The Awk Spot: The Time I Thought I Lost My Phone But Didn’t

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

Last week I was invited to attend a fitness class downtown that was hosted by CrossFit Backbay and City Sports. While I am not a “traditional” Cross Fitter, I do like trying new classes around the city and was excited for the opportunity. I also knew we’d likely be doing a bodyweight workout since the class was held outdoors, and I’m always looking for new bodyweight ideas to teach in my fitness classes, do as part of no equipment workouts at home, and share on the blog with all of you.

I went into the night feeling a little flustered after being stuck in traffic on the way home from work. I had to sprint to catch the bus I take into Boston, but luckily my new Nano 4.0 sneakers that Reebok sent me to wear to the workout helped me make it in time. Phew!

Reebok Nano 4.0s

After arriving to the Greenway and checking in, I really had to pee. Since I had five minutes to spare, I decided to quickly run across the street to use the bathroom in one of the restaurants in the North End. Of course my awkward self picked a creepy restaurant with a bathroom in their dark downstairs area. As I was waiting to use the bathroom, I started overheating because it was so hot. I took off my zip-up jacket (note: phone was in the pocket) and put it in my bag, quickly used the bathroom, and made my way back across the street. At this point, everyone had arrived and settled in, and it was time to start the workout.

Cross Fit on the Greenway

We began with a double Tabata style warmup where we did different dynamic exercises such as squats, lunges, high knees, jumping jacks, pushups, and situps to get our blood flowing. During the warmup, I reached into my pocket for my phone to snap a few pictures (dun, dun, dun), only to realize that my pocket was empty. No phone. Of course I started panicking and stepped out of the warmup for a minute to scan the area around me and frantically dig through my bag. No dice. I lose things at the bottom of my bag all the time, so I quadruple checked, but I still couldn’t find it. Gah! How the heck I was supposed to document my experience at the event for this blog post!? More importantly, I started freaking out about all the pictures that were still on my missing phone from Slesh’s wedding and Erica’s bachelorette party.

After our warmup, the instructor said he was going to take about five minutes to explain and demonstrate the next exercises for the partner section of the workout.

CrossFit on the Greenway

I figured that since the exercises and form for each move were familiar to me, I could sneak away to try to backtrack my steps to the restaurant. I ran away, ignoring some of the weird looks I was getting from other class goers, and sprinted across the street. Back to the creepy bathroom area it was. The manager of the restaurant even came down at one point only to find me crawling around on the gross dark floor like a crazy person. I guess I don’t blame him for being concerned. It’s probably not every day that someone decked out in Reebok gear comes barreling in to his restaurant not once, but twice in one night, and not even to eat anything.

At this point I chalked it up to a loss and figured I should just finish the workout and would worry about my phone later. Back across the street I went, and I made it back just in time to start the partner part of class. Miraculously, a really nice guy was still looking for a partner and found me. The gist of the workout was that each pair needed to finish all 100 squats before moving on to the sit-ups, then all 100 sit-ups before moving on to the jumping lunges. Everyone could decide how they wanted to split up the reps, so my partner and I decided to just alternate doing 10 reps each until we reached the 100 total. The kicker was that every minute on the minute, the instructor would yell for everyone to pause wherever they were and do 3 burpees. Those minutes seemed to get shorter and shorter as the workout went on! I taught this workout in my class this morning, and I think it’s safe to say that my class members would agree.

Can you spot me doing butterfly sit-ups?

Reebok crossfit on the greenway[photo via Run to Munch]

Once everyone completed the partner workout, the instructor said that “the only reward for exercise is more exercise!” (definitely stealing that), so we finished class with some isometric work: straight-arm planks, side planks, and a new to me version of V-ups that I most certainly will be introducing in my classes soon. Even though the class was advertised from 6-7, we finished around 6:45. The City Sports and CrossFit Back Bay folks stuck around to host a raffle, hand out water, and answer any questions people had.

CrossFit on the Greenway

City Sports also gave me a little swag bag before the workout started, so after I finished stretching, I sat down to peek at what was inside. What was the first thing I saw in there? My phone. When I took my jacket off and put it in my over the shoulder bag, my phone must have fallen into the swag bag inside somehow! I still don’t really understand how that happened since I hadn’t opened the swag bag yet, but it did, and I basically ran around like a madwoman for an hour for no reason. I just had to shake my head because this was definitely a typical awkward Athena thing to do.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to introduce myself to some of the other bloggers that were there, but I just felt too frazzled to have a normal conversation with anyone. I do consider my overall experience a success though. Even though I “lost my phone,” I was still able to get a good workout in and sweat a lot during the WOD. I also really liked wearing my new orange and purple kicks for the workout. They were super comfortable, and the wider toe box was a bonus! (ha).

