A Sunday at SOWA Open Market

One of the things on my summer bucket list has been to check out the SOWA Open Market in the South End.  The market includes three main sections: a food truck market with trucks galore, a farmer’s market with tons of fresh produce and foodie items, and a vendor’s market with local folks selling their crafts, jewelry, and more.  Since it was my turn to plan a date day for Tim and I, I decided it was time for us to go.  Tim is seriously OBSESSED with food trucks so I knew he would love it.  This Sunday we hopped on the red line and headed over to the Broadway area to check it out!

SoWa Sundays

On our train ride there we talked about wanting to try as many food trucks as possible.  We came up with a strategy so we wouldn’t get too full too soon.  We decided our plan of attack would be as follows:

  • Get something small to start at the food trucks
  • Then check out the farmer’s market
  • Then go back to the food trucks for something else
  • Then check out the vintage market
  • Then go back to the food trucks for dessert

Totally genius, if I do say so myself.  You can’t stuff up from the get go!  Planned digestion time is the key.

Anyways, like I said, the food trucks were up first.

SoWa Open Market

After browsing through all the trucks (and reading every single menu), we decided to get fish tacos from the Baja Taco Truck first.  We were definitely impressed with how fresh the pico de gallo was and happy with our first food truck choice.

SOWA Open Market After we finished our tacos, we browsed through the farmer’s market.  There were so many things to look at, from fresh produce to unique foodie items.

SOWA Farmer's Market

It was really hard not to buy everything in sight, but we did decide to stock up on some plums and nectarines for the week.  We tried a new kind of plum too, mango tango!  We also decided to buy the funky looking squash you can see in the pictures.  We learned that it’s called pattypan squash, but I decided to call it alien squash instead.  How could we NOT buy some for a fun dinner this week?

SOWA Farmer's Market

Again, it was really hard to not buy everything in sight, but we limited ourselves to two other foodie purchases.  Grilled peach and basil ravioli pasta from Valicenti Organico, and some spicy (wasn’t too spicy for me!) summer mango chutney from a company called Wozz.  Can’t wait to enjoy both of these!

SOWA Farmer's Market

After the farmer’s market, we went back to the food trucks!  For our second round, Tim opted for the caprese sandwich from The Dining Car, and I got the magical kale salad (kale with a poached egg) from the Mei Mei Street Kitchen.

The Dining Car

Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Totally normal to eat our lunch on the ground, right?!

Next up were all the vendors.  We had fun strolling through, but we didn’t buy anything.

Sowa Vintage Market

Finally, we finished our time at SOWA back at the food trucks for dessert.  Originally I wanted a huge ice cream sandwich (they have trucks now where you can pick your cookie flavor AND ice cream flavor), but I was hot and thirsty so I ended up getting lemon sorbet instead.

Lemon sorbet at SOWA

Tim, however, still went with his original ice cream sandwich craving from The Cookie Monstah truck.  M&M cookies with peanut butter chocolate chunk ice cream in the middle.  I swear he’s not a five-year old?

cookie monstah truck

At this point, we were full and had seen everything so we headed out.  Little did I know that my friend Bridget and my friend Mary were both there at the very same time we were!  So sad.  We took the red line back to Harvard and once we realized our bus wasn’t coming for a bit, we decided that we could make room for roof deck drinks.

Roofdeck Daedalus

A mojito for Tim, and red sangria for me!  We enjoyed these on the roof deck of Daedalus, a hidden gem in Harvard Square.


It was a perfect Sunday!  SOWA is open every Sunday from 10-4 starting in May and ending in October, which means you can still get a trip in this fall!  I just might even go again.

Local readers, have you ever been to SOWA before?  Anyone else have something like this where you live?

Happy Friday, friends!

Scenes from the Weekend + Weekly Workouts

This weekend was a good one, despite Tim being away for a bachelor party.  Here’s a rundown of what I did.

I reunited with PCDC.

Me & Erin

Friday night, Erin and I tried a new restaurant in Harvard Square.  Park Restaurant & Bar was seriously awesome.  I loved it the minute we stepped inside.  Our meals were delicious and the wine kept on flowing.  I will definitely be going back.  Check out how awesome the food looks.  I ordered grilled lamb belly over a bed of quinoa, butternut squash, and brussels sprouts.  Unreal.  I wish I had leftovers.

Park Restaurant

Saturday morning, after Erin and I chatted over coffee some more, we did a little shopping.  The Macy’s close to my apartment is closing, so I decided to take advantage of their sales.  I didn’t get much, but I’ve been in the market for new stud earrings, so I was psyched to get a good deal.


