Somewhat Random Weekly Eats

FRIDAY AT LAST!!  WOOHOO.  I don’t even care that it’s Friday the 13th because you know what is thrilling right now?  Having absolutely ZERO plans this weekend.  I couldn’t be happier for so… much… TIME.  To do thrilling things like clean out my closet.  No, seriously.

Anyway, since it’s Friday I suppose I should post last week’s eats before they merge into this week’s.  I feel like last week’s food was kinda random and all over the place.


Lunch was quinoa because I was in post birthday recovery mode.  It hit the spot after this workout.  Dinner was homemade Hawaiian BBQ pizza.  I love me some homemade pizza nights!  It was the perfect dinner to eat while we finished Season 1 of New Girl.  Love. That. Show.


Hawaiian BBQ Pizza

Monday was Labor Day, and we had the day off from work.  The weather was pretty crappy, but we didn’t want to just sit around so we headed to Newburyport for a couple of hours.  We had lunch at a place called Loretta, walked around some shops, and then got fro yo before heading home.

My lunch consisted of roasted red pepper soup (it was chilly outside) and a pear salad.  Totally hit the spot.

Pear Salad

The fro yo stole the show though!  I got pumpkin flavored with graham cracker crumbs, slivered almonds, and dark chocolate chips.  Perfect treat for the unofficial end of summer and beginning of fall, don’t ya think?

Frozen Yogurt

Monday night for dinner was… umm… I have no clue.  Pretty sure we just had eggs or something like that.  I can’t remember!

For lunch… fruit and barley salad on greens.

Barley fruit salad

Tuesday night was a red meat kind of night.  We stocked up on steaks from Whole Foods the week before because they were on sale.  Tim made a delicious dry rub, and we finished up the leftover side dishes (asparagus and mushrooms) from my birthday dinner at Towne.

Dry Rub Steak

Same lunch as Tuesday… and dinner ended up being consumed at Panera.  Just a salad, no picture.  Sometimes life gets in the way of your original meal plan.

Lunch was another quinoa — red quinoa with tomatoes, black beans, scallions, and lima beans.  Meh.  Wasn’t that thrilling, and totally NOT worth the hassle of soaking the beans!  NEVER AGAIN.

Red Quinoa with Lima Beans

Dinner was at Cambridge Brewing Company with my family!  I loved my meal.  I ordered the roasted salmon with ratatouille and pesto.  Topped with crispy potatoes.

Cambridge Brewing Company Salmon

Another day of no pictures.  Lunch was the same as Thursday, and dinner was at a random deli on the way to Ashley and Bret’s pre-wedding beach bonfire.  I got your regular old salad with grilled chicken.

Sandwiches on the beach for lunch, wedding meal for dinner!  And CAKE – I wish I snapped a pic of my piece of cake because it was the size of my head and I happily gobbled up every single bit.

Ashley and Bret's Wedding Dinner

That’s all I have for today!  I can’t wait to start making more exciting breakfasts once the seasons really change.  I never feel like having a big breakfast in the summer, and I usually want to grab a yogurt and get on with my day when it’s sunny and nice out.  But once it’s chilly… game changer!

What’s up for the weekend, you guys?  Going out or staying in?

Weekly Eats During a Hot Summer Week

Last week’s Boston weather was certainly NOT conducive to cooking in the kitchen.  It was so hot it was almost unbearable.  Luckily we did most of our food prep (per usual) on the Sunday before, so we didn’t have to suffer cooking in the heat too many times.

Here’s a rundown of last week’s main eats!


Quinoa with black beans, corn, pomegranate seeds, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, and feta…


Farro with edamame, cherry tomatoes, scallions, slivered almonds, and goat cheese…


And a throw together Saturday salad consisting of arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, edamame, leftover chicken, and topped with curry that our neighbor made for us.  It wasn’t too spicy for me!

Salad with Curry


Sunday we ate the best tri-steak with a side of the summer squash salad I posted about earlier in the week.  The squash is on our agenda for this week too!

Tri-steak with summer squash salad

Monday we used up the leftover steak to make big salads.

Steak Salad

Tuesday was Caprese stuffed chicken with a side of brown rice.

Caprese stuffed chicken

And we also had the Caprese stuffed chicken on Wednesday as leftovers, this time with a side of roasted turnips and red quinoa.

Caprese Stuffed Chicken

The rest of the week I went out to eat, oops!  And barely took any food pictures, double oops!

