Saturday Night Wining and Dining

Saturday night was such a fun night.  Tim and I reunited with my roommate Katrina and her boyfriend Geoff.  Is it still okay to call the girls my roommates even though I guess technically Tim is my roommate now?  Even if it’s not okay, I’m still doing it.  Sorry Tim?

Anyways, Katrina moved out of our old apartment at the beginning of August and I hadn’t seen her new place yet!  #imabadfriend

Saturday Night Wining & Dining

We started the night out with some cheese and crackers.  Smoked gouda and toasted whole wheat crackers from The Spirited Gourmet.

Trina and I chit-chatted in the kitchen while we prepped the side dish and the dessert.  We all sampled Southern Tier’s Pumking Ale, which I thought would be more fun than it was.  Gross.  I did NOT care for that beer at all.  I’ll stick to a Shipyard anytime.

Instead?  We drank two bottles of wine.  Highly recommend a bottle of Cab Sav from Eos Estate Winery.  Especially if they are $8.99 from my new fav place.

Check out the rest of our “fall” dinner menu:

— Salad.  Thank you Geoff, for your delicate serving skills!

— Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin.  Sorry to say it, but the pork was moist (ew) and delish!  We followed this recipe that Tim found.  Thank you, Tim, for handling the loins so well.  Ha.  In all seriousness, you gotta try this one.  Loved the lemon flavor, although Tim thought it was too lemony.  Follow amounts at your own risk!

— Butternut Squash with Goat Cheese and Toasted Pecans.  Quite possibly my most favorite fall side dish ever.  We followed this recipe, kind of…

Combo of the three:

And for a special treat, Trina made us apple pie… baked in the apples!  She found the idea on Pinterest from this website and they came out SUPER cute.

Delicious too!  Dessert tastes so much better when you eat well all week and can really treat yourself without feeling guilty about it.  It also tastes better when served with ice cream and eaten with friends!

We had originally planned to head out to some bars in Patriots Place, but decided at the last minute to just stay in since we were having so much fun.  Rest of the night was spent playing games, catching up, and testing out “our” room.

Thanks Katrina and Geoff for hosting a great night!  Can’t wait to see you again soon.

Which dish above sounds like something you’d most like to try?

P.S.  Don’t mind all my crazy picture effects.  I know there’s no rhyme or reason to them and I’m being so inconsistent, but I’m still playing around with PicMonkey… clearly!

Things I’m Loving Lately: September 2012 Edition

Time for my September edition of my “Things I’m Loving Lately” series!

Moving Coupons
It’s no secret that I love coupons.  I don’t love coupons to the extent that I could be on the show Extreme Couponing, or that I go to a store JUST because I have a coupon; however my excitement level when I get a good coupon is borderline embarrassing.  Now imagine getting this pile of coupons as part of my “Hey you moved” welcome package from the U.S. Post Office.


Greek Frozen Yogurt
I know it’s getting cooler outside, so maybe this particular one should have been a favorite thing of mine during a summer month, but I tried Greek frozen yogurt (Stop & Shop brand) last week and HOLY YUM.  Black raspberry all the way.  Tim likes blueberry pomegranate.

Lunch Time Walks / Walking Meetings
This doesn’t happen everyday, but my new group at work takes these!  And I am so cool that I brought in a pair of old sneakers / multiple pairs of socks to leave under/in my desk so I don’t have to walk in my nicer shoes.  And let me tell you, I look pretty sweet when I’m wearing a pencil skirt with sneakers.  What of it?

Reverse Planks
Ever since I did this exercise as part of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp program, I’ve been doing them more often on my own.  Fun way to change up your regular ole everyday planks.  Try it out by following my Move of the Week Guide here.

The Spirited Gourmet
I wrote about The Spirited Gourmet last week — it’s the gourmet wine, cheese, liquor and CHOCOLATE shop down the street from our new apartment.  I have admittedly gone in there three times in a little over a week.  Last week to see what it was about and left with the blueberry beers for Tim & I, last week again for some treats to put in my Foodie Penpal‘s package this month, and again this weekend to bring some treats over to our friends’ apartment.  I love it in there!

What things have you been loving lately?

Hope everyone’s weekend winds down nicely and you feel refreshed and relaxed for the week ahead.

Low Key

How’s everyone’s weekend?  Low-key is definitely the theme of mine.

Friday night after work I ventured over to this gourmet cheese and wine shop, The Spirited Gourmet.  Not only tons of cool wines, beers, etc. but also tons of fun crackers, cookies, and really cool specialty foods.  I can definitely see myself frequenting this place!  Anyways, Tim was super pumped when he came home to two big bottles of Eaglebrook Blueberry Ale.

The Eaglebrook is Tim’s favorite hometown bar, and their blueberry beer is unreal.  Especially enjoyed in a frozen beer mug with fresh blueberries.

The beer was the perfect addition to a movie night in.  We watched The Hunger Games finally!

Saturday when I woke up I had to bust out some work for the Y (had to get all the new classes added to our online schedule — took forever!) then headed to the beach with Slesh for the day.  It was nice out, figured I’d squeeze in a couple extra hours in the sun — maybe that was our last beach trip of the summer?  We got frozen yogurt on the way out, and I ran some errands.  Tim and I tried a new bar down the street from us at night, Conley’s Pub.  Another place I see ourselves frequenting often.  We just grabbed some food and had some beers, nothing crazy.

Today I slept in, embarrassingly late.  I didn’t mean to.  Our friends Joe & Cate came over to watch the football game, and I did some work/blogging during it.  Tim made pizzas.  No pictures!

Moral of the story:  I didn’t workout again this weekend, which means it was another rest-ish week for me, and I didn’t make it down to my family’s Greek festival in Dartmouth.  I feel guilty and a bad Greek for not making it down there, but honestly… aside from the things I already wrote about, I had a ton of little things I just needed to get done.  Plus I didn’t have anyone to drive down with.  Wah, I’m a loser.

I will leave you all with one hilarious picture from last week:

Great truck to park right in front of the gym at 7am!

On that note, I’m outskis.  Catch ya tomorrow!