CrossFit on the Greenway

If you are interested in participating in this class, you are in luck because it’s being offered every Thursday night from 6-7pm until August 21st on the Greenway (right between the North End and Haymarket station, near the intersection of Cross and Hanover). To take part, you just need to register online and show up. I definitely recommend it! There was a good group – about 25 people total of mixed genders, ages, and fitness levels – so if you are intimidated by Cross Fit, don’t be. The instructor broke everything down so all the beginners were comfortable, and I think free fitness events like these are a great place to meet new people.

Unless you are a loser like me.

–Let’s chat–
Have you ever tried CrossFit before? Was it indoors at a CrossFit box or outside for a free event? Are you taking advantage of any other free fitness classes in your communities this summer?

Want more awkward slices of my life?

Motivation Monday: Consistency

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend.

Weekend Recap

I landed in Boston on Friday night around 7pm.  I had a successful work trip, but was so happy to be home.  After getting back to my apartment, Tim and I made a homemade harvest pizza to eat while we watched the season première of Homeland.

Harvest Pizza

We also drank the organic Spanish red wine that Dawn bought me for my birthday.  Oh, and look what was in our apartment waiting for me when I got in:


Yayyy.  I love fall flowers.

On Saturday we decided to just have a relaxing day around the house instead of going apple picking.  Maybe we’ll go next weekend instead, but we just weren’t feeling it this weekend.  We also did our grocery shopping for the week and prepped some food for the dinner party that my friend Shannon was hosting for my group of friends from home.  Tim made butternut squash bruschetta, and I made chocolate chip cookie bars.  I’ll post more about our eats in my Weekly Eats post this week, but dinner was delicious and I had fun catching up with my home friends.

Fall Dinner Party Finally, on Sunday I woke up and went to Emily’s 20/20/20 class, had a quick catch up coffee/smoothie date with Liz, and then braved the rain with Tim.  We headed downtown to the Boston Local Food Festival.  It was cold, but we got to try yummy treats and still enjoy the day.

Boston Local Food FestivalAll in all, another fun fall weekend!

Motivation Monday: Consistency

I follow Kyle Clarke on Facebook and Twitter.  Kyle is a fitness model and an MRI athlete, and one of his recent posts really caught my attention.  He talked about a weekend where he really splurged – ate a lot, drank a lot:

“Olympia weekend is over! Time to head back to LA. I ate everything I wanted and I drank quite a bit as well this weekend. It just goes to show you that one bad weekend does not ruin your physique, just like one weekend at the gym won’t help it. It’s all about consistency with any goal. So envision your goal, determine the steps you need to take to accomplish it, and chip away at them every day until you get there.”

Does this resonate with anyone else? Do any of you get hung up on one “bad” weekend? Try not to!  Like Kyle said, with any goal it’s all about consistency. Commit to a certain # of days at the gym per week, and shoot for that every week.  If you mess up, that’s okay.  You might need to be patient when it comes to consistency, but all that matters is that you get back in there.  Consistency might seem boring to some, but it is consistency that can create powerful habits.  And it’s the lack of consistency that forces you to start building the habits all over again.

Just some food for thought on this rainy Monday morning!  And to keep up with consistency, here’s my weekly workout recap and plan for this week:

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week’s workouts were pretty much on the road style!

Ultimate Bootcamp workout at City Sports in Porter Square with Lauren, Monique, and Jess.

Ultimate Bootcamp


Morning workout – did 25 minutes on the elliptical, followed by a total body superset strength workout in the hotel gym.  At night I did my reverse lunge jumps for Fall Into Fitness.

Another morning workout.  This one had to be a quick one, so I did a mile run on the treadmill, followed by a 12 minute timed cardio and core circuit, and I finished up with 5 minutes of planks.  Did my pushups at night in the hotel room for Fall Into Fitness.

Gym Workout

Off, except for the heismans tabata before bed!

Another 5:30am workout.  Did a 15 minute elliptical pyramid, followed by this upper body tabata strength workout, and Friday’s Fall Into Fitness glute exercises.

