Sneaker Review: Asics GEL-Fit Sana

Today we’re talking about these fun new kicks:

Asics Gel-Fit Sana

Through my relationship with Fitfluential, I was recently sent a pair of the new Asics GEL-Fit Sana sneakers. These are a women’s training shoe, and I was more than happy to welcome them into my ever-growing collection.

Asics GEL-Fit Sana

The first thing I noticed when I took these shoes out of the box was how lightweight they were. Designed with a smooth inner lining and lightweight, low-profile midsole, the GEL-Fit Sana proves a barefoot-like sensation. They actually only weigh 5.6 ounces!

Asics GEL-Fit Sana

Because of the stretchable mesh upper and MONO-SOCKĀ® upper construction, the sneaks seriously fit my feet like a glove. I think the sock-like fit is because the GEL-Fit Sana has an elastic internal sleeve instead of a traditional tongue like most sneakers do. Since these are not designed to be a running shoe, I tested them out during my lifts and cross training at the gym over the past few weeks.

Asics Gel-Fit Sana

I really like how lightweight and flexible they’ve been during my workouts, but they are definitely more suitable for cross training than they are for weight lifting. Also, one thing Tim and I were laughing about is that you could totally see my awkward toe spacers through the mesh. Minor detail, but since I love awkward things, I just had to point it out. One last thing to mention about these sneakers are that they are versatile enough to wear around before or after your workouts. I don’t tend to pair many of my workout sneaks with jeans, but these are lightweight and comfy enough that I think I could wear them walking around town or doing errands. A shoe that I can wear with leggings or my everyday pants sounds good to me!

Asics GEL-Fit Sana

If you are interested in trying out the GEL-Fit Sana, they are available online for $80 and come in six different colors. I like my pink and purple ones, but I think the teal and navy and white combo is calling my name next. Also, for what it’s worth, these sneakers shipped immediately and I had no issues with the Asics online ordering process.

Let me know if you decide to try these out!

–Let’s chat–
Do you own a pair of Asics sneakers? What color sneakers do you tend to gravitate toward? Is having a versatile sneaker that you can wear for both your workouts and errands important to you?

This post is sponsored by Fitfluential on behalf of Asics.

Reebok Cardio Ultra: New Sneaks and a Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Today I’d like to introduce you to these little beauties.

I’ve felt pretty snazzy at the gym lately because I’ve been testing out the new Reebok Cardio Ultra sneakers during my workouts. Sunshine yellow sneakers? Yes, please! Last week I wore them while teaching my studio classes, doing a metabolic resistance training workout with kettlebells and barbells, and when doing the decreasing row and medicine ball core strength workout I posted last week.

The Cardio Ultras are designed to be a high impact shoe, which is perfect for the types of classes I teach. They have enhanced medial arch support and a wider base to provide more ground contact, mobility, and cushioning.

I was actually first introduced to the concept of the Cardio Ultras during a Reebok focus group I attended at the Reebok headquarters in the spring. During the focus group, I learned about the following features the Cardio Ultras offer:

  • The adaptamove upper naturally cradles the foot, perfectly supporting multi-directional movements such as lateral shuffle touchdowns, skaters, or agility ladder crossovers.
  • The turnzone is integrated into the outsole and designed to allow the foot to turn freely in 360 degrees, which helps for anything that involves pivoting between exercises such as a plie squat to lunge.
  • The trifoam forefoot cushioning perfectly absorbs impact and provides rebound needed between moves. This feature helps the feet feel supported when landing from higher impact exercises such as squat jumps, toe taps, burpees, and more.

I am pretty excited that Reebok launched a studio shoe like this because often women don’t know what kind of footwear to opt for in group exercise classes. You really shouldn’t wear the same sneakers to a circuit training or kickboxing class as you do running, walking, or lifting because they are designed for two completely separate purposes. Personally, I found these sneakers really comfortable, and the wider base fits my foot shape nicely. I’ve found Reebok sneakers to be on the narrow side in the past, but the Cardio Ultras didn’t feel too tight at all. Plus, I’ve never owned yellow sneakers before. Reebok for the win!

Along with my new sneaks, I also received the Reebok Bonded Tight and Studio Cardio Crop for this campaign.

