The Versatile Blogger Award

There’s a fun little chain going around the blog world right now.

And I would like to thank Whitney of LiveRunLoveYoga for making Fitness & Feta a part of it!  Whitney is a true Fitness & Feta fan and has nominated me for The Most Versatile Blogger Award.  You guys might remember Whitney from when she wrote a guest post for F&F on how to make running fun in 2012.  If you haven’t ventured over to LiveRunLoveYoga yet, definitely go check it out!

I love this Versatile Blogger Award thing because it’s a great way to give fellow bloggers some more exposure.  Thank you so much, Whitney!

With this award comes four rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a post and link their blog!
  2. Share 7 things about yourself (maybe even something you haven’t shared before) 
  3. Pass the award to 7 others
  4. Let those 7 bloggers know you nominated them

Well, I’ve already thanked Whitney but I suppose I should follow the rest of these rules, huh?  So here goes.

7 Things About Myself

I’m going to try to make these non health and fitness related, since I write about that stuff all the time.  These will be 7 random things!

  1. Bees scare me.  I have never been stung in my life, and I’m petrified that I could be allergic.  I’m that person that will jump up and run away shrieking from a bee.
  2. I broke my wrist in 5th grade.  My friend was over and I tried to show off by standing on a Swiss ball.  Apparently my 10-year-old abs weren’t developed enough yet to hold my balance, and I tipped backward.  I ran inside screaming and crying, but my mom didn’t believe me that my wrist was actually broken.  It was April Fool’s Day.
  3. In college, I streaked across the quad.  There, I said it.  At least I didn’t fall.  Or get tackled.  Or fall off a pogo stick.
  4. There aren’t many foods I don’t like.  The only ones that come to mind are kalamata olives (yes, for the billionth time – the Greek girl doesn’t like olives!), anything too spicy, sausage, and licorice.
  5. In 2011, I visited the following places:  Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Cape Cod, Colorado, Mexico, South Carolina, Maine, New York, Arkansas, Washington DC, and Tennessee.  I’ll let you guys decide which of these places were for work and which were for fun.
  6. In college, I won the Student Leader of the Month Award my senior year.  Sorry, not as scandalous as #3.
  7. I’ve never once dyed my hair or colored it.  But maybe it’s time I do?

My Own Nominations for the Most Versatile Blogger Awards

A Twist and A Shake
Written by my roommate/bestie, this blog is definitely very versatile!  Caitlin (Slesh) writes about food, drink, crafts, and all the random little thoughts that go through her mind each day (and trust me, they can be random!)  She has recently started a new blog series called Around the World, where each month she focuses on recipes, drinks, and fun facts pertaining to a certain country.  This month is Poland!  She’s also given our other friend Julie (aka The Wandering Lush) a page on the blog to review different bars around Boston.  Go check it out!

fANNEtastic Food
This is one of my must read blogs every day.  Anne is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition and always posts the best recipes!  I’ve tried a few of Anne’s recipes on my own now and none of them have let me down.  She often includes workout related posts as well, so I obviously love seeing those in the mix.  I like to live vicariously through her running posts, because my past foot injuries don’t let me run anymore and she always looks like she has so much fun during her running workouts.  Plus her photography is awesome.

The Truth About Vinyl and Bikini Tops
I stumbled upon this blog when Rachel was a member at the Y coming to my classes every week!  I like that it actually is NOT meant to be a healthy living blog.  While there is a page dedicated to all things healthy, it really sheds light on a variety of topics.  Whether it be what she was up to that weekend, musings about random topics such as couponing, or a fun recipe, I always enjoy reading Rachel’s posts!

Beantown Baker
There are so many different kinds of recipes in here!  I love reading what a fellow Bostonian has to offer in terms of not only baking, but other kinds of food as well.  This deserves a Versatile Blogger Award for the variety of food included in the blog.  Some is healthy, some isn’t, but it always all looks so delicious!

How Sweet It Is
Um, holy hundreds of desserts.  Don’t read this blog if you don’t want to end up craving something sweet at ten in the morning.  Just kidding.  Definitely go read this blog because it is so worth it!  If you need an idea for a dessert, this is THE place to go.  Jessica’s blog organizes her kitchen collection into easy to find recipe categories.  Her writing makes me laugh, readers can totally relate to the quirky things she says, and if I could bake a cookie that looks as half as delicious as they do in her pictures, I would consider myself lucky!

Dresses and Desserts
One of my dearest long time home friends, Shannon, started this blog not too long ago.  She is the craftiest person I know.  Dresses & Desserts focuses on her sewing projects, crafts, baking, and more.  If you are looking for a great “do it yourself” blog, this is the place to go.  Shannon is so talented and her skills never cease to amaze me!

