The main reason I teach group fitness classes and blog is because of YOU and all the hard-working people I get to work with every single week.  Check out what some of my amazing clients, class participants, and blog readers have to say about how I’ve helped them achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle as part of their health and wellness goals.

“I have been coming to Athena’s classes since I became a member at the Y in 2009.  Before I began, I spent years feeling as if my goals were unattainable, or I became overwhelmed by what I thought I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be.  For me, Athena’s classes provide the perfect balance of pushing myself further than I used to think I could go, without pushing so hard that I lose the drive to keep going.  The classes are never dull, always filled with great music and humor, and of course the occassional “awkward move” that makes me forget how fatigued my muscles are becoming while I’m laughing at myself in the mirror.  For the first time I’m no longer working out because “I want to lose 10 pounds” or “I ate a piece of cake.”  Of course my body image will always be a part of my push to work hard, but more importantly I now enjoy the work it takes to maintain the goals Athena helped me reach.  Since I started taking her classes, I’m feeling stronger, healthier,much more confident, oh, and 20 pounds lighter!”  -Ashley


“Athena’s classes are always well organized and incorporate new and challenging moves and exercises.  Although you can’t often guess what type of class she’ll teach on a specific day (meaning, more weights or more cardio or using dumbbells or using bands, etc), you can always guarantee that you’ll leave feeling like that hour of your day was well spent, which is especially nice when you’ve gotten up at 5:30AM for her 6AM class!”  -Monique Gagnon


“I have known Athena for a few years, first as a participant in my Corpbasics CardioKix class and then as I started staying for her class afterwards.  I must say that as a Corpbasics Kix and Cutz junkie, I rarely find a class that holds my attention/is hard enough–but Athena’s Tuesday night class is great!  I love her playlists, her energy, and the way she changes the class up all of the time.  She certified to become a Corpbasics instructor last year, and rocks it when she subs those classes!  I also love reading her blog–her sense of balance (and humor) make every post entertaining.  And she makes me think twice about my eating choices, you never know when she’ll ask what healthy choices you’re making for a meal!” -Liz, Group Exercise Coordinator, Greater Boston YMCA Charles River


“Athena’s class is consistently fantastic! I’m always learning new, creative and effective moves from both her blog and class. All of her workouts are challenging, and yet fun. Fitness & Feta is refreshing in that it reflects a genuinely healthy balance. Athena offers an honest approach to healthy living, so it really is applicable to everybody: fitness enthusiasts, newbies…anyone.  The Awk Spot is also gorgeously awkward.”  -Ali


“Athena from Fitness & Feta is a long-time best friend of mine that has always had my best interest in mind with my health and my happiness.  In my journey to a healthier lifestyle, Athena has given an extremely realistic approach, understanding that everyone has different ideas and goals in mind.  From my experience, Athena always been flexible and encourages others to try new things that can help with their journey.”  -Cait @ A Twist and a Shake


“Athena is a great instructor!  She genuinely cares about your progress and helping you reach your goals.  In classes she encourages you to try and push yourself further, whether it is increasing your weights or trying a more challenging move.  Following her blog posts has given me some great new HEALTHY recipes, gift ideas, ideas to make my life healthier, and often times a much needed giggle.  I am always learning something new thanks to her input.”  -Jen R.


“About four months ago, I was bored and unmotivated with my daily workout routine. As I started to look for new gym memberships that offered a variety of classes that were worth the money, I stumbled upon Athena’s blog, Fitness & Feta. After one trial of Circuit Training class, I joined the Y. Athena’s workouts are always challenging and exciting. Who would have thought I would be excited to workout at 6am?! Athena is a great instructor and has great taste in music! She continuously changes up the workout routines each week, which keeps each class exciting and worth it. Thank you Athena for showing me how a healthy lifestyle can be fun!”  -Katie


“I never thought in a million years that I would look forward to waking up at 6am every Thursday!  I have always thought that group exercise classes were for “moms” so when I joined the Y a month ago I was reluctant to show up to the famous “Athena’s class” my girlfriend was raging about!  Now I have ditched the boring weight room routines that I used to dread.  Circuits are by far my favorite type of workout and Athena is always changing them up so it’s impossible to just show up and ‘go through the motions’.  And on days that I am on my own, I now have this AMAZING blog to find workouts that I know I’ll love!  Thanks for doing what you do Athena! You have once again made working out fun for me!” -Jessica H. 


“Athena is amazing!!  I started taking her Circuit Training class last year and it has quickly become a weekly staple in my workout routine.  Her class is always fun and extremely challenging so I know I will get a great workout!  She is a wonderful instructor because she breaks down the moves and explains what muscles are being targeted.  Plus, her class is a blast thanks to different routines and new playlists each week (sometimes they’re themed!).  Some group exercise classes can be intimidating but Athena caters to all levels and is both encouraging and understanding which is rare in an instructor.  I was super excited when she started her blog and have yet to be disappointed.  Just like her classes, there’s a great deal of knowledge on a variety of topics from bicep curls to healthy fries!  Athena’s upbeat attitude and helpful hints make Fitness & Feta a daily must-read for me!”  -Sarah


“As a classic workaholic who doesn’t know the meaning of a 40 hour work week, my struggle has always been finding time.  My ideal workout is one that is never stale, provides both high intensity cardio with strenuous strength training – this is where Athena comes in.  Her classes provide new ways to train my body in only an hour.  Her evening and early morning classes are a staple in my workout routine – I’ve been attending both for over a year and still don’t know what to expect when class starts.  Thanks Athena for keeping it interest and challenging…you’ve helped me shed ~10lbs since the start of the year and I couldn’t be happier!”  -Jess Dock


“Fitness and Feta is basically like my guide for living, or at least how I try to live.  I follow Athena’s workouts from her blog move-for-more on my iPad when there is no group exercise class for me to go to.  It is a huge life-saver since I like to workout in the morning, and there aren’t many classes then!  I also need a lot of help in trying healthy recipes and making healthy choices when eating out, so I am always thinking “what would Athena order?” I definitely consider Athena my healthy-living mentor, and her blog is a huge part of that!”  -Ashley P


“Hi Everyone!  Jen here, just wanted to write a little somethin’-somethin’ about my friend Athena.
There, I said it.
Anyhoo, I first started going to Athena’s class at the Y on Thursday mornings about 2 years ago.  Then, she took over the Tuesday night class as well. (I was totally pumped).  Then, she burned me a CD before she even knew who I was. (SWEET).  Then, well…things got awesome.  We saw each other at a buttload of classes every week, and even started taking Liz’s party bus to another gym for even more classes!
I was super stoked when she told me she was going to start a blog, because I, myself, am totally obsessed with the blog-world and would have loved to personally know someone whose presence was made in my Google Reader. Fast-forward a few months, and I found myself checking to see her latest meals and write-ups on our classes and other workouts.
 Now that I’ve moved and am a bazillion miles (or as they say in Canada, kilometers) away, I am glad Athena’s got her blog to help me stay in the loop with Boston-based fitness, her recipes, and adventures!
 With that said, I’m oot! (Canadian accent. I’m starting to get the hang of it.)”
If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll stick around for a bit so I’ll be able to inspire you too!

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