Thursday night I met up with some former co-workers of mine for drinks at Mick Morgan’s in Sharon.  I wasn’t very hungry because I ate lunch so late in the day, but I figured I needed to eat something since I was drinking a few beers and driving all the way home that night.  I ended up splitting fajitas with Eileen.  They weren’t really that exciting.

Friday night was dinner with Karla at my absolute favorite restaurant in Harvard Square, Park.  I have blogged about Park before here.  I really wanted to order the same meal I got last time (it was that good), but I decided to try something new.  Karla and I chowed down immediately on Park’s version of bread, which I took a picture of, but then I was so hungry and excited for my scallops over roasted mushrooms, sautéed asparagus tips, and carrot purée that I didn’t capture it.  Oh well.  I was really in the moment and enjoying my meal!

Park Restaurant

Finally, on Saturday night we went to The Independent in Union Square with Katie for her belated birthday dinner.  I was very excited when the waiter told me the trout didn’t come with the bone in it.  The grilled trout over chard with avocado, tomato, and cucumber was right up my alley.  But I wish it had a little less cucumber and a lot more avocado.

The Independent

Best splurges last week?  Wine, wine, and more wine!

Oh yeah, and as mentioned in this morning’s post, I was really excited about this tropical kale smoothie discovery.

Tropical Kale Smoothie

I don’t have as much of a social life this week, so this week’s meal plans include beer can chicken, pesto swordfish, broccoli tacos (carried over from last week), veggie burgers, fruit and barley salads, and quinoa tabbouleh.

What do you do when it’s just too hot to cook?  Any go to “hot night” meals?  Anyone want to help me get more creative with workday breakfast?  I never have any fun breakfasts to share.

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Weekly Eats

I literally cannot WAIT to get home tonight so I can organize my fridge and do all my food prep for the week.  I can’t even tell you the number of people who say to me every week, “I don’t know how you do that every Sunday.”  Well, to you I say, it’s SO worth it.  It helps me feel in control of my week, more organized, more apt to make healthy decisions, and leaves me more time in my day-to-day for other things that are more important.  It’s just so satisfying having everything ready to roll!  Monique and I were discussing this over g-chat today because she felt the same way a few weekends ago after being away for the weekend, and she put it best:  “Trying to NOT be that way causes more stress than just accepting that’s who I am.”  I am so glad to have a fellow Type A fitness freak to relate to… no offense, Monique!

Anyways, let me back up a bit and talk about last week’s eats.  There were some good ones!

I prepped two main lunches for the week.  First up was a strawberry chicken salad topped with walnuts, grape tomatoes, and goat cheese.  I drizzled a homemade honey white balsamic vinaigrette dressing on top.

Strawberry chicken salad

And the second was Tim’s favorite quinoa dish that I make, my “very colorful quinoa salad.”  I guess you could call it a Southwestern quinoa if you wanted.

Very Colorful Quinoa Salad

Dinners went as follows:

Sunday:  English muffin pizzas

English Muffin Pizzas

Monday:  Zucchini Squash boats (the grocery store was out of green zucchini) with side salad

Zucchini Boats

Tuesday:  Chickpea burgers

Chickpea Burgers

Wednesday:  Dinner out at Cobblestone’s before Jillian Michaels!  I ordered a Cobb salad, and broke my 1 out of 3 rule… splurged on a piece of bread AND a glass of sangria.


Thursday:  Wine and cheese night with the girls!  Slesh made two homemade pizza crusts out of almond flour, and we topped with veggies and meatballs.  We also had lots of snacks.  They mainly involved cheese.


Friday:  Roasted pepper corn pasta salad

Roasted peppercorn pasta salad

Saturday:  A little bit of everything for leftovers!

I don’t track or photograph everything I eat, but a noteworthy snack was my first smoothie of the season!

Chocolate strawberry smoothie

Chocolate strawberry… yum.  🙂

Here’s this week’s plan:

For dinners…

  • Sunday:  Greek Easter dinner
  • Monday:  Grilled cod with strawberry salsa
  • Tuesday:  Pulled chicken quesadillas
  • Wednesday:  Pulled chicken leftovers in some form
  • Thursday:  Quinoa for me (on the go), pulled chicken or tacos for Tim
  • Friday:  TBD, depending on weekend plans
  • Saturday:  TBD, depending on weekend plans

For lunches…  more strawberry salads, avocado egg salad, (what else to do with all the leftover Easter eggs?) and another batch of quinoa!

What’s on your meal plan this week?  Any favorite meals that you like to make with pulled chicken?

I’m off to the gym!