An Unforgettable Night: Yoga at Fenway Park

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m really not a baseball fan.  I find it boring, so I don’t necessarily jump at the chance to go to Red Sox games.  I do enjoy going to one or two games a season for the atmosphere, but that’s about it.  However, when the folks at New Balance contacted me to see if I would be interested in attending the first ever yoga event at Fenway Park, I did jump at the opportunity.  As much as I hate baseball, I love my city of Boston.  And I can appreciate how symbolic Fenway Park is to all the people who live here.  I just knew that being a part of a fitness class held at Fenway was just something I couldn’t pass up.  And since yoga hasn’t been such a big part of my life as of late, I was excited to get back on the mat again.

FenwaYoga Event

Plus, New Balance not only offered to sponsor my attendance at this unforgettable night, but they spoiled me with a ton of new workout gear from their Anue yoga collection too.  These clothes are all SO comfortable and each top and pair of crop pants are so flattering.  I love the yoga flats too!  Obviously I wore as many pieces as I could to Fenway last week!

New Balance Tops

FenwaYoga Event

Class was held on the warning track around the field, so when I arrived I just snagged a spot between home plate and first base.  I was there by myself so I didn’t have any friends to sit near, but I did run into one of the yoga instructors from the Y, and it was nice to see a familiar face.  I snapped a bunch of pictures before class got started.

FenwaYoga Event

FenwaYoga Event

FenwaYoga Event

FenwaYoga Event

FenwaYoga Event

The class was taught by yoga instructor Rebecca Pacheco of Om Gal.  You could tell she was just absolutely thrilled to be teaching this class, a once in a lifetime opportunity.  As a fitness instructor, I can’t even imagine what she must have felt seconds before starting class.

FenwaYoga Event

Rebecca led us through a 90 minute yoga flow.  I enjoyed (and appreciated) her attempts at bringing baseball into the theme of the class.  Poses that had to do with baseball words, saying “OM Team instead of HOME team,” playing Sweet Caroline as one of the songs, you get the idea.  As you guys know, I’m a sucker for themed exercise classes.

The only thing that I did not enjoy about class was the temperature.  It was FREEZING out and honestly too cold for outdoor yoga.  I don’t think many people came ready for such a cold night because it had been a beautiful warm day out before class started.  I didn’t even bring socks or anything heavier than a zip-up jacket, so I don’t think I got as much out of the class as I would have on any other day.  My muscles were just too cold to flow through the postures as effectively as I would normally be able to, and my toes were numb by the end.  Despite the temperature, I did really enjoy Rebecca’s style, and I would love to check out a class with her another time.

FenwaYoga Event

FenwaYoga Event

The best part of the night was just being in the middle of Fenway Park.  Literally, just being.  I tried not to think about anything else.  I tried to practice mindfulness.  This is something I’ve been learning a lot about in my wellness coaching class.  As I went from pose to pose, I couldn’t help but feel blessed.  Thankful for a lot of things in my life.  And inspired to do more, to continue to grow as an instructor and fuel my passion for fitness even more than I already do.  And as we laid in shavasanah at the end of class, everything was just so still.  For a place that is always moving and crowded with the hustle and bustle of baseball fans, it was just pretty freaking awesome to be lying there and looking up at the open sky above us.  In quiet.  In peace.

FenwaYoga Event

Thank you (again), New Balance, for sending me to such an unforgettable night.

Low Key Weekend + Weekly Workouts

Hello!  I am currently en route to Minnesota for another work trip.  I wasn’t originally supposed to be on this trip but agreed to take it on to help out another one of my co-workers.  I think it’s a blessing in disguise because I could really use a break from the office this week, I can start building my Marriott points back up, and somehow being on the road forces me to slow down.  I say this every time I have to travel for work… there’s nothing to clean, no classes to plan, etc.  Plus, I have plans to meet up with my friend Sarah from college this week!  Sarah moved out to MN last year and just happens to be about twenty minutes from where I am going to be.  So that gives me something to look forward to mid-week.

