SoulCycle Chestnut Hill: Class Review

Last month I was invited to a free wellness event at SoulCycle in Chestnut Hill in celebration of the limited edition Women’s Health July Birchbox. Unfortunately the Women’s Health box is no longer available, but you can still subscribe to Birchbox at this link. Tim gave me a 6 month subscription to Birchbox for Christmas, and while it was fun to see what came in each month’s delivery, it wasn’t totally for me. I’m not much into beauty products, but if you like trialing different body lotions, lip glosses, and other similar lifestyle samples, Birchbox would be more up your alley. I was hoping for more food and fitness focused products, but to each their own! One thing I did like about Birchbox was the ability to purchase full size items from their online store.

Anyways, SoulCycle.

SoulCycle Chestnut Hill

This was my first experience at any SoulCycle class, nevermind at the new(ish) location in Chestnut Hill that opened in March. When I arrived, there was another class going on, but it got me pumped up and energized for class since I could hear the loud, upbeat music as I walked through the door. The registration staff was very friendly, explained the bike reservation system (specific bikes are reserved ahead of time), and pointed out where the lockers and changing rooms were. It didn’t seem like this studio had a ton of changing areas (only two bathrooms and two showers), but they had a massive amount of lockers down their hallway. As people swarmed in to take class, it got a little chaotic. I also awkwardly locked myself out of my locker and needed help getting back in to my belongings. Whoops!

I was glad I arrived early so I had time to put on my cycle shoes. First time riders get a free pair, but after that shoe rentals are $3. You cannot wear sneakers with these bikes. I also had a few extra minutes to poke through the little gift bag I was given during registration. Inside was a bottle of water, the latest issue of Women’s Health (also the issue my co-worker Jen is featured in!), and the July Birchbox products.

SoulCycle Chestnut Hill

Once it was time for class, we headed into the studio. My bike was right up front, which is usually my preferred spot in a fitness class. It’s just the instructor side of me that hates being buried in the back. The SoulCycle staff helped all the newbies like me clip into their pedals. While I’ve taken countless spin/indoor cycling classes before, I had never needed to clip my shoes into the pedals, and I still don’t think I could do it myself. I will definitely need adult supervision with that for future cycling classes!

Our class was taught by one of the male instructors, Todd. I really enjoyed his music, and the class was taught to the beat. I didn’t think the class was CRAZY hard, but it was definitely challenging. My legs were already feeling like jello after taking a class at Studio Empower that morning, so I found it a tad difficult to keep up on some of the rotations and booty taps. Todd’s energy, having Sarah on the bike next to me, and all the motivational mantras displaying on the walls around the room kept me going. I also liked using hand weights at the end of class (definitely an indoor cycling trend!).

However, the real kicker of this class was Todd’s cooldown. I felt like he immediately morphed into somebody completely different than who he was during the rest of the class. Honestly, Sarah’s description of it in this post says it best: “Todd’s voice went from upbeat and motivating to soft core porn in a Saturday Night Live skit type of way.” SO TRUE. I couldn’t stop giggling during the cooldown, and at one point even whispered to Sarah, “is this real life?” It was cheesy and hilarious. Despite the funny end to class, I enjoyed my experience. I had fun seeing Boston blogger Nicole again and meeting Sarah in person for the first time.


If you are interested in trying SoulCycle, your first class is $20, and a single walk in after that is $30. The price is definitely up there, but it’s honestly comparable to other boutique indoor cycling studios in the city. If you get a ten pack, you can save $20. One last thing – I really enjoyed that this studio is located in Newton. Since I work outside of the city, it’s often hard for me to get into Boston to try new classes. The inconvenience of the morning or evening rush hour commutes often deters me, so I liked that this studio was a little closer to work and home for me.

Glad I tried it!

–Let’s chat–
Have you tried any SoulCycle indoor cycling classes before? What about at the Chestnut
Hill location? Tell me about your experience. Did anyone find themselves giggling during the cooldown like I was?