Saturday afternoon I caught up on my Y emails, then hit the gym.  I did 40 minutes of cardio intervals from BBB on the elliptical, then a timed plank since I knew I didn’t do my best timed plank on Tuesday in class due to time restrictions in general.  I’m up to 4:30.  Woohoo!

Elbow Plank

Saturday night, I went to my parents’ house for dinner.

Dinner at parents

Along with dinner came an abs challenge photo shoot, a clothing giveaway, and a Homeland rerun since they are taking full advantage of the free Showtime weekend apparently.

Sunday was a productive day!  I woke up around 8am and cleaned the entire apartment.  Then I hit the gym again.  I love making it to the gym both weekend days.

Circuit Workout

After warming up on a bike, I did the above exercises in a circuit format with five minutes of random cardio (jumping jacks, jump rope, front and back kicks, jogging in place, speedbags, burpees, hopping in place… you get the idea) after each of the three sets of controlled resistance moves.  Felt so good.

I was actually craving a smoothie after my sweat sesh, so I whipped one up using my new immersion blender.  Normally I only crave smoothies in the summer, because I’m too cold to drink them in the winter.


Yum.  I also did our weekly grocery shopping.  I went a little over the $75 weekly limit that Tim and I like to stick to, but both Chobani yogurts and Clif bars were on sale, 10 for $10 so I stocked up.  I also got a little more produce than usual, so next week I’ll have to cut back a bit to even things out.

Grocery Shopping

What else, what else.  I felt inspired to make a crock pot dinner, so I put together this pumpkin and apple stew.  I’ll post the recipe soon!

Pumpkin and Apple Stew

I also prepped a tuna salad to have for beginning of the week lunches.  I used Dawn’s recipe from when she brought one in for our salad club lunch at work.  After that I put all my snack baggies together for the week, and then made homemade salsa.  Just cause I felt like it.

Dawn's Tuna Salad

I was on a roll, and now I feel ready for the week!  Oh, and my Fitness & Feta Facebook page hit 500 fans.  So exciting!!  If you don’t follow me yet, click over to my page and like it.  Please?

Let’s talk Weekly Workouts now.  Cause that’s what I do on Mondays.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts
The first week of Best Body Bootcamp went well, and I loved all the control work we did.  It seriously makes a difference to slow things down.  My arms were definitely still feeling it by the end of the week, even though the moves themselves were basic!

  • Sunday:  20 minute cardio interval workout + 3 rounds of core strength circuits
  • Monday:  40 minute cardio interval workout + last week’s Monday morning ab burner
  • Tuesday:  Took Liz’s Kickboxing class, then taught Workout A from BBB in Interval class.  We felt the burn!
  • Wednesday:  Off day, except for the bedtime ab ladder
  • Thursday:  Taught Workout C from BBB in Sculpt class + Tabata Thursday later on.
  • Friday:  Off day (was too sore from BBB!), except for 60 seconds of pushups
  • Saturday:  40 minute cardio interval workout + timed plank

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Workout C from BBB (above)
  • Monday:  40 minutes of cardio interval + Monday morning ab burner
  • Tuesday:  Kickboxing, then teaching the core circuits in my interval class
  • Wednesday:  Off, except for the oblique work before bed
  • Thursday:  Teaching Workout A from BBB + this week’s Tabata Thursday later on
  • Friday:  Off, or cardio intervals, or a class
  • Saturday:  Off, or cardio intervals, or a class

I’m feeling really good lately.  Definitely happy to not be consuming as much sugar as I was during the holiday season.  Makes such a difference.

Before I go, just a reminder to do today’s Morning Ab Burner if you haven’t already!  It takes two minutes, that’s it!

Monday Morning Ab Burner Week 3

What did you do this weekend?  What’s on tap workout wise for the week?  Anything else you’d like to share?

Catch you guys later!

Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

Hello!  Feel like I haven’t sat down to blog in quite some time.  How’s everyone’s weekend?


…was another crazy busy day at work.  Quick little poll — what’s worse, being so busy at work you have no time to breathe, or being in a lull where you are really bored and the day drags?  I can’t decide.  A middle ground would be nice!  By the time Friday night came around, I was POOPED and wanted nothing more than another lazy Friday night in on the couch with the boyfriend.

Dinner was inspired by a recipe that caught my eye on For the Love of Cooking last week.  That site called it Gemelli with Chicken, Garlic, Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil, and Asiago, but I’ll just call it “Really Easy & Yummy Rotini.”

Really Easy & Yummy Rotini


  • Cooking spray
  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Pepper to taste
  • 7 oz whole wheat rotini pasta, cooked per instructions
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Several fresh basil leaves, chiffonade
  • Asiago cheese, to taste


Tim cooked the chicken on the grill instead of cooking it in the pan like the original recipe called for.  So I guess that’s step 1.  Grill the chicken!


