Happy New Year! Make Commitments, Not Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Whether you rang in 2015 with a crazy night out, a nice dinner, or a low-key night at home in your sweats, I hope you had a great time and were able to live in the moment.

A lot of people use the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to reflect on the year past and review their goals for 2015. Along the same lines, a lot of bloggers use this time to post their “best of recipes/workouts/etc.” posts and give a rundown of both blog and life highlights.

I typically like to let the holiday hustle die down a bit before I do any reflecting or commitment making of my own. I don’t think there’s any magic rule that says all of that needs to be done by January 1st.

One thing I do want to do today is point out how I used the phrase “commitment making.” I didn’t say anything about New Year’s resolutions.

When I hear the word resolution, it makes me think of the result of something that was once broken or a situation that needed fixing. Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, and this has a very rear-view mirror way of looking at things, don’t you think? By making New Year’s resolutions, we essentially acknowledge all the baggage and crap we’ve carried around. We dwell on the things we’ve done incorrectly in some way, and then through our New Year’s resolutions, we resolve to fix them.

When we resolve to fix something, it implies that something was broken in the first place.

That seems like a pretty negative way of looking at things, if you ask me. Not exactly the way I would want to start fresh and anew.

My advice to you this year? Forget all the crap!

If we kick off 2015 focused on what we CAN’T eat anymore or what behaviors we WON’T do anymore, then we will immediately start our year with a deprivation mindset. It will make us feel like these items are off-limits, and that’s typically when we’ll feel MORE compelled to eat the junk or indulge in the “bad” behaviors.

So let’s make a little shift this year. Let’s make POSITIVE commitments for ourselves instead by looking ahead. Let’s ask ourselves:

  • What WILL I do this year?
  • What foods will I eat MORE of?
  • What behaviors will I START doing?

new years resolutions


To commit to something means to make a pledge or promise. Today, or when it feels right for you, set yourself up for success and make a commitment that is meaningful to YOU.

Pledge to take positive action.

Promise yourself you will add choices and behaviors that add purpose, health, and happiness to your life.

Isn’t this a much more positive way to start the year than looking back on the could have, should have, and would have?

Readers, let’s chat! I’m wondering, what do you think of this concept? Have you made any personal commitments yet for 2015?

Wishing everyone a fresh start and a wonderful first weekend of the new year. ❤

Boston Bloggers Dish: Splurges, Treats, and Moderation

Good morning!

I was recently joking with some of my friends that the last two months have involved a lot more feta than fitness. I mentioned in this post that I’ve had to scale back on lifting this summer and modify my routine to fit what works for my schedule, and since my schedule has a lot of parties and celebrations, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve let myself indulge at multiple occasions this summer. And at said occasions, I will sometimes get comments like, “Athena, what are you eating today? Really?” or “How does Fitness & Feta eat at an event like this?”

These types of comments and questions, while probably not asked with any kind of bad intent, are starting to bother me. How the heck am I supposed to respond? My honest answer is “just like anybody else.”

I want you to all understand that even the “healthiest” people indulge. I ate a bowl of ice cream on Saturday night because my friend’s parents offered it to me, and it sounded delicious. I also enjoyed a big cup of ice cream with two giant chocolate chip cookies in it last weekend when I went to SOWA, just because I felt like having it. Sure, I ate a pasta dish (yes, a whole plate of white pasta smothered with cheesy goodness!) at a wedding a couple of weeks ago, but guess what? It tasted amazing. I also want to snack on ungodly amounts of pretzels after work sometimes. So I do.

I’m a sucker for margaritas, giant glasses of wine, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, pizza, ice cream, and bread. When I eat (or drink) these things, I don’t dwell on it, and I make sure to enjoy the taste of my favorite things. I know these aren’t my usual choices for every meal and snack, and I most certainly eat whole, nutrient-dense food about 85-90% of the time. But I make room for the treats, the cravings, and the foods I really love too, because deprivation typically results in frustration and leads back to bad habits. Letting yourself indulge 10-15% of the time really is the only way to sustain a healthy eating lifestyle for the long term.


To really drive my point home, I asked eight lovely ladies from Boston’s healthy living blogging community to share their favorite splurges, treats, and thoughts on moderation with all of you today. Because, REALLY you guys, even the healthiest of them all don’t deprive.

