OAKtoberfest 5k Race & Taste

On Sunday, I ran in the OAKtoberfest 5k Race and Taste at the Oak Square YMCA. This year the Y asked me if I would like to create a Fitness & Feta team to promote the race in exchange for a couple of free race entries to give away, so of course I said yes. I won’t lie, I wish I decided to get a little more creative with my team by creating t-shirts or something, but I just didn’t have it in me this year with everything else I’ve had going on. Next year, you guys!

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste: Y Sign

We got to the Y around 9am to pick up our race numbers. I foam rolled and did a quick dynamic warmup, then found some of my F&F team. Here’s me with my gym buddies Mary, Missy, and Alice:

OAKtoberfest 5k Race & Taste

And here’s one of my dedicated 6am class members, Alanna, with her roommates. They went all out and dressed up as superheroes! Love it.

OAKtoberfest 5k Race & Taste

Before we knew it, it was time to line up.

Oaktoberfest 5k Race & Taste

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste: Tim and Dad at start

And then we were off!

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste: Start

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste: Start

My first mile was a little rough. My legs felt heavy, which I attribute to doing my warmup too early and then getting cold again right before we started running. The two huge hills at the beginning didn’t help either, but I can feel the difference in my incline runs from lifting heavier this year. I didn’t get into a groove until those hills were behind me, so I must have made up some time on the downhills and flat road.

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste: End

I ended up beating my time from last year by 8 seconds and finished at 24:38, which is a new PR for me. I was psyched!

OAKtoberfest 5k Race & Taste

Tim came in next with a time of 25:37, and my dad finished right behind Tim at 26:10. My dad won second place for the 60+ age group and won a New Balance gift card!

Oaktoberfest 5k Race & TasteOaktoberfest Race & Taste: Tim and Dad at end

Oaktoberfest 5k Race & Taste

Soon behind Tim and my dad were my friends Missy and Mary. I am so pumped for Mary whose goal was to run in under 30 minutes. She did it!

Oaktoberfest 5k Race & Taste: Missy and Mary

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste: At the end

We weren’t expecting my mom to finish as quickly as she did, but soon enough, she was right around the corner! My mom was planning to just walk the entire course, but she said once she started she felt inspired by some of the other people who were jogging around her. She ended up doing walk/run intervals and surprised us all! So proud!

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste

Oaktoberfest Race & Taste: Mom at end

After the race, there was a little after party with a live band, and local Brighton restaurants were offering free samples/tastes. I still miss having the little health fair party after the race, but that’s okay. We took a lot of pictures and just hung out for about an hour. I had fun chatting with everyone, especially Kaylin! She came back to join us for the morning.

OAKtoberfest 5k Race & Taste: FamilyOaktoberfest 5k Race & TasteOaktoberfest 5k Race & TasteOverall, Team F&F came in 2nd place out of all the teams. Way to go, guys!

Once things started wrapping up, my family went out for a post race brunch at a new restaurant in Newton, Cook.

Cook RestaurantEven though my brother and sister didn’t run in the race, they joined us for breakfast. I ordered the mushroom omelet for my meal, and we also ordered a side of apple french toast to share among the table. It was a great little fall flavored treat, and everything hit the spot after our run.

Cook Restaurant

All in all, it was a nice little Sunday funday! Oh, and photo credit to RaceMenu for some of the pictures I snagged for this post.

–Let’s chat–
What’s a recent race you participated in? What’s one you’ve always wanted to try?

Tim and I are on the hunt for a good turkey trot to run in on Thanksgiving morning! Do you guys have any favorites?

Fall 5k Race Giveaway

One of the Boston area 5k races that I like to get involved with is the OAKtoberfest 5k, held at the Oak Square YMCA where I teach fitness classes in Brighton. Last year I ran the race with my dad, my cousin Dean, and Tim, and I set my 5k personal record of 24:46.

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

The year before, I was still the group exercise coordinator at the Y, so I helped work the event (called Oak Scare at the time). I didn’t run, but I helped with registration, announcements, fitness demonstrations, and more.

Oak Scare 5k

Corpbasics at Oak Scare 5k

This year, the race is being held on Sunday, October 19th, and I will definitely be running again in hopes of beating my time last year. I’ve actually formed a Fitness & Feta team, and since right now that team only consists of me and my dad, I would like to extend the invitation to all you local readers to join us! How lame if Team F&F only consists of two people, right?!