3-2-1 Total Body Workout

Good morning!

I know I’ve been in kind of a fitness rut lately between needing a rest week and feeling a bit “meh” about my workouts.  However, there are two things I have been into.  One is jump roping with a real rope as opposed to just mocking the movement (holy difference).  The other is using a 3-2-1 style of training, where you do 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength work, and one minute of core work.  I recently posted a bodyweight workout that uses this format, and I’ve incorporated a few 3-2-1 style moves into the April Arms Challenge for Sunday Circuits.

When I sat down last night to plan this morning’s class, I decided I wanted to incorporate a lot of jumping with a real rope into the 3-2-1 style.

women's health big book of exercises

With a little help from my beloved Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, I came up with the following:

3-2-1 Style Interval Workout

It was a good one!  I topped off the workout at the end with ten very slow decline pushups (which I just instructed and didn’t do because I’m still keeping an eye on my shoulder).  The rest of the moves felt ok for me though!

For a playlist, we rocked out to these jams:

Workout Playlist 4.24.13

I put this one together by picking 1 or 2 of my favorite songs from a few different playlists I’ve used in the past.  It kept us going!

Let’s chat!  Do you ever jump rope with a real rope or use a 3-2-1 style of training?  If you were in class this morning, did you like this workout?  Any new workout songs you can recommend?

This morning I have a half sick day because I have a doctor’s appointment at 11.  I must say, it’s really nice to have a few extra hours after teaching my 6am!  I’m going to clean the house and get ready for the rest of the day… appointment, half day of work, massage (yes I booked another one), and then Tim comes home tonight… he’s been down in Alabama for work all week.  Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Friday Randomness

Good morning, and happy Friday!  It’s super exciting that it’s already the weekend, but I bet next week will drag fo sho.

Here’s some Friday randomness for you!

Are you feeling ab-tastic yet?
Today is Day 4 of the 31 Day Abs Challenge, and your challenge is to focus on a part of your core other than abs!  Links to the exercises can be found in this post.  Tomorrow you have a rest day, and then Sunday I’ll post next week’s challenges.

Friday Focus Back


Some new workout jams, mmkay?

New Year's Workout Playlist


Best Body Bootcamp
…yep, I signed up again.  How could I not?!  Tina is the best.  It starts up again next week.  This is round 4, but round 3 for me!

best body bootcamp


Attention popcorn lovers!
Unreal new delicious twist for cases of the munchies, thank you Women’s Health

Parmesan Rosemary Popcorn


What I’m watching now…
…now that Homeland is over that is. 


Tim and I trying to catch up so we can watch the new season when it’s back on again.


New desk material…

keep calm and kickbox on


And some other things you may or may not care about:

  • I have been so, so, so sore from my New Year’s Day workout all week.
  • Happy to have Erica back in class yesterday!  Booty blasters were in order for her return.
  • My WordPress blog account sent me a 2012 annual report and told me my top 5 most frequent commenters are Monique (115 comments), my mom (89 comments), Ashley P (44 comments), Liz (37 comments), and Jen @ Nutcaseinpoint (36 comments).  I dare you to try to beat their records this year!  (Thanks, ladies!)
  • Made my own salad dressing for the first time this week.  I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to buying bottles or jars?
  • Can it be warm again yet?  I think I’m ready to start planning my next vacation.
  • Before I do that though, still gotta take down the Christmas stuff.  I usually like to wait for the REAL 12 days of Christmas (the 12 days after Christmas that take you through January 6th, Epiphany… did anyone else know that?) to take down my Christmas decorations.  I hate un-decorating!
  • I have a ton, ton, ton of recipe posts coming your way.

That’s about it!

Leave a comment with some randomness of your own, or on anything I wrote about today.  How are the abs doing, what tv show are you watching now, what’s on your desk at work, any new favorite snack or workout song I should know about?  When do you un-decorate for Christmas?  Ever make your own dressing?

Hope everyone has a fantastically relaxing weekend ahead, after you get those back moves in!