A Couple of Friday Workouts

Good morning!

With my day off on Monday and having a half vacation day today, this week was nonstop and certainly FLEW by.  Work aside, on Tuesday I had Two A Day classes and the première of The Biggest Loser season 15 (love).  Wednesday included trying a new fitness studio (FitHouse in Woburn)and picking up some clothes that Shannon was hemming/taking in for me.  And last night Tim and I went out to dinner at The Fireplace for our four-year anniversary.  We love this restaurant!

The Fireplace

Can you believe that I’ve been with this guy for the same amount of time that I went to high school or college for?!

Tim and I


Anyways, this weekend will continue to be nonstop.  Tonight we have Nicole & Pete’s wedding in Plymouth, tomorrow night we are going with my family to a Greek dance, and then after all those festivities I’m sure we’ll be in tip-top shape to run the Oaktoberfest 5k race on Sunday morning.  Phew!  All fun things, but I’m looking forward to a much less hectic week next week!

For today, I wanted to leave you guys with a couple of workouts that I’ve meant to post.  Just in case you are looking for some sweaty ideas for your weekend workouts.

First, this is the stations class I taught during my 6am class yesterday morning:

Stations Class

I set up five different stations – one with a bench, one with a mat, one with a medicine ball, one with nothing for bodyweight, and one with a stability ball.  Go through the exercises in each row for 60 seconds, moving from one station to another, before moving on to the exercises in row two and so forth.  In class each exercise was only done for the 60 seconds but you could certainly try multiple rounds if you are feeling ambitious.

Next up is a 20 minute cardio workout I did a couple of weeks ago when I was tight on time.

20 20 20 Cycle

I did this particular workout on a spin bike, but you could certainly adapt the 20/20/20 to any cardio machine or mode of choice.  Instead of doing the seated, standing, etc. you could increase resistance, incline, or anything you want!  I want to do this one again but twice through for a longer cardio workout on a day that I have more time.

Finally, here’s a quick little get your heart rate up circuit:

4x4 quick and dirty circuit

Let me know if you try any of these!  And for those of you doing Fall Into Fitness, keep rocking (and tracking!) your daily moves – you guys are doing awesome.

Catch you Monday!

Bootcamp in the Rain

Talk about dedication.  Last night I subbed for outdoor bootcamp again.  I jinxed myself by saying last week was a beautiful night for bootcamp, because last night?  Not so much.

Bootcamp in the Rain 3

Bootcamp in the Rain 1

The class started at 6:15 under a very dark rain cloud, and by the time we completed our warm-up laps by 6:20, the sky opened up.  Instead of complaining or wanting to bring class inside though, these class members stuck it out.  There was a unanimous class vote to keep going through the downpour.  Bootcamp in the rain it was for these troopers!

Bootcamp in the Rain 2

Bootcamp in the Rain 4

I taught a stations themed class that looked like this:

2 laps around the Y

5 Stations #1
60 seconds at each station, 2 people at each station

  • Alternating front lunges
  • Straight arm spiderman planks
  • Squat jumps
  • Pushups
  • Triceps dips

Two Minutes Cardio

  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 30 seconds runners
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 30 seconds runners

Then repeat 5 stations #1 and take a lap!

5 Stations #2
60 seconds at each station, 2 people at each station

  • 180 squat jumps
  • Straight arm plank shoulder taps
  • Touchdown lunges
  • Inchworms
  • Overhead presses

Two Minute Cardio

  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 30 seconds runners
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • 30 seconds runners

Then repeat 5 stations #2 and take a lap!

For the end of class we had some extra time, so we did some non-stations stuff.

Upper Body Isolations

  • Arm rolls / back fist / palm slap combination
  • Isometric bicep holds

Duck Duck Goose

  • 1 round with regular planks
  • 1 round with reverse planks

Cooldown / Stretch

Bootcamp in the Rain

What rock stars, huh?  They said it made them feel like they were doing “actual” bootcamp.  I loved this energy!

Ever done a workout in the pouring rain? 

I’ve worked out in the rain before, but I had never taught my indoor class soaking wet until last night!  I brought a change of pants, but the pants I had on while outside were so wet I didn’t think I’d be able to get them off in time.  I did luckily have a change of sneakers though!