F&F Weekly Fare

And I’m back.  Time to chat about food and prep for the week ahead.  Mondays are definitely a day to get organized and think out the week ahead if you haven’t already.  Sidenote, I am terrible at making these food post titles sound interesting.  Meh.

Anyways, here’s a peak at some highlights of last week’s grub, keeping in mind that I do not photograph everything I eat. 

Weekly Fare - 4.21

In order from top left to bottom right:

  1. Salad – greens with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and raisins
  2. Yummy breakfast at Uncommon Grounds – the all veggie scramble with a side fruit cup
  3. Turkey, barley, and veggie chili
  4. Chicken artichoke skillet
  5. Protein cookies
  6. Friday night pizza from Comella’s
  7. Balsamic quinoa salad with grilled chicken

I didn’t include our NH food in this recap since that will be its own post!

This week’s meal plan is looking like this:

Meal Plan Week of 4/28

And the grocery list like this:

grocery list week of 4/28

We only did some of the grocery shopping and food prep for the week last night since we got in somewhat late, but I’m guessing this week we are going to come in around $85-$90 total.  Definitely higher than what we usually spend, but we bought organic chicken, needed a few “stock up” items, and this week’s meals have extra veggies in them.

What was the best meal you ate last week?  Looking forward to any upcoming meals this week?  How much do you typically spend on your groceries each week?

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start, and you’ve set some healthy intentions for the week to come!

Weekend + Weekly Workouts

Monday, Monday, Monday.

Meh.  This weekend went by way too fast.  But don’t they all?

Friday night after work I came home and did The 100 Workout that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest since I think the beginning of Pinterest.

This wasn’t a super hard workout but it did the trick for squeezing in 30 minutes of exercise on a day I didn’t feel like doing anything at all.  The 70 leg lifts were the hardest part.  And I ended up on a 15 minute run at the end instead of 10 minutes, not because I was trying to be an overachiever but because I took a wrong turn.

Then I completely counteracted my workout with a pizza from Comella’s and couch time.  Comella’s homemade large pizzas are only $5.  We got a large cheese + meatballs + roasted red pepper + garlic for like $10.  Can’t beat that.

Saturday morning I busted out a 15 minute workout, and then Tim & I spent the day prepping food/desserts in the kitchen for our separate Saturday evening activities.  We started with apple cinnamon protein pancakes for breakfast.  That was for us.

Then while he made a very cheesy mac n cheese, I made a bunch of apple pecan oatmeal cookies and my fav butternut squash dish to bring to my friends’ apartments later.  Both Slesh and Shannon hosted gatherings on the same day, figures!  I went to Slesh & Will’s Oktoberfest from 4-6:30, then headed over to Shannon’s for a fun fall dinner with my friends Matt, Chris, and Baka from home.  We spent the night chatting and drinking wine, and enjoying the meal Shannon put together for us.  Roasted chicken, carrots, rolls, twice baked potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc.  Plus dessert.  Yum.

Both gatherings were so fun!

I crashed at Shannon’s for the night (too much wine!), and the Marshalls I drove by on my way home Sunday morning was calling my name.  I did some shopping and left with a pair of black wedge shoes for work, a skirt for work, a new wallet, some fall themed cupcake decorations, and two pairs of tights.  The woman at checkout said “looks like you hit every department!”  Oops.  Sunday afternoon I spent prepping my outfits and food for the week and working out before doing dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s with the gym gang.  I wrapped up the weekend with some couch time, blog time, and Homeland.  Love that show.

And now I suppose I should focus on the week ahead.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  1 hour Kickboxing + 30 minutes of Butts & Guts
  • Tuesday:  1 hour Kickboxing + taught my Circuit class with a countdown style workout
  • Wednesday:  Off
  • Thursday:  Taught Circuit class with a 3-2-1 style workout
  • Friday:  The 100 Workout (pictured above)
  • Saturday:  The “Total Time” workout from this post

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Kickboxing
  • Monday:  Double sesh at CBC
  • Tuesday:  Kickboxing + teaching my Circuit class
  • Wednesday:  Off or light cardio TBD
  • Thursday:  Teaching my Circuit class
  • Friday:  TBD
  • Saturday:  Off or TBD

How was your weekend?  What’s on your workout agenda this week?

Hope the beginning of your week is off to a good start!