The Sit, Sit Up, Stand, Crawl, and Jump Workout

You guys, I tried so hard to come up with a more creative name for this workout, but I just couldn’t! “The Movement Workout” just wasn’t cutting it. But that’s basically what this little gem consists of: exercises that have to do with basic human movements.

The Sit, Sit Up, Stand, Crawl, and Jump Workout

In this workout, you will go through the exercises as prescribed in a circuit format (one right after the other). I like to do this one by assessing how much time I have to workout (20 minutes? 25? 30?) and trying to do as many rounds of the circuit as possible while keeping good form in that amount of time. You could also approach this by aiming to do 3-5 total rounds before calling it a day. Pick whatever feels right for you and what works with your schedule!

Here are some options/details for each move:

  • Wall sits: You can hold a regular bodyweight wall sit. To make it harder, add a dumbbell hold in front of your chest or place a plate on your legs.
  • Sit ups: I recommend doing these either with your arms crossed over your chest or with your hands behind your head. Keep your feet flat on the floor, and come to a full sit up. You can modify by taking it down a notch to a crunch, but you can make it harder by holding a weight in front of you or doing a sit up to overhead press with a dumbbell.
  • Single leg sit to stands: These are one of the most humbling exercises there is, in my opinion! I definitely recommend starting with bodyweight for this one. Once you master the movement without your knees wobbling or needing to put your other foot on the ground, add weight or progress to a heel tap or pistol squat variation.
  • Bear crawls: This is an awesome core stability move! Try doing 4 bear crawl walks forward and 4 bear crawl walks backward, for a total of 5 times. If you have more space to work with, you could just try going forward once for longer and backward once for longer.
  • Jump of choice: For this, choose your favorite jump and get after it for 1 minute. Think jumping jacks, squat jumps, jump rope, skater jumps, box jumps, plie squat jumps, etc. Free choice!

As always, if there are any questions let me know, and post your sweaty pics to social media! I love seeing you guys in action.

Reader’s, let’s chat! What would you have named this workout? Can you think of any other movements you would have added to the circuit?

Have fun!

How I Maintained Fitness Through the Holidays

Hello! Today I want to talk workouts, specifically what my weekly workouts looked like through this year’s holiday season. I kept my fitness goals throughout the holidays simple:

  1. To maintain my activity levels as much as possible.
  2. To be realistic and not add on additional workouts, new regimens, or too many fitness commitments to an already busy month.
  3. To show myself some kindness and not stress about skipped workouts or weeks with less workouts because of other commitments.

Keeping my goals relaxed and not adding anything too new to my routine definitely helped me stay active throughout December. Actually, the only really different thing that I added was not even at the gym! Ever since getting my Fitbit, I’ve cultivated a new morning routine at work. I now take six flights of stairs twice every morning before starting my day. I really enjoy starting my work days like this because even if I don’t get to take a walk break during the rest of the day, at the very least, I’ve done those killer six flights two times!

Six Flights

At the gym, I’ve stuck to mainly spin classes and metabolic workouts for cardio. For strength, I mixed things up between the Modern Women’s Guide to Strength Training, Neghar Fonooni’s Lean and Lovely workouts, and the chinning workouts at the end of this post from Bret Contreras.

Here’s what my weeks looked like throughout the holidays. Feel free to use these plans as weekly workout inspiration for yourself! I know today tends to be a big day for people to start on their new fitness goals, so maybe this will help you. ❤

Workouts: Sunday 11/23 – Saturday 11/29

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Strength + spin bike cardio finisher
  • Monday: 1 mile treadmill warmup + decreasing row and medicine ball circuit + windmills
  • Tuesday: Taught my overhead burn workout for a partner class, then stayed to lift on my own
  • Wednesday: Emily’s cycle and core class
  • Thursday: Thanksgiving! Tim and I did a metabolic resistance circuit together in the morning
  • Friday: Two A Day was back for one day! Liz taught Kickboxing at 8:30 and I taught Interval Training at 9:30
  • Saturday: Rest

