Kerri & Matt Tie the Knot!

I promised you guys I would write about Kerri and Matt’s wedding.  So here it is!

The wedding was on Saturday.  What a beautiful day it was for a wedding!  Seriously, perfect weather.


The wedding was in Rhode Island.  The church ceremony was in Coventry, and the reception was in West Greenwich at Whispering Pines, technically a part of the URI campus I guess.  It was beautiful there!  We had to drive through this windy road in the middle of the woods to get to the reception.  It was in the middle of nowhere, but it was so pretty right by the water and the scenic outdoor views!

The overnight guests stayed in these little lodges all spread throughout the campus.  This was the view from our lodge:

The reception was held at the main building/conference center.  The cocktail hour and DJ were set up on a spacious outdoor deck, so all the dancing and everything except for the sit down dinner was held outside.  It was the perfect time of year for that – not too hot or buggy on the outdoor deck but still early enough into fall that we weren’t freezing outside either.

Some pictures of Tim & I on the deck:

Note:  New dress!  H&M, $35.  Score.


The food was good!  I especially love cocktail hours at weddings.  Honestly, who doesn’t love free food literally being handed to you?

A sampling (but not even close to the amount) of what I ate:

For the main course:  Bread, Salad, and I got the filet!

I drank (a lot) of Pinot Noir and blonde beers.  I was dancing too much to have dessert!


Bride & Groom Entrance

First Dance!

Wedding Cake!


There were a ton of us coworkers at the wedding, and we had a blast!!

Group shot with Kerri (minus Jess!)

Me, Eileen, and Jess with the bride

One of six pictures we tried to take

Funny one with Chet, Eileen, and Tim

Dancing Fun

There are a LOT more, but I’ll save those for my Facebook page.

One cool part of this wedding was that after the reception was over, everyone headed over to the campfire set up as part of the lodging and brought beers etc and just hung out.  Except me because I fell asleep curled up in one of the chairs and missed the whole thing!  Way to be lame, Athena.  Either way, I thought this was a really cool feature that the venue offered.


In the morning, we had complimentary breakfast.

On my plate:  Scrambled eggs, fruit, and a blueberry pancake.  Let’s just say it was good breakfast but didn’t settle well with me.

On the way home from the wedding, Tim and I went on a mission to find Del’s Lemonade.  Since Del’s was a staple of my Providence College days and Tim’s Bryant days, we love getting it when in Rhode Island.  We actually weren’t far from the Bryant campus so we stopped to get some there.

Del’s = The perfect hangover cure.  We spent some time just enjoying the quiet campus (I forgot nobody gets up before 11am on Sunday mornings in college!), pretty day, and nice view from this picnic bench.  Do you think the few college students that were up and at em were wondering why there were two old people just sitting there??  Looking oh so great?

The rest of our Sunday was spent with a quick stop at the Wrentham Outlets, lounging on the couch watching football and napping, and our fun date at G’Vanni’s.

Congratulations Kerri & Matt!!

Sunday Night Date at G’Vanni’s

Last night Tim and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at G’Vanni’s Ristorante in the North End.  We bought a BuyWithMe deal back in the day and realized it was going to expire this week.  We didn’t want our $20 for $50 worth of food to go to waste!

The restaurant was really cute!  A little small, but I expect that from restaurants in the North End.  One thing I did not like about the restaurant was how close some of their tables were.  Our table for two was literally two inches away from the table for two next to us – it was kind of like sitting at a table for four!  The original couple sitting near us actually left because they didn’t like how close they were to us (we showered, I promise!) but the close table proximity was not enough to keep me from staying.  Once we got used to it, we barely noticed the people next to us.

Along the walls, the restaurant had bottles of wine, jars of tomato sauce, and other fun things.  I thought that was cool.

Last night I decided to actually go through with my “one out of three” advice and only order either bread, dessert, or alcohol, but not all three.  I decided on bread.

After the bread came out, we ordered stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer.  I was so excited to try them that I burned my tongue on the first bite.  They were delicious!

After a lot of back and forth on what to order, I decided to try something completely different than what I normally would get.  I went with pumpkin raviolis served in a burnt butter sage sauce.  They tasted so good (I love pumpkin flavored things!) and were perfect for a chilly fall night.  Even though they were tasty, I think the pumpkin flavor was a little TOO much by my last ravioli.  I actually think that this dish would make a better appetizer than a full entree.  But don’t worry, I did manage to eat them all!

Our Sunday night date at G’Vanni’s was the perfect end to the weekend.  I will be adding G’Vanni’s to my new “Bars & Restaurants” page – make sure to check it out!  Also, I did some playing around yesterday and am trying out a new layout for Fitness & Feta.  Did you notice it?  Click here and let me know what you think!  Feedback welcome.

Coming soon:  Post on Kerri & Matt’s wedding – what a fun time!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite restaurant in the North End?  Please comment!

Have a good one, everyone!