Decreasing Row and Medicine Ball Core Strength Workout

Hi friends,

I have another new workout to share with you guys today. Since I lifted on Sunday and am planning to take my friend Emily’s spin class tomorrow morning, I wanted to do a more cardio based workout yesterday and leave a second lift day for today. When I got to the gym yesterday, I knew I wanted something fast but not the treadmill for a long time. While I did run a mile on the treadmill for my warmup, I threw together a workout that revolved around the row machine instead.

Decreasing Row & Medicine Ball Core Strength Workout

This one is pretty self-explanatory! You alternate between the row machine and the medicine ball core circuit, decreasing the distance rowed with each round. The three moves for the circuit are 10 situps with a medicine ball overhead press, 10 Russian twists holding the ball, and 10 total slow mountain climbers with your hands on the ball. I used a 20 pound ball, but definitely adapt this to your own fitness levels. No medicine ball? You could do the first two exercises with a dumbbell and the third with bodyweight or by holding onto two dumbbells. No dumbbells? Just adapt to bodyweight. No row machine? You can really alternate anything here — a decreasing walking distance, a decreasing running distance, decreasing jump rope time, decreasing number of burpees… battle ropes… med ball slams… see where I’m going with this?

Make it your own, have fun, and get sweaty!

–Let’s chat–
What’s your cardio choice when you are just not in the mood for the treadmill? Does anyone have any good row workouts to share?

Even though some of us may be psyched to have the day off from work today, take a second to remember the fallen and pay a tribute to those who still fight for our freedom. ❤

The TRP Cardio Workout

Who here works out on Monday mornings?  I just find it so incredibly difficult to get myself up and out of bed for a 6am workout on a Monday.  Unless I was out super late on Saturday night (which – let’s be honest, doesn’t happen all that much anymore), I’m just not tired enough on Sunday nights to go to bed early enough to get enough sleep for a 5:30 wake up call.  I really wanted to make Lauren’s spin class yesterday morning, but a later than expected bedtime along with a two-hour stint of tossing and turning prohibited me from getting there (again).  Lauren, someday I swear I am going to make it to your Monday morning class!

That being said, yesterday made two Mondays in a row where I really needed to give myself a pep talk to get to the gym.  Since I did upper body strength work on Sunday and am teaching tonight, I told myself that I was going to dominate some cardio.  And I did it!

I call this one my “TRP Cardio Workout.”  Mainly because I didn’t know what else to call it.  Hey, I never promised to be cool.

TRP Cardio Workout

For this workout I did three rounds of a mile run, a 500 meter row, and a 60 second elbow plank.  I went for speed, especially on the row part.  You guys could certainly adapt this to meet your needs — maybe it’s a ten minute power walk followed by 2 minutes of sprints on a bike, followed by a plank.  Maybe it’s a certain # of steps on the stairmill followed by the row machine and then the plank.  You get the idea.  Pick what you like and make it yours.  But if you choose the treadmill, the row machine, and the plank – then you are dominating the TRP cardio workout.  Own it.

What’s your go to “I’m going to dominate this cardio” workout?!

P.S. Last night I finally did some much overdo updating to my fitness page.  Check out the new designated cardio section here!