone who made my last class so special! I feel so loved. You’re all awesome.

–Let’s chat–
When’s the last time someone or a group of people did something really nice for you?

I’m off to work! Today is an exciting day because it’s our first farm share delivery. I can’t wait to see what produce gets delivered right to my desk. Have a good one!

The 10-12-15 Workout

I have a fun new workout to share with you guys today.


Actually, if you came to class last night at the Y it’s not so new at all since the workout is what I taught in my Interval Training class.  When I was planning class yesterday morning, I opted for a 10-12-15 class format.  Hence the name, the 10-12-15 workout.  Each mini circuit in this workout consisted of three moves: one that focused more on upper body, one on lower body, and one on core.  I also threw a couple of compound exercises in there for good measure.  For each round we did 10 reps of the first exercise, 12 of the second, and 15 of the third.

The 10-12-15 workout

Because of time we only went through each circuit twice in class last night, but if I were doing this by myself, I likely would have done three rounds of each.  In between each round I threw in two minutes of cardio.  I didn’t plan this part out ahead of time and pretty much just yelled out random cardio exercises to do – jumping jacks, power jacks, fast feet, lateral shuffles, jump rope, single leg hops, mountain climbers, high knees, burpees, etc.  You name it, we did it!


Here are links to the exercises if you are unsure what any of them mean:

Happy training!

Group exercise goers, what is your favorite strength class format? Supersets, circuits, drop sets, timed circuits?  I want to know!

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Thursday Mornings at 6:00am

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful time to head to the gym?!

No, really.  Doesn’t it?

Cue:  Personal plug.

I know it seems like I’m teaching all the time since I’m constantly subbing, but my regular classes each week are Tuesday nights at 7:30pm and Thursday mornings at 6:00am.  Both are circuit training classes.  I’ll let you guess which draws a larger crowd…

6am is a tough time to get out of bed and workout!  But for those that do – and we’re a special breed – we depend on classes being available at this time!  That being said, I’m trying to get some higher numbers in my Thursday 6am class.

In lieu of this, the Oak Square YMCA has agreed to let non-members try out my 6am class for free over the next couple of weeks.  If you try it out and decide you want to join the Y, they will waive your joining fee.  That’s a sweet deal!  If you are interested in trying out my class for free, let me know.

Also, I think I’m going to try rebranding and giving the class a different name.  Which of the following names do you think would:  a) appear to both men and women,  b) make you want to get out of bed in the morning to workout,  c) describes a class that provides a cardiovascular and strength training workout of different types each week?

  • Cardio Ball
  • Step & Sculpt
  • Total Body Sculpt
  • Kick & Pump
  • Jump & Flex
  • Y Pump
  • Express Workout (this one would be two 30 minute “express” workout classes and then members could choose either 1 or both)

Comment please!!