  1. Cook pasta per instructions on box, and drain.
  2. Add the olive oil and minced garlic to same pot you cooked pasta in, cook for 30 seconds while stirring constantly.
  3. Remove from heat and add the pasta to garlic and olive oil, tossing to coat evenly.
  4. Add chopped up chicken, tomatoes, basil, asiago cheese, then season with pepper to taste.

Apparently we were hungry, because we finished ALL of it!  Enjoyed with some cabernet savignon.

By some I mean we then proceeded to kill the bottle between the two of us while watching The Ides of March on the couch.

George Clooney AND Ryan Gosling in the same movie?  Yes, please.

Wasn’t sure if I would enjoy because politics ain’t really my thang, but I did.  Good movie.


…I was up super early for a day of fitness fun with all my gym ladies.  Liz’s van party bus left the Oak Square Y at 8:30 am, we headed over to CBC and had a nice little Two A Day Saturday sweat sesh with Erin’s Cutz followed by Emily’s Kix.  My calves are on FIRE today from these two classes back to back.  I really liked the Saturday morning atmosphere at CBC though.  Since my weeks are getting so crazy, I need to try to get over there more on the weekends!

After classes, a whole group of us trekked over to Bloc 11 Cafe for lunch.

We were quite the sight, I think 10 of us all sweaty charging down the street for some good eats.  I definitely want to go back to this restaurant again, it was super cute and my lunch was delish.  I ordered “The Terrace” which was turkey, ched­dar, red onion, avo­cado, tomato & romaine on focac­cia with gar­lic mayo.  Except I asked for the sandwich with no mayo and I substituted whole wheat bread instead of the focaccia.  Definitely hit the spot after our workout!

Our next destination after lunch was Somerville High School for the Somerville Mayor’s Fitness Challenge.  Twelve of us represented CBC by helping Kristen out with the Corpbasics table for a bit, and then demonstrating about fifteen minutes of Kix.  Just bits and pieces of a few different routines.  More on the Somerville Mayor’s Fitness Challege coming soon!

All of that happened between 8:00am and 1:30pm — I was home by 2 and spent the afternoon lounging and finally enjoying some me time.  Got some laundry done, caught up on some blog reading, and munched on some sweet potato “fries” that I baked in the oven.  Was definitely craving something sweet and salty, so with a bit of sea salt those made the perfect little afternoon snack.

Saturday Night

…was date night!  Tim and I haven’t had a real going out date night in so long.  We had a BuyWithMe coupon to Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, so we started our night there.  It felt nice to wear an outfit that wasn’t a work outfit, spandex, or sweatpants.

Anyways, at Tommy Doyle’s we sat at a high table in the upstairs bar area.  We started out with a beer – we each ordered a Harpoon Celtic Ale.

Then moved on to an appetizer – a pesto and avocado dip.

This doesn’t look like anything special (I was skeptical, I mean really?  A plate of bread?) but the dip was delicious and actually went really nicely with the pita.  Tim and I liked that they gave us enough dip that we didn’t run out.  A lot of places can be stingy!!  I also ordered a Magic Hat #9 after I finished my Celtic Ale.  Love those “not quite pale ales.”

My dinner was a salad with grilled chicken, goat cheese, red onion, cranberries, candied walnuts, and a blackberry vinaigrette.

Honestly, it wasn’t anything exciting.  The Tommy Doyle’s menu last night actually didn’t thrill me, they definitely didn’t have as many options on there as they did the last time we went, or even as they advertise online.  But we needed to use our coupon before it expired so it did the trick.  And Tim loves it there for their Irish food — right up his alley.

We decided that after dinner we wanted to venture to a few other places, so we also enjoyed a beer at Grendel’s Den (Rapscallion Honey) and Grafton Street (Cisco Whale’s Tale — not a fan).  Caught a cab home, and went to bed.  We love bar hopping around Harvard Square — so fun!


Today I literally stayed in bed until 11:30.  Lazy morning = much-needed, and it wasn’t even because I was hung over.  I just really needed to catch up on sleep.  I eventually dragged myself out of bed and got ready for Ashley and Aloisha to pick me up.  We headed to the Needham Y and got certified in PUSH.  Loved that we actually did the moves out instead of just sitting there talking about them.  (Yes, we’re all crazy).  So now I have some new killer exercises for everyone – but you’ll all have to wait a week.  I’m off to run a couple of errands and pack for Oklahoma City this week for work.  Gotta catch a plane in the morning, bleh.

Y folks — Ashley will be subbing my Tuesday night, and Rausan will be subbing on Thursday morning this week.

Tell me what you guys did this weekend!  Anything fun?