Workouts: Sunday 11/30 – Saturday 12/7

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Attempted an outdoor run, but I only made it 2 miles before my knee started acting up, so I ended up walking the last mile home
  • Monday: Morning total body strength workout
  • Tuesday: Taught/did a gliding disc workout in class
  • Wednesday: Emily’s cycle and core class in the morning + a Studio Empower class at night with gym friends
  • Thursday: Taught/did an upper body pulsing reps workout in class + 30 minute power walk on the treadmill
  • Friday: 15 minutes of yoga, stretching, and breath work after work
  • Saturday: 15 minutes on the spin bike + metabolic resistance circuit + medicine ball slam finisher

Workouts: Sunday 12/7 – Saturday 12/13

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Eccentric/isometric upper body strength work + 12 minutes on the spin bike + 1 minute bosu burpee finisher
  • Tuesday: Taught/did a lower body pulsing reps workout in class
  • Wednesday: Emily’s cycle and core class
  • Thursday: Taught and did a workout that revolved around the moves sit, sit up, stand, crawl, and jump. So fun.
  • Friday: Strength workout + 20 minutes of treadmill walking
  • Saturday: Rest

Workouts: Sunday 12/14 – Saturday 12/20

Core Strength Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Metabolic resistance circuit with Tim
  • Monday: Upper body strength
  • Tuesday: Taught and did a variation of this warm right up winter workout
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Taught and did my infamous run, run, reindeer workout in class
  • Friday: Subbed Heidi’s cycle and core class
  • Saturday: Late afternoon lift for lower body strength

Workouts: Sunday 12/21 – Saturday 12/27

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Took Emily’s 20/20/20 class
  • Monday: Morning strength workout that consisted of deadlifts, a chinning circuit, and an oblique superset
  • Tuesday: Taught and did my down the chimney up the chimney workout in my morning class, then took Liz’s kickboxing class (her last one! sad!) at night
  • Wednesday: Christmas Eve – rest day
  • Thursday: Christmas – rest day
  • Friday: 30 minutes of cardio on the spin bike + chinning circuit
  • Saturday: Lower body strength

Workouts: Sunday 12/28 – Saturday 1/3

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Upper body strength workout
  • Tuesday: Taught and did my last morning class of 2014 with a legs and shoulder strength focus
  • Wednesday: Emily’s 6am cycle and core class
  • Thursday: New Year’s Day – did a 25 minute kettlebell workout at home
  • Friday: 15 minute bodyweight workout while away
  • Saturday: Winter hike with friends
  • Sunday: Rest

Readers, let’s chat! Did you stay active through the holiday season this year? If so, how were you able to do it? If not, how are you showing yourself kindness and accepting that things simply did not go as planned? What fitness goals will you be tackling this month?

I bit the bullet and joined Neghar’s Lean and Lovely community over the weekend, so I see a lot of those workouts in my future!

Fitbit Charge Review: Every Step Counts

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fitbit through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Fitbit, all opinions are my own.

FitbitLogo_400pxI recently received a Fitbit Charge to review on F&F, and I’m excited to share my experience with this nifty little tracker with you guys today.

Fitbit Charge Review

I have to be completely honest and admit upfront that I wasn’t sure how I’d like using an activity tracker, mainly because I am not technologically inclined at ALL. I’ve tried tracking various things in the past such as my meals on LoseIt or my steps through the American Heart Association’s get walking now website. Most recently, I’ve tried tracking my progress with heavy lifting at the gym, and even though this was resorting back to the old-school way of pen and paper, I still couldn’t do it. Each and every time I’ve started to track something, I’ve inevitably stopped. So when I received the Fitbit Charge, I was skeptical, but I forced Tim to set it all up for me (because no way would I try to set up something myself) before I began using it.

Fitbit Charge Review

Here are some of the Charge’s main features:

  • All-day activity: The Charge tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes.
  • Watch and display: The wristband displays time, daily stats, and exercise mode.
  • Caller ID: If your phone is nearby, the watch will display incoming call notifications.
  • Long battery life: The battery life of this tracker is 7-10 days, which is longer than a lot of other competing trackers out there. I feel like I never have to charge the Charge!
  • Auto sleep and alarms: The Charge will automatically monitor your sleep and allow you to set silent alarms.
  • Wireless syncing: This product will wirelessly and instantaneously link your stats to most smart phones and computers.