Hotel Workout

I had grand plans to wake up for a workout in the morning on Saturday, but I was feeling so “crunchy” in both my shoulder and in my hip that I listened to my body and took an extra off day last week.

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday: 20/20/20 class
  • Monday: Planning on coming up with a circuit to do at the gym tonight.  Craving some rowing!
  • Tuesday:  Back to Two A Day!
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Teaching 6am class
  • Friday:  Workout TBD
  • Saturday: Rest

And of course, my Fall Into Fitness moves of each day!

How were your weekends?  Any advice on keeping consistent to meet your goals?  How were your workouts last week?

Have a great week!

Low Key Weekend + Weekly Workouts

Hello!  I am currently en route to Minnesota for another work trip.  I wasn’t originally supposed to be on this trip but agreed to take it on to help out another one of my co-workers.  I think it’s a blessing in disguise because I could really use a break from the office this week, I can start building my Marriott points back up, and somehow being on the road forces me to slow down.  I say this every time I have to travel for work… there’s nothing to clean, no classes to plan, etc.  Plus, I have plans to meet up with my friend Sarah from college this week!  Sarah moved out to MN last year and just happens to be about twenty minutes from where I am going to be.  So that gives me something to look forward to mid-week.

This past weekend was pretty low-key.  I had things to do, but it wasn’t too busy and the weather was just perfect.  On Friday night I went to dinner with some of my co-workers at the new Seasons 52 in Burlington before seeing our other co-worker in her community theater show.  Saturday I took Monique’s kickboxing class in the morning, got a bunch of blogging done, and then went to Monique‘s apartment-warming party in East Boston with Ashley.  Monique’s new place is super cute and she had fun fall themes and festive food set out.  Plus we got to meet all her friends and mom, and everyone is exactly how I pictured them to be.

Monique's Housewarming

Finally, yesterday I went with some more gym friends to the Ultimate Bootcamp event that I shared with you guys over the weekend.  It was fun to switch things up from my usual routine and exercise outdoors.  Plus, City Sports was kind enough to provide bagels and bananas after the class.  They gave out some swag (free t-shirt!) and discounts as well – can’t say no to that!

Ultimate Bootcamp

The rest of my Sunday was spent in super duper productive mode – laundry, dishes, closet swap, finances, bills, work, and packing for the week ahead.  Sounds boring, I know, but I feel so much better that I got a lot of that done.  Plus, now my apartment is decorated for fall.  My fave.

And now we’re into another week!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts


90 minute yoga class at Fenway Park! Recap of the FenwaYoga event coming soon.

FenwaYoga Event

I skipped Two A Day because Liz wasn’t teaching and a fellow instructor of mine, Kim, asked me to sub an outdoor bootcamp class that she teaches down the street from the Y in Brighton.  So I taught that over by Rogers Park (and made a pretty good chunk of change in cash!) before teaching my class at the Y.  In my classes this week I taught pull and push timed strength circuits with cardio and ab tabata work in between.  Tuesday we focused on pull moves!  Fellow instructors feel free to steal the following format – it works perfectly for a 60 minute class:  Warmup > 12 minute timed strength circuit > 4 minute cardio Tabata > 4 minute core Tabata > 12 minute timed strength circuit > 4 minute cardio AND core Tabata > cooldown and stretch.

Went for a run outside after work, then did this 20 minute ab workout.  A little blast from the past.


I taught using the same format as Tuesday, but did push strength instead.

Another run outside after work

Monique’s kickboxing class!

This Week’s Workouts

This week’s workouts will mainly be on the road.  When traveling it’s hard to plan exactly what I’m going to do for a workout because it depends on how the day goes, but sometimes it’s nice to just head into the gym at the hotel and see what happens.  That being said, a lot of this week’s plan is going to be TBD, but if anyone has any workout ideas or suggestions – I’m all ears!

  • Sunday:  Ultimate Bootcamp workout
  • Monday:  The plan is to do something at the hotel before dinner.  If there’s no time, today will be a rest day
  • Tuesday:  Hotel workout
  • Wednesday:  Hotel workout
  • Thursday:  Hotel workout
  • Friday:  Rest day
  • Saturday:  Something at home!

Real specific, huh?

Tomorrow is also the start of my Fall Into Fitness Challenge, so you can also count on me doing each move of the day throughout the week.  I’m excited!

Questions for you – do you travel for work?  Did you have a low-key or busy weekend?  What’s on the workout agenda this week?

Catch you later!