Although I am a certified personal trainer, please remember to always check with a doctor first before starting a new fitness regimen.  The following workouts are what work for me as well as what I design for my group exercise classes, but please modify to your own level of fitness & respect your body & injuries.  If you are unsure about how to properly execute any of these moves, please just ask!

Circuit Workouts

Cardio & Strength Circuits

Interval Workouts

Cardio & Strength Intervals

Strength Workouts

Lower Body

Upper Body

Total Body

Group Fitness Class Routines

Outdoor Bootcamp Classes

Total Body Interval & Circuit Classes

Band Theme Classes

Body Bar Theme Classes

Stations Theme Classes

Swiss Ball Theme Classes

Tabata Theme Classes

If you would like to see more of a specific type of exercise on this page, please suggest it!


5 thoughts on “Workouts

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  3. I am a new instructor to spin and a class called interval drills…I love your blog! I just stumbled across it…lucky find 😛 I was wondering what kind of motivational/fitness/instructing ques do to you give during your classes?


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