Ten Tuesday Thoughts

Forewarning:  LOTS of random Athena thoughts ahead.

1.  I can’t decide how I feel about Chobani’s new(ish) Blood Orange flavor.  What do you guys think?  Do you like it?

2.  Lunches made by mom really do taste better.  Don’t you think she was just ASKING for me to take a picture and post it in F&F with that fruit display?  Just saying.

3.  There is nothing more thrilling than free stuff arriving in the mail.  I recently won a Clif bar giveaway over on Itzy’s Kitchen and my goodies arrived last week!  I hope any of you that have won my giveaways in the past get as excited as I do!  By the way, I tried Clif’s sweet & salty Mojo bar for the first time this weekend, and it’s UNREAL.  I loved the chocolate almond coconut flavor!

4.  Check out this gem of a picture I found while working from my parents’ house on Friday.  Really, mom!?  What were you thinking?!

5.  Friday night I went out with a bunch of friends to the Lansdowne Pub in Fenway for Katrina’s birthday celebration.  It was a fun time!  My goal of the night was to 1) not be as hungover on Saturday as I was when I tried to bake sombrero cookies, and 2) to NOT bust out any kickboxing routines in the bar.  Both goals = success, with the exception of doing ONLY monkey arms.  And only because Bridget started it.

6.  The earrings I ordered from Sarah during PCDC night also arrived last week.  Me likey!

7.  Did you guys see my Mother’s Day brunch post featured on Around the Plate last week?  If not, check it out!  Here’s the link:  http://aroundtheplate.org/brighten-moms-day-with-breakfast/

8.  There is nothing worse than the sound of a kid’s merry-go-round thing at the mall or outside a grocery store.  My children will never go on one of those things.  Shudder.

9.  I finished the first book in the “Fifty Shades” trilogy this week.  Holy pornographic awkwardness!!  I seriously was covering the text as I read on the plane ride home from my business trip because I didn’t want the man sitting next to judge.  It’s so dirty!  I think I’m going to continue reading book two and three though.  Anyone have the books I can borrow?  The storyline is so disturbing, but I’m hooked and want to know just why Grey is as controlling as he is.

10.  Went to the dentist last week.  Cavity free for 27 years!  Boo ya.  Yes, I just said boo ya.

What’s on your mind today?!

Summer 2011 Recap

Good morning, everyone!

In honor of the “official” last day of summer today (even though it sure doesn’t feel like it with all this dreary rain), I’m sharing my Summer 2011 highlights. 


Memorial Day Kickoff at Erica’s beach house in Misquamicut, RI

CBC Instructor Certification

Cape Cod with Tim, Katie and Vinnie

Triple date night with Erin, Hank, Jess, and Brett

Day Trip to Nashoba Valley Winery

Ogunquit at Bridget’s beach house with the girls

Jeff & Jill’s Wedding Weekend in Falmouth

Red Sox Game with Tim

Nantasket Bar Crawl & Beach day for Geoff’s Birthday

Bridget’s Birthday celebration at Lansdowne Pub

The start of Fitness & Feta!


Baka’s birthday celebration in Harvard Square

Beach day at Nahant with Tim, my brother, Lexa and Layla!

Booze Cruise on Boston Harbor

Greek Festival at the St. George Greek Orthodox church

Slesh’s birthday celebration at Tommy Doyle’s

Work picnic and after-party

26th birthday celebrations with friends, family, and Tim

5th Annual No Carb Left Behind Weekend

Kerri’s Wedding

And much more!  There’s also the weekend down the cape with Tim’s family, restaurant week with the girls, relaxing night in making pizza and grilling, an outdoor day at Cityside with Trina, Geoff, and Tim, Chuck’s birthday dinner at O’Hara’s, walking around the city, and a bunch else.

Questions of the Day: 

1.  What’s your favorite memory from Summer 2011?

2.  Are you sad that summer is ending, or excited for fall?

3.  What is your favorite blog post or picture referenced above?