Tim’s 28th

Today is Tim’s 28th birthday, did you know that?

Cape Cod Vacation 2012:  Summer Shanty

I secretly love when he is older than me for four months of the year.

For Christmas, I bought Tim an Irish pub cooking cookbook.  Tonight for his birthday dinner, we are going to cook up one of the recipes in there together.  I would do it myself, but Tim said he’d just get jealous if he couldn’t partake.  It involves crab cakes and heavy cream.  Dessert will also be involved.  And some drinks.  We don’t worry about healthifying on birthdays.

Tonight I am shutting off my phone and my computer.  I’m not looking at any social media.  I’m just going to celebrate with Tim.  So I’ll catch you guys tomorrow with my second round of Friday Favorites.

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Beantown Birthday Adventures

Tim’s Two Seven Day of Fun!

In summary, we…

…slept in to an impressive 8am!!

…whipped up some strawberry whole wheat pancakes for breakfast with the whole wheat pancake mix I won from a giveaway over on A Better Bag of Groceries.  They were yummy!

…walked ALL over the city, mainly along The Freedom Trail.  That was our physical activity for the day – the trail itself is 2.5 miles long, nevermind all the random little detours we took when I would get distracted by something and the walking to and from the trains.  Oh, that also doesn’t include going up and down the 294 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument.  I was panting by the end of those!

…indulged during a fun lunch in the North End at Ristorante Limoncello.  I ordered a Caprese Salad and the Haddock Puttanesca, and Tim got the Antipasto and Veal Saltimbocca.  Oh and I forgot to mention the loaf of bread I think we also ate?

…also indulged in homemade birthday cupcakes that I whipped up as part of Tim’s present.  Recipe coming soon!

…went to the Red Sox game at night, the other part of Tim’s present.  Even though we lost, we had a ton of fun!  Enjoyed a couple of beers and ate some gross Fenway food.  Seriously.  I got a slice of pizza that left me feeling gross, and some mock nachos.  Neither of which were even close to being worth it.  But the cupcakes were.  Why I didn’t go with a Fenway Frank is beyond me.  Oof.  #baddecisions

Was a great little day, and MUCH needed day off!!

When’s the last time you had a “day of fun?”

Hope everyone’s enjoying their night!  I’m hitting the hay early tonight — I barely got any sleep last night, and I’m subbing the 6am spin class in the morning.  See some of you then?!

Happy Birthday Wishes

Today is a special day!

Special enough to dedicate an entire blog post to Tim’s 27th birthday.

So without further ado…

Happy Birthday to…

…my partner in crime...

…the guy that makes me laugh more than anyone…

…my counterpart in the kitchen…

…the person that is always thinking of little ways to make me happy…

…and to my support system & best friend.

I love you, Tim!  Happy Birthday!

(Bet you guys have never heard me get so cheesy, huh!?)

Sidenote:  Tim is now in his UPPER twenties, and I’m not.  At least not for 4 more months so I need to get in as many “you’re old” jokes while I can!

In honor of the big two seven, Tim and I took a vacation day and are off to have a birthday adventure day of fun!  I have a few different activities up my sleeve, so I’ll catch you guys later with some fun updates I’m sure.

Enjoy the day!