I thought the bottoms were flattering on my tush and had a lot of enhanced breathability with mesh toward the bottom of the leg, however I don’t think I would ever work out in the long sleeved crop. It’s just not my style. I could see myself wearing it if I were a Zumba or dance instructor, but for the kinds of high impact workouts I do, this just wouldn’t cut it, and I’d probably feel a little self conscious. The open back is cute, but I don’t know how I’d wear a sports bra with it!

I also thought that I’d share a little bodyweight workout today that’s perfect for the Cardio Ultras! This one only requires 10, 15, or 20 minutes (whatever you have time for), and there’s no equipment necessary. It just has a lot of high impact and lateral movements in honor of everything the Cardio Ultras stand for.

Let me know if you try this one out!

–Let’s chat–

Do you buy separate sneakers for different activities at the gym? What do you look for in a studio shoe? What are your favorite multi-directional or high impact exercises? Would you ever wear a crop top at the gym?

Hope your weeks are off to a great start!

This is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

PUMA Fitness: Apparel Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA. All opinions are my own.

I recently received a workout outfit from PUMA to review and share with you on F&F.

PUMA Fitness Outfit

I must admit that my first few months as a Fitfluential Ambassador are not letting me down – there’s so much fun fitness gear being sent my way! Selfishly, I like adding to my ever-growing drawer closet of workout clothes, but I also like to give you guys the rundown on new products and apparel on the market. I always say that I have zero fashion sense when it comes to dressing for work or going out, but I can talk spandex any day.

Here are the three PUMA products I tried out last week:

(Formlite XT Ultra Women’s Training Shoes)

When I took these out of the box, the first thing I said was “oooo these are fun” because I love, love, LOVE the colors. I don’t have a token pair of bright pink sneaks, so I’m psyched to add one to my sneaker collection.

Puma Formlite XT Ultra

These are VERY lightweight, and it feels like I am walking on air while wearing them. While I still haven’t made the switch to minimalist sneakers for running because I prefer a shoe conducive to my orthodic inserts, I liked wearing these while in the weight room and on the spin bike. One feature I’m not that hot on is the ankle height. Maybe I just need to get lower socks, but even my “no-show” socks were peeking out too much with these guys! Nerd alert.

Tank Top
(Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank)

Gah, I want to love this one so bad.

Puma Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank

I want to love this tank top because like the sneaks, the color combo really appeals to me. I want to love this tank because of its comfortable fit throughout the body. And I especially want to love this tank top because of its unique design on the back. I can totally rock this one, no!?

PUMA Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank

But I just can’t love it because of its damn built-in sports bra! I know I’m not the most well endowed girl out there and that I no longer have the chest I used to, but I still need to wear a sports bra while working out. While this tank boasts having a built-in bra lining, it just didn’t feel supportive enough to do a high intensity workout in. I can’t be letting the ladies hang out, especially when teaching in front of a class!

Puma Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank

When a tank has a built-in lining, cups, etc., I often double up and wear a regular sports bra anyways, but wearing both with this tank just felt too bulky and awkward for my liking. Unfortunately, unless I can get over the doubling up discomfort, this tank will probably be reserved for home workouts, yoga, or spin classes in the dark. Boo!

Crop pants
(Gym graphic 3/4 tights)

These crops are my favorite out of the three items I received. I guess I’m a sucker for PUMA’s bright color combos, but I have to mention (again) how much I like the aesthetics of these.

PUMA Gym Graphic 3/4 Tights

The color panels start on the sides and then wrap around to the back of the pant. Not only do these bottoms have a flattering design, but they fit PERFECTLY and are super comfortable to work out in. They have that moisture-wicking material that is necessary to remain dry during the sweatiest of workouts. Now I want to go grab a few more tops to match so these pants can be in my rotation more often than only when my black tops are clean. I think I’ll check if PUMA has some without the built in bra first!

Puma Gym Graphic 3/4 Tight

–Let’s chat–
Do you own any PUMA apparel? Do you prefer workout tanks with or without a built-in bra? What color combinations do you tend to go for when shopping for gym gear? Out of the three items I reviewed, which would you be most likely to buy?

Hope your weeks are all off to a great start!