This past weekend was pretty low-key.  I had things to do, but it wasn’t too busy and the weather was just perfect.  On Friday night I went to dinner with some of my co-workers at the new Seasons 52 in Burlington before seeing our other co-worker in her community theater show.  Saturday I took Monique’s kickboxing class in the morning, got a bunch of blogging done, and then went to Monique‘s apartment-warming party in East Boston with Ashley.  Monique’s new place is super cute and she had fun fall themes and festive food set out.  Plus we got to meet all her friends and mom, and everyone is exactly how I pictured them to be.

Monique's Housewarming

Finally, yesterday I went with some more gym friends to the Ultimate Bootcamp event that I shared with you guys over the weekend.  It was fun to switch things up from my usual routine and exercise outdoors.  Plus, City Sports was kind enough to provide bagels and bananas after the class.  They gave out some swag (free t-shirt!) and discounts as well – can’t say no to that!

Ultimate Bootcamp

The rest of my Sunday was spent in super duper productive mode – laundry, dishes, closet swap, finances, bills, work, and packing for the week ahead.  Sounds boring, I know, but I feel so much better that I got a lot of that done.  Plus, now my apartment is decorated for fall.  My fave.

And now we’re into another week!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts


90 minute yoga class at Fenway Park! Recap of the FenwaYoga event coming soon.

FenwaYoga Event

I skipped Two A Day because Liz wasn’t teaching and a fellow instructor of mine, Kim, asked me to sub an outdoor bootcamp class that she teaches down the street from the Y in Brighton.  So I taught that over by Rogers Park (and made a pretty good chunk of change in cash!) before teaching my class at the Y.  In my classes this week I taught pull and push timed strength circuits with cardio and ab tabata work in between.  Tuesday we focused on pull moves!  Fellow instructors feel free to steal the following format – it works perfectly for a 60 minute class:  Warmup > 12 minute timed strength circuit > 4 minute cardio Tabata > 4 minute core Tabata > 12 minute timed strength circuit > 4 minute cardio AND core Tabata > cooldown and stretch.

Went for a run outside after work, then did this 20 minute ab workout.  A little blast from the past.


I taught using the same format as Tuesday, but did push strength instead.

Another run outside after work

Monique’s kickboxing class!

This Week’s Workouts

This week’s workouts will mainly be on the road.  When traveling it’s hard to plan exactly what I’m going to do for a workout because it depends on how the day goes, but sometimes it’s nice to just head into the gym at the hotel and see what happens.  That being said, a lot of this week’s plan is going to be TBD, but if anyone has any workout ideas or suggestions – I’m all ears!

  • Sunday:  Ultimate Bootcamp workout
  • Monday:  The plan is to do something at the hotel before dinner.  If there’s no time, today will be a rest day
  • Tuesday:  Hotel workout
  • Wednesday:  Hotel workout
  • Thursday:  Hotel workout
  • Friday:  Rest day
  • Saturday:  Something at home!

Real specific, huh?

Tomorrow is also the start of my Fall Into Fitness Challenge, so you can also count on me doing each move of the day throughout the week.  I’m excited!

Questions for you – do you travel for work?  Did you have a low-key or busy weekend?  What’s on the workout agenda this week?

Catch you later!

FenwaYoga Event

Hi friends!

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend.  I wanted to pop in quickly to share some details about an upcoming fitness event in Boston that I’m super excited about, yoga at Fenway Park!


The Red Sox Foundation will hold the first-ever yoga sessions at Fenway Park on Monday, September 23.  Equinox and Anue by New Balance are presenting this event and calling it “FenwaYoga.”  The event will raise funds for two of the foundation’s cornerstone programs, the Red Sox Scholars Program and the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities youth baseball and softball programs.  The Red Sox Scholars Program provides college scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment programs to academically talented, financially disadvantaged Boston public middle school students. The RBI program serves more than 2,000 inner city teens each summer using the sport to promote healthy choices and valuable life-skills.

The 2013 Fenway Yogathon is scheduled for Monday, September 23.  There are two classes to choose from, one held at sunrise and one held at sunset!  The classes, taught by Equinox instructors, will accommodate 222 participants along the warning track each session.  The classes are geared towards all levels of experience.  Each participant must bring their own yoga mat and commit to raising a minimum of $250 for the foundation.  There will be prizes awarded for the top three fundraisers, and each registered participant will receive an event t-shirt.

I will be there with bells on and sporting my new Anue New Balance gear!  I hope to see some of you local readers there.  If you are interested in signing up, you can register at