I Like Sore Butts

Yesterday my physical therapist kicked my ass.  I hope she finds my blog and sees this post.

Seriously, if you want to feel your tush and build up that badonk-a-donk — DO THIS:

The “I Like Sore Butts” Workout

First —  a 10 minute elliptical warmup

Second —  a whole lot of Graston Technique.  Ok you guys won’t be able to do this part, but click that link and read about it.  It’s amazing.  Works wonders.  Hurts so good.

Third — all these strengthening moves:

30 (yes THIRTY) Side Leg Lifts
These are the leg lifts we did in class last Thursday off the step (yes, where you all complained about TEN!) and the ones we did in class this Tuesday lying on the floor.  Where instead of just lifting up and down, you lift up and lower to the front or to the back instead.  Well, I had to do 30 in a row to the front and 30 in a row to the back.  On each leg.  With an ankle weight.  I wish the Y had ankle weights, don’t you?  1 pound ankle weights are NO JOKE.  I can’t even find any pictures of this online to show you guys.  Probably because nobody else believes in this type of torture.

15 Single Leg Bridges
…with a 5 second hold at the top of each one.  Do this on both legs.


 15 Regular Bridges
With a band around your legs right above your knees.  At the hold, press your knees out against the resistance of the band.  Hold for 10 seconds, close ya legs, and release.  OW.


Knee Lifts
With a band tied around a chair on one end and my ankle on the other.  Lift knee against the band’s resistance.  15 times on each side.


Around the World Single Leg Squats
15 reps in each direction (front, side, then back) of around the world single leg squats.  With the damn ankle weights.  I stood on a yoga block to do these.  You could also stand on a step like we did in class a few weeks ago.


Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlifts
15 on each side.  Again with ankle weights.


Sumo Squats
With a theraband tied directly above knees.  Do 15 reps.  Toes and knees should point a little out, unlike the picture below.


Fourth — Plyos!

  • 10 hop jumps front and back
  • 10 hop jumps side to side
  • 10 figure 8’s (lead right)
  • 10 figure 8’s (lead left)
  • 10 run ups on the step (lead right)
  • 10 run ups on the step (lead left)
  • 10 run ups straddling the step (lead right)
  • 10 run ups straddling the step (lead left)
  • 10 bench jumps (two feet to two feet — jumping onto the step and back down)
  • 10 side bench jumps (two feet to two feet — jumping sideways onto the step and back down, 10 on each side)
Fifth — Stretch.

…seriously was a sweaty mess by the end of PT.
But I’m not complaining or anything.  Because I love sore butts.  And I cannot lie.

When is the last time you felt that booty BURN?

P.S.  Confession:  Totally didn’t shower after PT / before work yesterday.  What’s up, smelly girl.

Today’s Meals, Moves, and More

Well I’m about ready to faceplant.

But first:

Today’s Meals

  • Breakfast:  Non-fat plain Greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s with pumpkin granola, sliced apple, and blueberries
  • Morning Snack:  Sliced banana with almond butter
  • Lunch:  Leftover eggplant & chickpea salad with a whole wheat pita
  • Afternoon Snack #1:  Apple
  • Afternoon Snack #2:  TLC 7 grain crackers
  • Dinner:  Round 2 of leftover eggplant & chickpea salad.  I’m boring today and had the same meal twice!

Today’s Moves

Unfortunately, I either have to opt completely out of or really modify Kix classes for a few weeks.  Doctor’s orders.  I gotta give my shoulder a break from so much jabbing.  I drove to the gym with the intention of getting on an elliptical for another machine workout (I did one yesterday morning too), but I got grumpy just thinking about it and just went to Kix at the last minute instead.  I was late so I didn’t have my usual spot up front and having to modify just made me grumpy all over again.  Lose lose.  It was a great class, I just hate not being able to do all of it the way I want to do it.

…I start physical therapy next Friday.

Here’s the workout from my Circuit Training class that I taught after Kix.  I didn’t go into the details of how to do each of these in this post, so if there are any questions about any of the moves, please let me know!  Of course if you are just starting a new fitness routine you should consult with your doctor first.


Circuit One

  • Cardio:  Tabata Run Ups on Step (same as class last Thursday)
  • Lower Body:  Straddling the step, squats + alternating front kicks
  • Upper Body:  Sitting on step, concentration curls
  • Abs:  Sitting on step, genie twists

Circuit Two

  • Cardio:  Tabata High Knees
  • Lower Body:  Single Leg Squats
  • Upper Body:  Tricep Dips on Step
  • Abs:  V Ups with Twist

Circuit Three

  • Cardio:  Tabata Mountain Climbers
  • Lower Body:  Plie Squat + Lunge Combo
  • Upper Body:  Pushup + Row Combo
  • Abs:  Plank Twists

Circuit Four

  • Cardio:  None because of time + gas smell + the first three really hard sets
  • Lower Body:  Calf Walks around Step
  • Upper Body:  Seated Rear Lateral Raises
  • Abs:  Scissor Kicks + 6 inch hold

Circuit Four

  • Cardio:  None because of time + gas smell + the first three really hard sets
  • Lower Body:  Single Leg Hip Raise
  • Abs:  Hug It Ins
  • Abs:  Pull In + Extensions
  • Abs:  Regular Planks

Bonus – Another new playlist!  It’s a good one.

  1. Ashley Simpson – “You Make Me Wanna La La”
  2. Adam Lambert – “For Your Entertainment”
  3. LMFAO – “Sexy and I Know It”
  4. Allstar Weekend – “Dance Forever”
  5. David Guetta & Akon – “Crank It Up”
  6. Neon Trees – “Girls & Boys In School”
  7. Brooke Hogan – “Ruff Me Up” feat Flo Rida
  8. Kelis – “22nd Century”
  9. Hey Monday – “Homecoming”
  10. Dennis Ferrer – “Hey Hey (Radio Edit)”
  11. Luke Bryan – “Country Girl Shake It For Me”
  12. Phoenix – “Lisztomania”
  13. MGMT – “Kids”
  14. Arcade Fire – “Keep The Car Running”
  15. Jack’s Mannequin – “Bruised”
  16. Imogen Heap – “Hide & Seek”

Have you guys noticed the “On My iPod” page I added to the F&F layout?  For workout song suggestions!  I suggest you check it out if you are bored with your current music selections.  🙂

Today’s More

1.  A funny comic:

2.  A nice quote:

“Exercise and application produce order in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind, and these make us precious to our friends.”  -Thomas Jefferson

3.  And the exciting things that came in the mail!

Question of the Day:  What were your own meals, moves, or more today?  Ever just eat the same meal twice in the same day?