Reader Focus Week, Day 5: What Do You Want To Know?

Morning! TGIF!

Reader Focus Week

Since I’m wrapping up reader focus week today, you’ll just have to wait until next week for another Friday Favorites post. If you’ve participated in commenting this week, thank you! If you’re just catching up, here’s a quick recap of what you’ve missed:

To wrap up, I’m turning the “suggested questions” over to you guys.

What do you want to know about me?

In the comments, you can essentially ask me anything. My friend Jen did a post like this a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was a great idea. I’ll use your questions as inspiration for future blog topics, as long as your questions are appropriate and not mean! If you don’t have any questions for me, you can feel free to just leave ideas for blog posts as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed learning about each other this week. I’m off to Vermont for the weekend (SO excited to just relax and unplug), but I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming next week.

Happy weekend!

9 thoughts on “Reader Focus Week, Day 5: What Do You Want To Know?

  1. Athena, I don’t know if you have posted about this before, but I would like to know if you use powdered protein and what type if you do? I know some of the oak square girls use it, and they keep telling me that I should try it as well, but I am just so intimidated by it. I always think it will make me gain weight vs build muscle. I am interested because I need to get more of that tone to my legs and stomach and even that I have muscles I feel like I am not there just yet. It would be awesome if you can dedicate a post about protein and pros and cons of it. Thanks!


    • Hi Alice, thanks for the feedback! I haven’t written about this topic before, mainly because I don’t use a ton of protein powder. I did just start using it more though (mainly in smoothies and baked goods), so I could see myself writing something about it down the line! Love the suggestion.


  2. Hi Athena! Just tried your walking treadmill workout and loved it. Few questions for you: What do you recommend for the older exerciser? (if having exercised for many years and in good health) How to transition to running having never been a runner? Where do you find your ideas and inspiration for healthy recipes? What do you advise for eating before and after workouts? Thanks!!


  3. How do you come up with all of your themed workouts? (I love them!!)
    How long have you been married? What is your fitness background (growing up to now)?


  4. Athena, What was the motivating moment that launched your interest into the fitness world and then to create your blog?

    Also,I would like to have you recommend some ideas for me that will work on reducing stomach fat?


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