#tastereal: New Chobani Flavah Flaves

The other week was SUCH an exciting week of deliveries to my front door.

Not only did I receive all the treats from Brookside Foods that I blogged about the other day (and that you can still win by entering my giveaway), but I also received a pretty awesome package from Chobani as well.

Chobani Delivery

Cue:  Happy high knees (again).  I mean, the package SAID “cue the happy dance.”  I had to.  I guess I could have done the running man or something more exciting, but high knees it was.

Chobani Delivery

Chobani came out with several new products and flavors for the New Year, and I felt lucky to be one of several bloggers that got to share in the excitement before the flavors hit shelves!

Chobani New Flavors 2013

In the box?  Two new 6 ounce size flavors, pear (0%) and banana (2%).  I promise Chobani is not paying me to say this, but I really did like both these flavors.  I thought pear was really tasty, but if you are someone who doesn’t like chunks in your yogurt it may not be the flavor for you.  Banana was good too, and LOTS of my friends were so excited to hear about this flavor, but I usually try to stick to the 0% non-fat flavors, so I’m not sure I would buy banana again on my own.  Maybe as a treat when I splurge on passion fruit or mango!

Chobani New Flavors

Also in the box was my own personal Chobani spoon!  So cute.  Clearly psyched about swag…

Chobani Spoon

And the bites!  LOVE!  These are new 100 calorie flavors – raspberry with dark chocolate chips and caramel with pineapple chunks. It’s like eating a little dessert.  I am obsessed with both raspberry and dark chocolate, so I knew I’d be a big fan of that one before even trying it.  The caramel with pineapple I wasn’t so sure about though, and I was so very pleasantly surprised.  Dare I say I may have even liked it better than the raspberry!?  I was so excited about the caramel that I tweeted at Chobani about it.


Let me just say there is now a caramel bite waiting for me in my freezer when I get home tonight, and it will proooooobably be the highlight of my day.  Either that or the crazy upper body workout I taught in class this morning from Best Body Bootcamp.  The workout format combined 10 reps of an upper body strength exercise followed by 20 seconds of a cardio burst.  Horizontal cardio bursts, I must add, so it was extra arm intensive after already working upper body with the strength moves.  We did the 10 strength reps/20 cardio seconds for each pair of moves four times before moving to the next.  Talk about shakes…thanks, Tina!

Facebook Upper Body Post

What’s your favorite Chobani flavor?  Have you tried any of the new products yet?  They’re in stores now!

Thanks so much, Chobani!  You sure know how to make a girl’s day week month!  #tastereal