The Oak Square Y has been kind enough to offer me four free race entries to give away to four lucky winners. For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me something about running — do you love it? Hate it? Did you used to hate it, but now love it? Are you working on any running goals? For an extra entry into the giveaway, just share this post on social media, and make sure to leave me a second comment telling me you did.

Oaktoberfest 2014

The race is open to walkers, runners, and wheelers. Here’s the agenda for race day:

  • 8:30am: Number pick-up and same day registration
  • 10:00am: Race begins
  • 10:45am: Awards ceremony
  • 11:00am – 1:00pm: Post race party with free food and live music (I am also hearing rumors that The Last Drop could potentially be setting up a beer tent? To be confirmed).

For more details about the race location, course map, and more, check out this link. I’ll announce the four giveaway winners on Friday. Even if you don’t win, I have $5 off coupon codes to share with you then.

Good luck!

Oaktoberfest 5k Dash & Bash

Let me share a little story about Tim meeting my parents for the first time.  I guess technically the first time he met my parents was at my grandmother’s wake, but that doesn’t really count.  The first time he met my parents for more than two minutes was eating dinner at a Greek festival (obviously).  At the time, Tim had just hit his fifty pound weight loss mark (he lost 30 pounds before we started dating and about 20 pounds after we started dating).  My parents were making conversation and asking him how he lost the weight.  Tim answered with the usual “eating better,” “being more active,” etc.  And when my mom asked what he liked to do for physical activity, Tim replied that he had been running more.  It was then that my dad, in true Chuck fashion, got excited and said, “Oh! I’ve been meaning to sign up for a 5k.  Want to do one together?”  And Tim had pretty much no choice but to say yes.  I mean, you can’t say no to a girl’s dad the first time you meet… can you?

So they did sign up for a race, and Tim started training for it.  At this point in my healthy living journey, I wasn’t into running AT ALL (read my relationship with running post here), so I had no desire to join them.  In retrospect, that was kind of mean of me, huh?  I also wasn’t AS into healthy eats as I am now, so when my dad and Tim ran their race together, I stood on the sideline and ate a hot dog.  Not joking.

Since then, I’ve slowly added running back into my workout repertoire, but until this summer it wasn’t very consistent.  I would just do a few treadmill workouts here and there.  However, this summer for some reason I decided to start running again.  Maybe I was bored with my current routine, maybe I found it a time saver to not go to the gym, maybe I just liked being outside.  Whatever the reason, I’d say that since July or August I’ve done a 2-3 mile run on average once or twice a week.  And then last month Tim and my dad decided they were going to run another race together, the Oak Square YMCA’s annual Oaktoberfest 5k.  This time I decided to up my mileage a bit and join them instead of just getting another sideline wiener.  So I continued running through the fall (still only once or twice a week to be mindful of my injuries), but it must have done SOMETHING for me because I had a great race on Sunday.  I set a personal record of 24:46, and it just felt awesome.  The last time I ran a 5k I ran it in 27:53, which means I shaved a good three minutes off my last time.  So exciting!

Here are some scenes from the race:

The start…

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

Crossing the finish line…

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

My cousin Dean joined us for the race as well, which was fun.  He’s super into triathlons and races, so this 5k was an easy jog for him.  He placed second in his age category and came in 7th overall around 19 minutes!

Oaktoberfest 5k

I’m also really proud of both my dad and Tim, because both beat their previous times and ran within the splits they wanted.

Oaktoberfest 5k

Last year after the race, the Y had a big health fair in the gym (remember I helped plan that day which is why I didn’t run this race last year?), but this year they decided to do an outdoor “taste of Brighton” instead.  So there were restaurants like Fiorella’s, CafeNation, the GreenBriar and Dunkin Donuts there.  They also had a live band and some cornhole tournaments set up.  We stayed for a bit to grab a quick bite and see the awards, but we left shortly after that because there wasn’t too much else going on.

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

Oaktoberfest 5k

It was definitely a fun Sunday morning, and I’m glad we all ran together!  My dad is already looking up what the next race is he wants to do, so there may be more 5k’s in my future soon.  We’ll see!

When’s the last time you ran a race?  How far did you run?  Any fun PR stories to share?  Did any readers run the Oaktoberfest as well?

Have a great day you guys!