The Fitnessista
This is another blog on my must read every day list.  Gina does such an amazing job of incorporating posts about all aspects of life.  Whether focusing on food, workouts, or friends and family, her posts always grab my attention.  And they keep my attention through their entirety, which I think can be hard to do!  Maybe I’m bias because Gina is also a fellow fitness instructor, but I love looking through her blog for workout ideas and music suggestions.  Highly recommend this one too!

What do you guys think?  What are some of your favorite blogs?  Who do you think has the most versatile blog out there?  Would love some suggestions for new reading material if you want to leave them in the comments of this post!

I’m off to see a dance show in Harvard Square tonight!  Should be fun!

You’re already at the gym… walk a little!

Hi everyone,

I am SORE!  And I can’t figure out which workout this week it’s from.  Love that.

Tonight’s Workout

1.  Elliptical Session at the Y

  • Minutes 1 – 3:  Light warmup
  • Minutes 3 – 6:  Faster jog
  • Minutes 6 – 10:  Tabata Intervals.  I wrote about these in my last bootcamp post.  I did a sprint pace for 20 seconds, jog for 10 seconds and repeated that interval 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.
  • Minutes 10 – 12:  Recovery, jog forward
  • Minutes 12 – 15:  Switch to backwards mode.  I did 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds light and repeated that interval 3 times for a total of 3 minutes.
  • Minute 15 – 16:  Switch to forward mode, fast jog for 1 minute
  • Minutes 16 – 20:  Repeat the Tabata Intervals from minutes 6 – 10.
  • Minutes 20 – 22:  Recovery, jog forward
  • Minutes 23 – 25:  Repeat the backwards intervals from minutes 12 – 15.
  • Minutes 25 – 30:  5 minute cooldown / stretching

2.  Kix class at CBC.  ROCKIN’ playlist tonight.  In case you guys have missed it, tonight is the last chance to enter for my free giveaway to win a free Kickboxing class at Corpbasics.  If you haven’t entered yet, give it a shot!  I am announcing the winner tomorrow morning.

Tonight’s Pet Peeve

When Fitness & Feta first started, one of my first posts was about Gym Characters.  You know, those stereotypes you see at the gym all the time?  Well tonight I’d like to share another little “gym character” pet peeve.  Wanna know what drives me up a wall?  Watching people drive around in circles looking for a parking spot right next to the door of the gym instead of just pulling into a spot that is WIDE open but further away from the gym entrance.  This actually bothers me regardless of where it happens (the mall, a restaurant, etc.) but HELLO!  You are at the gym.  The place you are supposedly at to work out… to burn more calories… to stay fit?  Will it really kill you to park in a spot that requires you to walk 100 more feet before you get on a machine?  I actually try to park further away from the entrance no matter where I am – the extra calories you burn each time do add up eventually!  Just a little trick.  C’mon people.  Stop being so lazy.

Tonight’s Food Post

Since I’m home so late from the gym, I didn’t have time to make an interesting dinner to write about in detail, so I’m opting to write about last night’s instead.   Tim and I took advantage of the beauty of leftovers after our respective workouts.  Over the weekend we made maple-peach glazed pork tenderloin.  We had tried this one over the summer and loved it, so we went with it again.  The leftovers were really tasty and we combined it with some homemade applesauce – made by accident when trying to prepare the shredded apple with skin ingredient for the apple streusel muffins I brought to the Cape with me this weekend.  For a side, we whipped up a new quinoa recipe that I found in one of my favorite blogs – the pumpkin quinoa recipe can be found at fANNEtastic Food.  Thanks Anne for posting this – it certainly made for a great new side dish, and with a pumpkin flavor no less.  Anyone else really obsessed with pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING right now?!  Seems like the entire blog world is – and that’s a good thing for finding so many new recipes to try!

I used a lot of the ingredients that I stalked up on in my grocery run to Trader Joe’s on Monday.

And then I just followed Anne’s directions!  The recipe was super easy, was tasty (although I think next time I’ll add in a little more pumpkin), and now I have a bunch of leftovers.  Excellent.  I had some of my leftovers tonight alongside my leftover Naked Pizza from the weekend.

Question of the Day:  What are your gym pet peeves?!

Time to face-plant!  6am class comes way too soon.  Goodnight!

Planking Record, 10 Year Old “Workout Kid”, and a Giveaway!

In case you need some reading material this morning:

World Planking Record

Check out this articleA 71 year old woman recently broke the world record for longest held plank.  36 minutes and 58 seconds!!  For all of you who moan, groan, grunt, and complain about the two minutes we sometimes do in class — doesn’t seem so bad now, huh?!

10 Year Old “Workout Kid”

Another article for you!  Child prodigy that has his own workout dvd’s, training routines, and classes.  Pretty interesting, and rather controversial I’d imagine.


Not my own, but head on over to fANNEtastic food today and check out Anne’s giveaway contest for an Attune Foods Breakfast party kit.  The breakfast party kit would include 6 go bowls, 6 bamboo spoons, and a few boxes of cereal (your choice).  Details on how to enter can be found in her post!