Alaina from The Jogging Concierge

Alaina Jogging ConciergeMost of my favorite splurges are centered around pastries: muffins, scones, banana bread, you name it! I usually save those treats for days that I run long distances, but sometimes I find myself just craving one out of the blue. When those cravings hit, I either grab something from a local coffee shop or even bake them myself. When the craving strikes (usually a couple of times a month), I always enjoy every bite. As long as it’s of good quality (i.e. not from a box in the grocery store), I feel like the splurge is always worth it. And because I only eat them on rare occasions, I never feel the need to “balance out.” I think that the way I eat is fairly balanced already by eating healthy, having fun, and making sure to exercise. 🙂

Caroline from The Trendy Trainer

caroline trendy trainerWhen it comes to giving in to temptation, I have a hard time resisting a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, preferably from Australia. By no means am I a vino snob, but if given a choice on a warm summer night while sitting outdoors spending time with friends… it’s no contest. While moderation is key — ahem, hello late-twenties hangover — I believe that I work my body hard, and therefore a goblet, I mean glass, here and there is not the end of the world. Unless of course that single serving turns into several. Then your body may think it’s end times.


Emily from Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Emily Stay Healthy Stay HappyTwo things I love: ice cream and chocolate. Lately I’ve been addicted to this soy-based, non-dairy frozen treat from Trader Joe’s. After teaching Zumba, I look forward to a nice wholesome dinner followed by a couple spoonfuls of this delicious dessert. I say, everything in moderation. You don’t need to give up all your favorite treats to be healthy. Love chocolate? Make brownies with black beans, use avocado in chocolate pudding… the possibilities are endless.”


Monique from Burpees to Bubbly

moniqueIf you’ve read my blog, it’s no surprise that I’m all about “everything in moderation.” I don’t agree with diets, and although I’ve been actively trying to clean up my eats and focus on real foods and not processed, “low-fat,” and sugary foods, I am not one to ever deprive myself of those things entirely – where’s the fun in that?! I want to be able to go to a BBQ or a birthday party and have a burger (with a bun!) or a piece of cake or slice of pizza because that’s living a real life to me. Living by an 80/20 or 90/10 rule where I eat healthy 80 or 90 percent of the time and leave room for indulgences is what works for me. When I do indulge though, my favorite things to enjoy are pizza, ice cream/cookies/cake/all sweets, chips, honey-roasted peanuts, chex mix, and muffins!

Sarah G from Go Fit U

sarah go fit uI’m all about healthy eating, but I’ve also got a huge sweet tooth. I’m a sucker for anything red velvet. If you ever want anything out of me, get me in front of Cheesecake Factory’s red velvet cheesecake, and your wish is my command. I recently competed in my first bodybuilding show, and my boyfriend had a piece waiting for me at the end of the night. See the love affair right there? I’m currently studying abroad in Florence and am focusing on staying “Fit in Florence.” I’m eating gelato, pizza, and drinking vino, but I’m also finding healthier options and getting in my daily workouts. Check out my twitter & instagram @gofitu to follow my journey!

Sarah M from Blonde Bostonian

GelatoSarahThe word “splurge” isn’t really in my vocabulary when it comes to food (but it definitely is when it comes to dropping some cash on a cute new top from Lululemon). To me, it’s all about maintaining balance, especially when it comes to eating healthy and not-so healthy. You gotta balance out all those salads with some delicious treats right? My favorite is definitely ice cream. I’m a sucker for a soft-serve cone with sprinkles or some homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients. When my boyfriend and I traveled through Europe a few Summers ago, we made a point to try gelato in every town that we visited. It was a fantastic way to take a little culinary tour through the places we visited, and we made some fun memories along the way. So many of my memories are tied to food, and to be honest, I don’t have many memories about a super healthy green smoothie. They’re always tied to trying new things in incredible places. So make a memory, live a little, and have the ice cream.

Sherri from Fun, Fit, Flavor

Sherri D ice creamI live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, I make the healthiest choices possible. 20% of the time, I splurge a little. My favorite ways to splurge are as follows: cheese, baguette & wine, ice cream, and boneless buffalo wings. It’s going to sound a little off, but as I struggled with post-college 10-15 extra, I realized that allowing myself to eat my favorite foods in moderation is what allowed me to be the healthiest version of myself, both mentally and physically. If you allow yourself to fulfill a craving, your mind won’t be wandering about what else you can eat to fill the void. Just eat it and move on. A healthy salad can be consumed later. 🙂

Whitney from Live Run Love Yoga

liverunloveyogaMy favorite splurge is ice cream! I can never get enough! I typically reserve ice cream for trips to the ice cream stand and get a single serving. If I buy it in the grocery store, I will eat a half-gallon in no time! My at home alternative is frozen Greek yogurt bars. They are single serving and satisfy my craving without a ton of calories.

 –Let’s chat–
How do you approach eating in moderation and living a balanced lifestyle? What are your favorite go to splurges and treats? What do you guys think about a regular “Boston Bloggers Dish” series?