Life Lately {September and October 2014}

It’s been a while since I’ve done a life update post, huh? It’s been since August, to be exact.

Life Lately

I don’t know about you, but I welcomed fall with wide open arms this year. Like I mentioned in my new newsletter that went out last week, I was happy to embrace the new season because it meant things were slowing down a bit from all the craziness that the summer brought. The first week of September was spent off from work. We spent the first half of the week celebrating my birthday, checking out potential wedding venues, and enjoying some time at home. We spent the second half of the week up north in one of our favorite places, Maine!

Maine Vacation: Cape Porpoise

When we got home from our vacation, we immediately were back into wedding mode, as we needed to make a decision within a week about our wedding venue. We were really torn between Atlantica in Cohasset for an ocean front wedding and Zorvino’s in NH for a rustic winery wedding. The second weekend in September we actually did a second visit back up to Zorvino’s just to make sure we had all our questions answered, and the return visit really clinched it for us. So that’s that! Our wedding date is set for Sunday, September 20th of next year at Zorvino’s!


We are really excited about our venue, but I am just so relieved that the venue researching part of the process is over. Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying other parts of the planning, but the venue hunt simply wasn’t one of them. I feel guilty saying that because everyone and their mom and second cousin once removed felt the need to remind me about how AMAZING all of that should have been, but you know what? Trying to coordinate viewing a bunch of places all over the state between the hours of 8 and 4 during the week and keep it all straight actually wasn’t that amazing to me. I’m way more excited now that we have our venue and church selected and can think about more exciting things like who is going to lead the Greek dancing circles, what color I want my bridesmaids to wear, and what our signature drinks should be. Right?!


Other mentionable September happenings include apple picking,

Apple Picking 2014

attending the annual WWCMA conference for work,

WWCMA 2014 Conference

going to a sweetgreen passport class called Barre & Bites with Liz,

sweetgreen barre & bites

and much more of THIS than I’ve been able to do in a really long time:

Tea on the Couch

There were also a couple of nights out to dinner with friends. I saw Allison for dinner at Seasons 52 in Burlington one night, and I met up with Bridget, Slesh, and Trina at a restaurant called Forum downtown. However, I’d say one of the main highlights of September was one of my bestie’s weddings! Holy moly, talk about an amazing fun weekend in NYC celebrating Erica and Chris. One of the best weddings I’ve ever been to, and just for the record, Tim and I figured out we’ve been to 23 in 3 years. So I think we are pretty good wedding judgers!

Erica & Chris: NYC Wedding

October was here before we even knew it, and I kicked off the month by hosting my really fun event at Athleta. Another one is in the works, so make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get early bird signup privileges and sneak peek details!

Athleta Legacy Place: Birthday Bootcamp

Tim was away for a bachelor party the first weekend of the month, so I used the time to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen a long time. I did dinner with my friend Erin at Isabella Restaurant and was able to get together spontaneously with some of the gym girls at Solea for sangria and tapas too. After we did dinner that night, I hung with Ashley at her house for awhile just catching up and drinking cider.

The week Tim got back, I was supposed to go to the October New Balance Girls Night Out event, but since we were still sharing a car at this point, it was impossible to get downtown. I was bummed to miss it, but Tim did get a new Altima, and we didn’t go broke (or start hating each other) in the process.

Other beginning of October things included a date night to see The Lion King (my birthday present, with dinner at Harvard Gardens first),

The Lion King

Tim’s godson’s christening,

Wes's Baptism

a random Tuesday night sleepover/gym friend get together at Ashley’s house when Jen was back in the states,

Jen's Visit: Tuesday Night Sleepover

and wedding dress shopping! I went first to David’s Bridal in Danvers to get a better idea of what type of style I was going for. I had no clue going into it whether I wanted satin versus lace, strapless versus not, etc. so that really helped. I brought my mom, MOH (Slesh), and bridesmaid (and seamstress!) Shannon with me, and they were all awesome throughout the whole process.

Wedding Dress Shopping

I went dress shopping again the following week, this time with my mom and Shannon again, but my Uncle Chris came along too. This trip I found the gown! I can’t wait for you guys to see it, but I suppose you’ll have to wait a year, huh?

Wedding: Gown

October’s last few weeks were spent celebrating our five year anniversary (dinner at Harvest in Harvard Square + drinks at Beat Hotel — HIGHLY recommend both),

Five Year Anniversary

spontaneously going to Harvest Fest 2014 in Somerville (SO many fun beers and food samples!),

Somerville Harvest Fest 2014

running the Oak Square OAKtoberfest 5k and post race brunching,

OAKtoberfest 5k Race & Taste: Family

Cook Restaurant

getting my monthly deep tissue massage (I signed up for a wellness package),

Massage Envy

celebrating my friend Jen’s birthday with the gym girls,

Gym Friends at Jen's

Gym Friends Food

going to Tim’s cousin’s birthday party, my friend Johnny’s housewarming party, and Patrice and Brian’s beautiful wedding!

Patrice & Brian's Wedding

We rounded up the month by heading back up to Zorvino’s for our meet the vendors night, and finally, hosting Halloween! We were lame this year and didn’t require anyone to wear a costume. What we did require was everyone bring a seasonal craft beer so we could have a little tasting. It was fun!

