Treadmill in Twenty: New Interval Workout

Hi guys!

I’m traveling for work this week, so I’m just popping in quickly with a new workout for you. If you’ve been following my fitness journey over the past year, you know I’ve made a major switch from primarily cardio based workouts to more strength based ones. However, I’m participating in Neghar Fonooni’s Fall Freedom challenge (it’s amazing, by the way!), and when last Tuesday’s suggested workout was a twenty minute cardio interval one, I decided to go for it.

Here’s what I threw together to do after teaching my 6am class:

20 Minute Treadmill Interval Workout

If you are someone who dreads the treadmill (DREADmill!), these intervals make the time fly by. I’m not going to lie and say that this workout was FUN, but it did the trick and left me feeling spent by the end. AKA, no need to be on that damn machine for any longer!

What I like about this workout is that you can play with the incline and speed to fit your own fitness levels. Craving a walking workout? No problem. Want something with more sprints? No problem. You could even adapt these intervals to other cardio machines (elliptical, rower, bike, stairmill, etc.) and cater the intervals to the different settings. On the treadmill, I was going between 6.5-8.5mph during my main two minute intervals. I dropped back down to 6.5 for that final two minute leg, but I cranked the incline up. Make it your own. That’s the beauty of it.

–Let’s chat–
Are your workouts more strength or cardio based? When is the last time you worked out on a treadmill? Do you have any “fun” treadmill workouts to share?

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Triple Incline Walking Treadmill Workout

You guys. Incline walking is no joke.

My typical cardio machines of choice (at least lately) are the elliptical, rowing machine, or spin bike. I like the treadmill too when I’m in the mood to run (and when my injuries aren’t acting up). However, when I work out at the Waltham branch Y, there’s only one rower and one spin bike available in the cardio room. Last Sunday, neither machine was available, and I had absolutely no desire to hop on the elliptical. Instead, I decided to make up a walking treadmill workout on the spot before hitting the weight room.

Here’s what my walking workout ended up looking like:

Triple Incline Walking Treadmill Workout

Doing this workout was completely humbling. I was hauling some serious you know what on those steeper inclines! I had to hold on at a couple of points, and I honestly felt like I wanted to take the incline off and start running at a flat road to make it easier. Ha!

I really felt this in my legs the next day. I thought it was from increasing the weight on my squats (I’m up to 105 pounds now), but I quickly realized that this incline was the actual culprit. Just goes to show how doing something DIFFERENT can really affect your body.

This workout can certainly be adapted to your own inclines and speeds of choice, just make sure you follow the same pattern of slight incline, moderate incline, and heavy incline. That can be whatever it means to YOU. It also can be done for however long you want… or however many times you want to brave the inclines! 😉

–Let’s chat–Do you ever do walking workouts? What about incline workouts? What is your cardio machine of choice at the gym?

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Weekly Workouts

Good morning! I’m jumping right into my Weekly Workouts recap today. Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to have a kick ass week, even if it’s rainy/snowy/bleh where you live too.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts


I made it to the gym for a 6am workout. I’m always proud of myself when I get there that early on a Monday, but it definitely doesn’t happen every week. Here’s what I did to start my day:

  • Five minute walking treadmill warmup
  • Mile run on the treadmill (ran it in 7:23!)
  • Six move lower body stability ball strength circuit –> 3 rounds with a 250 meter row in between each. Round 1 was 20 reps/10 pulses, round 2 was 15 reps/15 pulses, and round 3 was 10 reps/20 pulses.
  • A few stability ball ab moves and a stretch to finish it off

Sweaty Gym Picture

I took Liz’s Kickboxing class and then taught my Interval class with tons of upper body on the stability ball. I did another six move circuit for 3 rounds like I did on Monday, but I used a slightly different format. Round 1 was for 15 reps, round 2 for 12, and round 3 for 10 with half pulses until fatigue. We did cardio Tabata between sets, abs after the fatigues, and we finished with those crazy high glute lifts that I’ve been loving lately. This workout left my upper body sore until Friday.

I had full intentions on making it to the gym for a cardio day, but I didn’t get a good night’s sleep on Tuesday, and my body just felt too run down. I needed a night for me that didn’t include the gym, and I’m happy I listened to my body and took an extra rest day.

I taught my morning class with the following format: Warmup > 10 lower body exercises for 60 seconds each > 4 minute cardio tabata > 10 lower body exercises for 60 seconds each > 3 different upper body and cardio supersets done 3 times each > stretch.

I squeezed in a morning workout before work and heading to NYC. I did a 25 minute incline treadmill workout, followed by two rounds of core tabata, and then foam rolling and stretching as part of Jingle Well Time.

Foam Roll

Rest day (NYC)

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday: Off (NYC)
  • Monday: I definitely didn’t make it for a 6am time this morning, but I plan on doing a treadmill workout followed by some strength after work today.
  • Tuesday: Kickboxing, then teaching my class. I’m thinking mini circuits for tomorrow unless anyone else has any other requests for me!
  • Wednesday: Hoping to get a cardio day in
  • Thursday: Teaching my class at 6am.
  • Friday: If I get to the gym on Wednesday, then I’m taking Friday off. If not, I’ll be there on Friday!
  • Saturday: Monique‘s Kickboxing class before Christmas festivities all day

How are you guys doing with your workouts during December? Finding the time? Struggling during the busy season? Feel free to share any tips you may have for staying active through the holidays in the comments!