Words for the Weekend + Core Strength Tip

when you feel like quitting

I thought this quote was appropriate to finish out our first week of the 31 Day Abs Challenge.  Well, I guess it technically wasn’t a full week since we started on Tuesday, but I think Saturday being our “rest and read” day marks the end of “week” numero uno.

As promised, here’s a core strength tip for you to keep in mind next week:

31 day abs challenge:  core strength tip

I hope you are all enjoying this challenge and the exercises, and are gearing up for week 2.  Keep the feel like quitting quote in mind if you feel yourselves becoming lax in your original goals or losing your motivation.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and I’ll be back tomorrow with week two’s plan!

2 thoughts on “Words for the Weekend + Core Strength Tip

  1. Like this core strength tip. It helps me to spread out the ab work throughout the workout, can accomplish more this way. If it is all at the end, I am definitely exhausted.


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