Product Review: KIND Healthy Grains Line

Today we’re gonna chat about granola bars, mmkay?

I’ve never really been one to stick with just one brand of bar. I’ve jumped around from Luna bars to Clif bars to Larabars and more. The list goes on. But over the past year or two, as Tim and I have really started paying attention to the ingredients in the food we buy, I’ve been more partial to KIND. I think that they have the best compromise when it comes to what’s in their products versus taste.

I was first exposed to KIND bars while traveling for work. I remember being hungry and rushing through the airport (ok, I was more likely hangry at this point). I remember grabbing the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt bar from one of the newsstand places. Then I remember it was love at first bite. Seriously, delicious. After that first experience, I read up a little more on KIND and liked what I found. Their ingredient lists are simple. I know what each ingredient is, and I can pronounce them. That’s so important.

Healthy Airport Snacks

This year I actually collaborated with KIND for our wellness program at work. My co-worker, Jen, has a contact at KIND that first donated products for our company-wide walking program kick-off and then sent staff to work a table at our first company wide health fair. To say that the table and samples were a huge hit at our fair is an understatement. People are still talking about them!

Last fall, KIND launched a new healthy grains line to expand their product offerings. Luckily for me, KIND recently offered to send me a sampling to try and review for you guys.

Kind Bar Healthy Grains

Each KIND healthy grains bar is gluten-free, non GMO, and has 18-22 grams of whole grains (amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and gluten-free oats). Each runs in around 150 calories and has about 6 grams of sugar. For more nutrition info, you’ll have to check out each bar individually on their website.

KIND healthy grains bars are available in the following flavors:

  • Maple pumpkin seeds with sea salt
  • Oats and honey with toasted coconut
  • Dark chocolate chunk
  • Vanilla blueberry
  • Peanut butter dark chocolate

The healthy grains bars are advertised as being “chewy with a crunch,” and this description is spot on. I think a lot of other granola bars out there are either one or the other, but these are a nice blend of both. They remind me of the texture of a Rice Krispie treat. I really like getting a subtle crunch with each bite without having the entire bar crumble all over my lap. That’s the worst, especially because the crumbs usually end up all over my car too . Most of the time I’m snacking on these on the way to the gym!

I also enjoy the subtle flavor tastes in each bar. That might sound weird, but for example, when eating the vanilla blueberry bar, I got just the right amount of blueberry and vanilla with each bite. I hate when a bar has a flavor that’s SO strong you feel like what you’re eating can’t be real.

While I enjoyed all the flavors, I think my favorite was the maple pumpkin with sea salt.

Kind Healthy Grain

Tim said he really like the maple pumpkin one too because he usually craves salt in the afternoon, so this bar was a nice way for him to curb his salty craving without turning to a not so good for your snack. I have to agree!

Thank you, KIND, for letting me sample your healthy grains line! Loved it.

–Let’s chat–
Are you loyal to any one brand of granola bars? Have you tried KIND bars before? What about KIND’s healthy grains line? Which of the flavors sounds the best to you?

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this post, but I was provided free products in exchange for writing this review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Life Lately {January 2014}

Good morning! Since we’re into a new month, I wanted to back up for a minute and share some life things from January.

First, a couple of fun blog announcements:

  1. I was recently chosen to be an IDEA Inspired Blogger.
  2. I was also selected to be a POPSUGAR Select Fitness Blogger.
  3. I was featured on the GaiamTV blog talking about some of my daily rituals in the morning and before bed.

I’m totally honored and thrilled to be listed along some of the other amazing people/blends on all three of these sites. Make sure to check them out!

Next, some fun deliveries to my doorstep:

The new KIND bar healthy grain flavors

Kind Bar Healthy Grains

Some Kinnikinnick gluten-free bread products, via Jen‘s giveaway

Kinnikinnick Products

A new cookbook by the blogger of Guilty Kitchen, via The Empowered Momma‘s giveaway

Cooking with coconut oil

My first NatureBox shipment (thanks, Katie!)

Nature Box

And another Birchbox shipment (thanks, Tim!)


Some scenes from home:

There’s been a lot of bread making in my apartment. Someone likes his new toy.

Tim making bread

There’s also been more attempts at planned relaxation time. What a thought.


There’s also been some forced relaxation time. Snowy nights have that effect!

Snowy night in + wine

Finally, in case you were wondering, I do have a social life:

Reuniting with Jess and Eileen

Reuniting with Jess and Eileen

Dawn’s healthy eating party

Dawn Healthy Eating Party

Gym girls impromptu night out

Gym girls night out

Catching up with my old roomies

Catching up with roommates

Celebrating my friend Matt’s birthday

Matt's Birthday

And going to Paint Nite with Slesh

Paint Nite with Slesh

Unpictured because I wasn’t in blogger mode:

–lunch with my parents
–night out in Union Square with Slesh
–celebrating bonus night with my co-workers

–Let’s chat–
What are some of your highlights from January? What are you looking forward to in February?

I have another big presentation at work today… wish me luck! I can’t wait for 5 o’clock!

Needham Health & Wellness Show

This past Sunday I met up with my co-worker Dawn at a health and wellness show at the Needham Sheraton.  There were over 45 local health and wellness professionals set up in the event room talking about their latest health and wellness products and services.

Needham Health & Wellness Show

We browsed through all the different tables, chatted with the different vendors, sampled some food, and snagged some free stuff.

Needham Health & Wellness Show

Some of my favorites included:

— Chatting with a representative from the new LA Sports Club in Chestnut Hill.  I told her I had read a bunch of blog posts about the blogger tour held at the new facility recently, and she got excited because she was involved with the event.  I got a couple free passes, so I might go check it out sometime.

— The Whole Foods table.  They had tons of recipes, coupons, cereal bars, and bananas!  Love me some bananas.

Needham Health & Wellness Show

Taza Chocolate!  Remember when I toured the Taza chocolate factory?  I just love their chocolate so much.

Taza at Needham Health Show

— I also had a free antioxidant level reading done.  All I had to do was place the side of my thumb on a blue light, and after a minute of screening, voila!  The Pharmanex bio scan could provide my levels.  While I was waiting, they had me look over what the different scores mean.

Antioxidant Reading

Apparently, I am in the 1% of having high antioxidant protection!  Woohoo!

Antioxident Screening

This means I’m never going to get an age-related disease, right!?  Ha.  I just thought this part was cool.

Anyways, this was a nice little event to spend an hour at on my Sunday afternoon, and I’m glad I got to meet up with Dawn even if it was only for a little bit!  However, I do wish there had been more fitness related tables since that’s what I’m more into than geriatric wellness care and beauty products, but I suppose those things are important too.  Also, I can’t even get over how many tables had candy bowls.  Candy bowls at a wellness fair is a little much, if you ask me, but I will stop my rant about that now before I’m too high up on my soapbox to stop and I really offend somebody.

The best part, obviously, was the free stuff.  When I got home, I went through my bag of goodies and narrowed it down to my favorites.

Goodies from Needham Health & Wellness Show

Yes, that was the narrowed down version.  A bunch of new recipes and coupons, some free passes to a couple classes/gyms, and some free samples as well.  Oh, and a race calendar that I brought to Jen!  I was psyched for the two Kind bars, and I’m not gonna lie, those sweet potato chips were gone by the end of the night!  Yum.

Have you ever attended a health & wellness show, fair, or event?  I’d love to hear about it!