Total Body Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Look at what Santa brought me.


This kettlebell is quickly becoming one of my new favorite fitness toys. It’s perfect for strength or metabolic resistance workouts at home when I don’t have time to get to the gym. Lately my at home strength workouts have been mostly bodyweight workouts with some work on my pull-up bar thrown in. I like using my Dynamax ball and gliding disks too, but sometimes I’m just craving a heavier strength workout, you know? And now that I’m lifting heavier, my home dumbbell sets are too light! I have a set of eights, tens, and fifteens, so my new 25 pound kettlebell is a welcomed addition to my home equipment collection. It’s also just a great way to switch things up since I haven’t always done a lot of kettlebell work in the past. It really is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment out there, and it lets you do strength and cardio at the same time. Score.

On New Year’s Day, since the gym wasn’t opening until noon (what!?), I opted to give my new bell a go at home. I created this circuit and busted it out in our dining room. Words to the wise: this is probably not the best routine to do on your hardwood floors. Whoops.

total body kettlebell circuit

This workout is designed to be done circuit style where you move from one move to the next with little to no rest in between each exercise. Do 10 reps of each move, and rest when you get to the end of the circuit. Repeat for a total of 3-4 rounds through. Of course, always listen to your body and take breaks as needed.

When I did this three times through, it took me about 25 minutes to complete, not including the warmup. If your kettlebell is on the lighter side, it would probably take you shorter. My 25 pound bell was too heavy for those situps to single arm presses, so I dropped down to my 15 pound dumbbell for those instead — just to help you guys gauge weight! Now of course I want to go buy more kettlebells in multiple sizes, but I’ll try to contain myself (gotta save for the wedding!).

Readers, let’s chat! Do you work out with kettlebells? What’s your favorite kettlebell exercise? What is your favorite fitness toy?

Hopefully there will be a lot more F&F kettlebell style workouts to come! If you give this one a whirl, post your sweaty kettlebell selfies to social media and tag me @fitnessandfeta. I want to see you rock it!

Move of the Week: Stability Ball Plank

I know, I know.

I’ve been completely slacking on my “Move of the Week” posts.  It’s because I ran out of pictures of myself doing random moves, and I’ve been forgetting to snap some at the gym after my workouts.

Lucky for you guys, Tim was a good sport today and snapped some shots after we got our sweat on.  People gave us weird looks, but oh well.

Let’s get back into this little series, shall we?

Stability Ball Plank

Step 1

Start by setting yourself up behind a stability ball with your forearms on the ball.

Step 2

Roll yourself out into plank position, supporting your body weight with your chest and forearms on the ball and your toes on the floor.  Then lift your chest off of the ball so your upper body weight is supported by your forearms.  Depending on your body size, you may only need to lift your knees up here.

Step 3

Keep your abs contracted and your back straight, eyes ahead of you.  Hold this position for as long as you can, building up as you get stronger.

If you’ve been doing regular planks for a while and are looking to challenge your core a little more, this move is for you!

(Like my blue pants??)

I did these as part of my workout today.  It looked something like this:

I did a 10 minute cardio warmup on the treadmill before busting through this circuit two times, then walking home.  It’s a good one!  Tim did this with me today and was drenched in sweat after.  Muahaha!

I definitely needed some more upper body in my life after so many leg intensive classes this week.  Some of the moves are difficult to do for 45 seconds, so in that case I counted by reps instead which ended up working out to about 45 seconds anyways.  Any questions on these let me know!  Highly recommend this as your weekend workout if you are looking for one!

What kind of planks have you been doing lately? 

I’m off to the grocery store — Tim and I are hosting dinner for our friends Cate & Joe tonight.  We are grilling kabobs and drinking beers!  Excited.  We haven’t hung out with them in FOREVER.

Have a fun Friday night, friends!