Halloween 2014

Lots of good stuff going on outside of work lately!

–Let’s chat–
Tell me about the highlights of September and October? What stood out to you the most? I want to know what you’ve been up to! What are you looking forward to in November?

I am looking forward to a free Saturday and Sunday next weekend after we attend wedding #7 of 8 this year on Friday night! I am also excited for Thanksgiving. Slesh is hosting Friendsgiving again this year, AND Tim and I figured out how to spend the holiday with both of our families.

Have a great day, you guys!

Summer 2014 CSA: Weeks 8 and On

At one point I was posting about our summer CSA experience pretty regularly.

Since I kind of fell off the bandwagon with keeping you guys up to date on our CSA creations, today’s post is basically going to be a photo dump of CSA meals from week 8 through the end.

Random week’s stash:

Summer 2014 CSASteak and veggie wraps:

Summer 2014 CSA: Steak and veggie wrapsGreen bean and tomato quinoa salad:

Summer 2014 CSA: Green bean and tomato quinoa saladSalmon with veggies on the side:

Summer 2014 CSA: Salmon with veggies on the sideAnother random week’s stash:

Summer 2014 CSAGrilled eggplant and chickpea salad:

Summer 2014 CSA: Roasted eggplant and chickpea saladGrilled peach and cherry salad with salmon, corn, and goat cheese:

Summer 2014 CSA: Grilled peach and cherry saladQuinoa, kale, and beet salad:

Summer 2014 CSA: Quinoa, kale, and beet saladHeirloom tomato pizza with corn, greens, and pesto:

Summer 2014 CSA: Heirloom tomato pizza with corn, greens, and pestoFarro and veggie stuffed pattypan squash:

Summer 2014 CSA: Stuffed Pattypan SquashLamb stuffed eggplant rollatini:

Summer 2014 CSA: Lamb stuffed eggplant rollatiniHeirloom tomato caprese salad:

Summer 2014 CSA: Heirloom tomato caprese saladGrilled shrimp nicoise salad:

Summer 2014 CSA: Grilled shrimp Nicoise SaladFish lettuce wraps with cabbage and carrot slaw:

Summer 2014 CSA: Fish lettuce wraps with cabbage and carrot slaw

Veggie and turkey kabobs with corn on the cob:

Summer 2014 CSA: Kabobs with cornBarley and veggie salad:

Barley and veggie saladSteak and potatoes with greens:

Summer 2014 CSA: Steak and potatoes with greensSwiss chard pizza:

Summer 2014 CSA: Swiss Chard PizzaObviously this wasn’t everything, but I wanted to delete all these pictures off my phone get caught up. We signed up for a fall share with the same farm that we partner with at work, but this time around we cut back to a small share because we were getting a TON of produce. I’ll continue to share our experience, meals, and tips with you guys!

–Let’s chat–
Did you participate in a summer CSA program? If so, how did you like it? Are you doing one in the fall? What are some fun foodie creations you’ve made recently?

If you guys have any recipe requests based on the pictures from this post, let me know!

Healthy Foods I Wish I Liked

A couple of weeks ago I went for a walk with some of my co-workers, and our conversation spurred the idea for this blog post. We were chatting about food likes and dislikes, and I thought it would be cool to share a few healthy foods that I really just don’t like much!

Healthy Foods I Don't Like

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I don’t like:

Coconut Water
Gah, I wish I liked coconut water. It seems like everyone in the healthy living world LOVES coconut water, especially the hot yoga junkies. Coconut water is one of those things that I try again every few months in hopes that I’ll magically like it all of a sudden, but I just never do. I know it’s supposed to be hydrating, but I think it tastes like aloe (or worse). Sorry, coconut water fans, I just can’t jump on the bandwagon.

For obvious reasons, I want to be an olive superfan. My friends have called me a fake Greek for years because I don’t eat olives. I wish I did because not only would all my Mediterranean dishes would be a lot more Mediterranean, but I’d also get the antioxidants, cancer fighting properties, and all the other health benefits that olives come with. Oh well. I’ll choose extra feta over olives any day.

Nope, can’t do it. Even though it’s often considered one of the healthiest foods out there, I find the flavor repulsive. Or maybe I just find the concept of the grapefruit diet repulsive? I’ve always wanted to just eat a grapefruit by the spoonful for breakfast, but I guess I’ll have to get my Vitamin C and lycopene elsewhere.

Some of you are probably falling out of your chair at this one, but there is something about the texture of watermelon that I just can’t do. I recently tried eating cactus pear too and couldn’t because the texture reminded me of a watermelon. I think both are just too watery and sweet for me. Most people can’t wait for watermelon season (it could be the pumpkin of summer?), but I never do because then it just means that people say “Whaaaaa? How can you not like watermelon!? It’s so refreshing and awesome and blah, blah, blah” to me over and over.

–Let’s chat–
What healthy foods are out there that you just don’t like, but wish you did?
Any other weird food aversions?

Other foods that come to mind that I don’t particularly care for include bacon, sausage, and licorice! But since they aren’t healthy, I don’t really care so much.