One of the things I found most eye-opening after using my Fitbit was how LITTLE I actually move throughout the day! As a full-time wellness coordinator, I’ll admit I was a bit embarrassed to discover that I came nowhere near the magical 10,000 steps a day number  that’s prescribed like medicine to maintain good health. Sure, I work HARD in the gym, but that’s just for about an hour a day, five or six days a week. The rest of my 23 hours? Despite trying to take the stairs or use my standing desk as much as possible, I’m pretty sedentary. Don’t tell anyone at work. Seriously though, it’s pretty scary. Check out this article that explains why you can’t out-exercise the harmful effects of sitting.

Standing Desk

Here are some of the biggest benefits/takeaways I got from my first month of using the Fitbit:

  • The sleep tracker! Holy moly, has this been helpful. If I had to pinpoint one of my unhealthiest areas, it would be the amount of sleep I get. I know it’s not good for me, but I tend to neglect sleep to get more things done or spend more time with Tim. The Fitbit’s sleep component will not only show you how many minutes you spend asleep, but how many minutes you were restless throughout the night. Knowing that I’ll see a number lower than 7 hours in the morning has helped me prioritize sleep a little better. I’m still not totally there, but it’s definitely an area I’ve improved on. Another interesting thing I’ve observed relating to the sleep tracker is that on nights I don’t do so great with getting enough sleep, I’m noticeably HUNGRIER the next day…and therefore more likely to grab something not so great for me…and therefore less likely to have a good workout. I always knew sleep and nutrition and workouts were closely related, but it’s been interesting to come to these conclusions on my own.
  • The Fitbit Charge has helped me simply become more aware of my daily movement patterns. I know that on days I teach in the morning, my step counts are higher just by nature of walking around the group exercise studio. I know that on days I work from home, my step counts are the lowest, as it doesn’t take much to walk from my office to my bathroom to my kitchen and back. Plus, I don’t even get to take the stairs as much when I work from home anymore either, because our stupid landlord STILL hasn’t fixed our washer and dryer in the basement! Rage.

Fitbit Charge Review

  • Because the number of steps I’m taking are now displaying on my wrist and automatically syncing to both my phone and computer, I don’t have to take any extra time to track anything myself unless I want to enter in more information via the app and/or dashboard about my activity details or food intake.
  • I’ve become more deliberate in my movement breaks throughout the day. I work on the 6th floor in my building, and I now walk the full flight of stairs up at least three times a day. I’m using the silent alarm feature to remind myself to get up and move, but I haven’t yet tried setting this to wake me up in the morning. I think it’s because I’m still traumatized from the time I overslept for my 6am class a few years ago (aka I still set three alarms in the morning now). When I started tracking my steps, I would barely hit 5,000 a day. Now I’m much closer to reaching the 10,000 on a daily basis!

Fitbit Charge Review

  • A couple of other features worth mentioning are that the wristband is comfortable and not too clunky. It feels like I’m wearing a watch, and I’m completely used to it now. Also, the Fitbit has a big community component so if you are someone who likes competition and is motivated by what others are doing, this would be perfect for you. I haven’t had a chance to play with the community part of the dashboard too much yet, but if you are using it, friend me!

If I had to pick one area where I think the Fitbit Charge falls short, it would be that not all types of workouts “count” toward daily activity steps. The Fitbit calculates walking, running, and hiking into your stats, but it doesn’t really pick up on other types of workouts  such as weight lifting, yoga, rowing, etc. I found it frustrating to slug weights around the weight room for an hour or leave the spin studio drenched in sweat, only to find my tracker up a few steps (or miles or calories!) from when I last checked it. I think you can log this stuff manually, but like I said, having to do that is usually what makes me fall off the bandwagon.

Fitbit Charge Review

So I guess the million-dollar question is whether I would recommend the Fitbit Charge, and my honest answer is that it depends! If you are looking for a wearable that is going to tell you more detailed information about all types of workouts, I would recommend opting for one that has heart rate monitoring capabilities or equates the calories and steps automatically. However, if you are just looking for a tool to give you that extra motivation to get up and move more throughout the day, then yes, I would definitely recommend getting a Fitbit because it truly is eye-opening and can help you learn a lot about your current activity levels and sleep patterns.

–Let’s chat–
Do you own a Fitbit or any kind of wearable fitness tracker? What is your experience with them? Does anyone work for a company that distributes any kind of wearables to their employees? How do you make sure that every step counts?

If you have a tracker, I’d love to see pictures on social media of you in action! Feel free to link up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tagging me @fitnessandfeta and using #findyourfit along with #ffholidayhustle.