Jingle Well Time – Winter Wellness Challenge Week 5

Week 5 is really only two days long to finish up the month, but I didn’t want you guys to forget about our last two challenges as part of Jingle Well Time!

Jingle Well Time Weeks 4 & 5

To read more about making SMART goals instead of resolutions for the New Year, click here. Feel free to share using #jinglewelltime or chat about it in the Facebook group.

I’ve had a ton of fun doing this challenge with you guys! Hope you enjoyed it.

Jingle Well Time – Winter Wellness Challenge Week 4

I can’t believe we’re in the last phase of the Jingle Well Time challenge. In just three weeks we’ve focused on small and manageable things for fitness, food, and stress. This week’s focus is going to be on OURSELVES and our relationships with others. Because let’s be honest, it’s easy to forget about ourselves when we spend so much time worrying about everything else, right?

Here are your challenges for the week!

Jingle Well Time Weeks 4 & 5

Since there are only 2 days next week, I lumped week 5 into this week’s items.

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Have fun!

Jingle Well Time – Winter Wellness Challenge Week 3

If you are participating in my Jingle Well Time challenge, I hope you’ve enjoyed the fitness focus for Week 1 and the food focus for Week 2. Wellness is not just about exercise and diet though, which is why I’ve made our Week 3 focus on stress. I’ll admit stress is something I don’t handle all that well, so I’m excited to have included some stress management strategies as part of your challenges this week.

Jingle Well Time Week 3

If you’re just joining the fun, welcome! Click here to join our Facebook group, and feel free to check out the challenges from Week 1 and Week 2.

Hope this week you can all stress a little bit less.